Snowflakes Of Love

Blair would find the love of her life in a point of her life when she least expects it, and all it will take for her to fall in love is a pair of dazzling brown eyes.It all happens in the most romantic setting on earth:A ski resort with snow everywhere.


3. Note From The Author


As probably all of you noticed english is not my mother tongue but I am trying. I just wanted to say that if you don't understand a part in the book I would like you to tell that to me in the comments. Like:



I really didn't understand the part where this happened or I didn't really get what blah and blah were talking about.


I would try to update that chapter or that part of the chapter so you could get your head around the story better.


Second thing is I was wondering if it was safe to share information here like emails.


Third thing is that I started high school this year and it is my prep year and my classes are a little bit hard so I would be really happy if you guys understand that I can't publish as often as some of the authors here.


Last thing is that since I am new here I really don't want to write 5 different stories at the same time -not till I get the hang of this site- for now I would like to finish a story and then start a new one.


Thank  you guys so much!

I love you all!

P.S. I would love it if you answered my questions writing in the comments below.




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