Snowflakes Of Love

Blair would find the love of her life in a point of her life when she least expects it, and all it will take for her to fall in love is a pair of dazzling brown eyes.It all happens in the most romantic setting on earth:A ski resort with snow everywhere.




Audrey's P.O.V. 

I was so happy to be here. I don't know if  there is something different in the air but I just feel so happy and I have a feeling that this is going to be the best trip of my life. When we arrived to the flat we started to divide the rooms according to who was going to stay where. Of course the couples were sharing rooms, which meant that I was going to have to share a room with Justin. I wasn't happy about that but I wasn't going to bitch about it and ruin the trip. We settled in and Nick helped Justin to separate the beds because sharing a room with my so called stalker is one thing but sharing a bed no thanks I would rather eat raw meat. We finished with the rooms and the unpacking, then went out to shop for food and made reservations at a very nice restaurant called ''Panoromic'' ,which was also a very nice place to have a party, but I told them that we wouldn't drink tonight because tomorrow is our first day of  skiing. They called me a bore, I went with it. After making the reservations we went and rented our skies and I bought a very nice ski from K2 '' The Rolling Stones Collection''. I love The Rolling Stones.  


Liam's P.O.V. 

Me and the boys landed on a private landing field on the mountain because we did not wanted any paparazzi to see us leaving the airport. We went to the hotel we were staying at. again the management went over board with the suit.  It was huge I mean me and all of the boys could live here with our families.

We went out to rent the boys some shoes and skies we saw a group of english speaking people leaving out of the K2 shop they looked really happy so I thought we should get our skies from there, besides I already knew that K2 was a really good brand for skies. I think they were a couples group but there was this one girl that really stood out. I mean yes the guy next to her was 99% his boyfriend but she was like a sun shining so bright it burned to look at her or a fragile flower that if you hold it a little bit to rough it would break like a glass flower. God I hope I can see her again while we are here and get to know her.Maybe this feeling I am having is a good thing.You know to forget HER...

DANİELLE. We will talk about that later I want to forget that incident and have a good time on my vacation.


So for dinner we went to a very nice elegant restaurant but İt was a little loud because the restaurant next door ''Panoromic'' had a party. After  we finished our  dinner Niall suggested we should go check out the party next door.We were on vacation and didn't have any press in the morning or anything. Worst case scenario we will get a little drunk and in the morning we will be a little hug over and go skiing max. 2 hours later then what we planned.

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