Snowflakes Of Love

Blair would find the love of her life in a point of her life when she least expects it, and all it will take for her to fall in love is a pair of dazzling brown eyes.It all happens in the most romantic setting on earth:A ski resort with snow everywhere.


4. I Am Really Worried About You




The next morning I woke up the next morning on my own bed I had the worst headache EVER. Wait a second whose arm is holding me???? Oh god no no no It can’t be not Justin. Did I sleep with Justin last night? If I did I should be naked but I wasn’t oh thank god. That means we just feel a sleep together. Last night was so blurry. I don’t think we ate anything I just remember a lot of colorful shots, and I was the one who said no drinking. Wait there is one more thing that I remember. There was this guy who had dazzling chocolate brown eyes and shining brown hair. We talked all night but we didn’t do anything sexual. Did we exchange numbers??I hope that we did, so with that hope I tried to reach for my phone when I realized that Justin’s arm was still holding me. I slipped out of his grip and got my phone. OH MY GOD!! I had 5 missed calls 8 text an d it was 10 o‘clock. I went out to the living room. There was a note on the coffee table that said:


Hey Audrey

We went out to ski didn’t want to wake you up cause last night you drinked a lot. Anyway we will be at le chapel for lunch at 12 o’clock you can meet us there. Wake Justin up too. There is breakfast in the kitchen for both of you.



I sat in the living room and saw that the 3 of 5 calls were from Hannah. I will call her later.2 of them were from a number that was not in my contact list. I though maybe It was the guy from last night and a smile grew on my lips. I know that his name started with an L but what was it? I remember that he had this amazing British accent.

Was it:





His name was Liam. So since I remembered his name I opened the texts one was from my mother she was asking if we went out to ski and how was the weather. There was 5 texts from that number I didn’t know one from Hannah asking ıf I was going to meet them for lunch and one from nick saying that he was worried that he left me alone with Justin and that ıf I was okay. After reading the texts I opened the text from the unknown number



Hey Audrey,

I had a lot of fun last night would love to see you again.



Hey Audrey,

Give me a call about when we can meet.



Hey Audrey,

You might still be a little hung over hope you remember me and wont get scared about a stalker texting you to meet up.



Hey Audrey,

Give me a call when you wake up. Might sound a little weird but I worry about you. I would not  want to scare you while coming on too strong.



Hey Audrey,

I am really worried last night I took you home so right now I am coming over I am really worried about you.



Its so cute that he is worried about me I think that I am starting to feel something for him but wait when did he text me this last one? About 10 minutes ago. He will be hear in about





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