Scandal (A Cantwell Nover - Book 1)

Guess what Cantwell students? I'm here to spill all the gossip of the last 7 days! Why, cause that's my job, and if you don't like it.
Better embrace the suck.


1. Simona


Simona Reed had just arrived home from school when she received a letter, but it was not just any letter. It was the letter. The letter she had been waiting for. This letter would most likely decide her fate.


Simona sat on the school bus, gazing out the window. For some reason she would play this game by herself, to try and pass the time it took for the bus to make its journey from the school to her house. She would watch people, particularly the way they walked and interacted with others. For kids and teenagers she would try and guess what their hopes might be, what the may aspire to be in the future. And for the adults she would try to determine what they may have wanted to be when they were young, what their dreams had been, and what kind of people they are. She’d make up little stories in her head, things that may have happened to them in their past, sometimes good, sometimes bad. She just seemed to have an interest in that sort of stuff, dreams, hopes and the way people behaved accordingly to their pasts.

Whilst Simona was doing this, time flew by and she was soon at her street. The bus stop was at the bottom of Merry Weather Drive, whilst her relatively small house was positioned at the top. The bus came to a slow stop, and she reluctantly stood up, walking off of the bus, nearly dropping her school rucksack.

After trudging all the way up the pavement to the top, and crossing over to her house, she was finally relieved; Courtney or any of her disciples hadn’t caught her, this time. These were the people who seemed to be out to ruin Simona’s life. She was hoping to be offered a scholarship for Cantwell, the prep school in the next state over from hers, and finally be able to escape the torment of public school. If she was to receive this letter, with the brilliant information that she would be receiving a scholarship to Cantwell, her life would be changed, definitely for the better!

She searched through her bag to try and find her keys, eventually she did. She took a deep breath before walking inside the house, into the short hallway. She quickly shut the door and took a sneak peak at the floor, to see if it was here. Today was the last day, if it wasn’t here she wasn’t going to get it. She double checked the floor before sighing. She was disappointed, of course, she had tried so hard. She had never even spoken to anyone who attends Cantwell, it was seriously a top of the ranger school, and she was dying to go there. Simona was one of those (age) year olds that actually enjoyed her education, not like a nerd does, but enjoyed learning new information, and aspired to make something of their life. So she desperately wanted to attend Cantwell. Not to mention the fact that Cantwell wouldn’t have any Courtney’s roaming the halls, ready to make her life a living hell.

If she was to be accepted she would be boarding, which was a scary concept but she was willing to do it to attend Cantwell. Cantwell would seriously give her the best start in life, she would probably become quite wealthy, maybe even famous, you never know, cantwell had done such wonders for people.

When Simona finally accepted the fact that she wasn’t getting in, she swung her bag over the hook and made her way into the lounge, sitting down and switching on the TV.

News, no. Bones, she’d already seen that one. Football, NO. Criminal minds, no. There was absolutely nothing good on television. Simona was ready to give up when she stumbled across something, Friends! Every single time Simona would resort to watching an episode of friends she’d already seen a billion times! (No exaggeration)

She made herself comfy and switched on friends. She would usually be laughing by now, but for some reason she just wasn’t in the mood for it. She was obviously more upset about it than she thought she would be. She sighed and leant back into the couch. Her eyes closed she took in a deep breath, trying to clear the thoughts of Cantwell from her mind. She had thought that maybe this time, she would be lucky, and something would actually go right for once, but of course that’s not what had happened.

Simona bolted upright when she heard a key being twisted in the front door and somebody opening it and making their way into the hallway. She listened as the person took of their coat and shoes, making their way down the short hallway. She tried to determine who it was just by the sound of the way they walked. She finally decided it must have been her older sister, Cassy, who was 20 years old.

Simona was proved right when her sister made her way into the lounge, sitting down next to Simona of the couch. They stayed in silence for about a minute before Cassy suddenly jumped up and turned to face Simona.

“The letter! Did you get the letter?!” Her sister suddenly asked excitedly.

“What letter?” Simona was confused. Cantwell didn’t even enter her mind, she had pushed it out of her head completely.

“From Cantwell! Simona you cannot be telling me you haven’t even read the damn letter!” Cassy points her finger at Simona.

“I didn’t know about a letter! Why didn’t you say earlier?” Simona narrowed her eyes at her sister, who she was momentarily angry with.

“I didn’t want to pry! I thought if you had been accepted you would have been more excited and would have told me already!” Cassy explained, dulling Simona’s anger almost completely, replacing it with happiness.

“Oh my god! Where is it?” Simona wanted to know her fate as soon as she possibly could, so when Cassy informed her the letter was on the kitchen table, Simona sprinted towards it. She sliced it open, carefully, but at record speed.


Dear Simon Reed,

On behalf of Cantwell Preparatory School, I would like to thank you for wishing to attend. I would also like to thank you for travelling to Cantwell to take part in the entrance examinations, and I am happy to inform you that you did incredibly well.

With a 98% average on the tests you were required to take for the examination, on behalf of the board of teachers and school governors, I am happy to offer you a permanent place on our register, along with a 100% scholarship.

We have also received all necessary documents for you to aquire a place in our dorm, and that has also been sorted for you before hand.

Also in the envelope, you will find all the information you will need, including a list of required items, the names of all that remain on the board of teachers, you timetable and a guide about Cantwell and its history, that I suggest you read.

We are greatly looking forward to meeting you Simona. Arrive at exactly 8:30 on the 1st of January, head straight to the reception where you will be guided to my office where one of our star pupils shall give you a tour around campus.

Yours sincerely,

Principle of Cantwell Preparatory School,



Simona turned around slowly to face her sister, whose face showed a mix of worry and anticipation. Cassy made a motion with her homes that symbolised the question ‘Well?’

Simona was frozen before she finally gave a half answer by nodding her head up and down very quickly. Cassy squealed and enveloped Simona in a humongous bear hug.

“I’m so flippen proud of you! You realise that right?” Cassy said, rubbing Simonas head, messing up her hair, but she didn’t care at that exact moment. The only response she gave was a nodding motion.

“I just! I’ve been waiting for this so long!” Simona raised her arms in the air doing a mini ‘happy dance’ as she calls it.

"I'm going to miss you so much! your coming home to stay all the time you got it right?!" Cassy eveloped her in a tight hug, bone crushingly tight actually.

Finally she let her go because she was afriad that simona could not breath.

Simona grabbed the envelope in a tight grasp, hugged her sister once more and ran up the stairs to read over the information.

Her eyes eagerly scanned the papers until she finally came across her new timetable.

First period on Monday was calculus, which dimmed her spirit slightly, seriously, who likes calculus? As long as she was taking these classes at Cantwell, Simona was 100% sure it would be around a billion times better than at her current, public school.

Simona still didn’t have much of an idea how she had done so well though, she really struggled with concentrating, she knew she had major brains somewhere inside her, she just had yet to find it.

Her talent wasn’t academic to be sure. It was artistic. Artistic in art, music and English. She guessed that English was quite academic, but it wasn’t her punctuation or spelling she was good at, it was her imagination. And in art and music she was obviously just naturally talented in.

After attempting to memorise her timetable, she decided her favourites lessons would probably be English, music & art. She always was such a creative girl.

After a couple of hours Simona finally got changed into her night clothes and got into her lovely queen sized bed. Her plush cushions chucked by her side and her head fell lazily onto her soft pillows. She sighed lightly before her eyes closed.

And it was only 9.


It was the 31st of January, it was exactly 4:34 and Simona was on the phone with her one true friend, Elizabeth.

“Lizzie!” Simona squealed down the phone.

“Sims! What’s up? We haven’t spoken in so long!” Elizabeth spoke excitedly back down the phone.

“We spoke yesterday... And what’s up is that I just tried on my new uniform!” Simona was even more excited now than she had been first finding the ‘letter of destiny’.

Cantwell’s new term started tomorrow. She had been very fortunate that she had not to wait until September to begin, and instead she could start just a few days after receiving the news. She didn’t believe she could have waited another 9 months!

“Omg! Omg! What does it look like?” Lizzie was probably just as excited as Simona was. Simona was definitely going to miss her best friend, Lizzie, they’d been ‘BFF’S’ since they were only 6 year old.

“It’s perfect! I feel so posh!” Simona giggled.

“What skirt did you pick?” Lizzie squealed. Simona didn’t realise, but Lizzie would have done anything to be at Cantwell as well.

“I picked the red, green and black one! You know the one that looks a lot better than it sounds!” Simona was standing in front of her full length mirror, admiring the ‘new her’.

“Gorgeous! Well sorry Sims but I got to go babes! I’m going out with a couple of friends!” Lizzie said, but she was lying, she just couldn’t be bothered listening to her best friend talk about the school she really wanted to get into. Lizzie, however, didn’t try to make Simona jealous, but it did.

“Oh... okay, bye, I guess?” Simona hung up and chucked her phone on the bed. What was the point in having old friends that would just remind her of the ‘old her’. She was ditching that life completely, she was no longer the socially awkward, ‘Simona Reed’.

She was the smart, sophisticated, talented, new and improved ‘Simona C. Reed’.


(1st of January, exactly 8:27)

Simona’s mum, Mrs Julia Reed had just dropped her off in front of the gorgeous Cantwell Preparatory School. Of course her mum had just had to make a huge fuss, and completely wreck her small amount of makeup by kissing her all over in-between telling her how proud she was of her.

Simona finally managed to push her mum off, as well as tell her how extremely embarrassing she was.

Simona escaped out of the car, dragging her large suitcase with her,  and immediately walked up the large steps into the large space in front of the school.

She looked around, hoping to find some sort of sign, but there was nothing to lead her to reception. She probably looked lost, which is probably why a good looking boy came up to her.

“Hi, I’m Dylan. You must be the new kid right?” Dylan’s smile was sparkling.

“Oh, err... Yeah I guess I am. I’m Simona” Simona smiled, she was happy that Dylan was the first person she talked to at Cantwell; he was nice, sweet, for a guy.

“Well, Simona, how come you are looking around like a little lost puppy?” He laughed, causing Simona to giggle in response.

“I’m just looking for the reception”

“Oh well, I can take you there” Simona could already tell Dylan’s smile was one that had almost every girl at his feet. “Right this way m’lady”

Simona followed closely behind Dylan who lead her to a large door with a small sign above it that read ‘School Reception’ They seriously needed a bigger sign, or for it to light up or something.

“Thanks” Simona said, no matter how hard she tried, she could not stop her cheeks from heating up.

“You welcome, it was my pleasure” Dylan winked before striding over to the main entrance to the glorious school, probably heading to meet up with his ‘group’. Simona knew he must be in one, probably the popular one, you would think so by just looking at him and his million dollar smile.

Simona awkwardly stepped through the heavy doors into the reception. She silently scolded herself for the awkwardness, that wasn’t her anymore.

“Hi, I am Simona Reed, I’m new...” Simona introduced herself to the bored looking woman. She just nodded and gestured for Simona to sit down whilst she called through into the principal’s office.

“Just head through that door, third door on the right” The bored woman said without looking at her. Simona nodded, standing up and headed through the door in question.

She followed the numbers until she got to three, luckily she had managed to attend primary school, so she DID know how to count to the great number three, sarcasm intended.

Simona took a deep breath before knocking three times, slowly, on the dark wooden door of the principal’s office.

She heard a faint come in, and took it as her cue to enter.

“Hello, I am Simona Reed, I am the new student” Simona politely said once having entered his office.

“Of course, of course.” The principal had small beady eyes; he seemed quite threatening (for a little bold man, who seemed to have eaten too much over the Christmas holidays) He lifted himself off of his chair to shake her hand; he had a firm handshake, which was always a sign of independency and power. “Take a seat Simona” He smiled, his lips were tight, meaning his smile wasn’t as big and bright as most people’s would have been.

“So Simona, are you ready for your tour of Cantwell Preparatory School?” Mr.Cantwell asked her.

“Oh yes definitely” She eagerly replied.

"You can leave your bags in here, I will have someone bring them to your dorm room, which Silas will probably show you aswell, although we do not usually allow boys to enter the girls dorm, remember that" Simona nodded in agreement causing for the principal to nod back and then his phone rang.

“Yes?” He answered. “Right yes okay, perfect idea” He smiled at her. “Send him to the office, tell him why of course so he doesn’t suspect any punishment” He nodded. “Right okay, thank you, goodbye”

The principal turned to face her. “They’re sending someone to give you a tour. His name is Silas, he is the school journalist. He is the perfect candidate for the job, he knows this school better than anybody here, he can tell you everything you need to know” Suddenly there was a slight commotion from the hallway. “If he agrees to it...”

The door opened to reveal a tall boy with gorgeous hair and incredible fashion sense. So good in fact, it sort of lead Simona to believe he wasn’t exactly playing for her team, if you know what she means.

“Silas, boy, this is Simona, the new boarder, you are happy to show her around right?” Silas did not look to impressed.

“Are you serious? I am a journalist, NOT your bloody personal tour guide” Simona tried to stifle a laugh.

Silas seemed like fun, and the principal looked sort of startled. Simona liked him. He seemed like quite the character, definitely friend material...



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