♥My boyfriend is my teacher♥

It is a story about a girl named Maureen, that moved to a small town in Alabama, from Manhattan, because her dad got a job offer that he couldn't say no to. Maureen is desperate for love, and ends up having a secret realationship to her english teacher Chris.


3. What to do..

"Coffee? Tea?" He offered. "No Chris. This is not some kinda fun little meet up, for catching up. This is serious talking." I answered. "You're right. Vodka?" I couldn't stop giggle. He was funny. "Maybe a little." He looked at me. "You're not even 18. I shouldn't.", "You're right. So what now? I like you Chris. A lot!" He looked at me. "I like you too. But how old are you?" I bit my lip, and looked in the floor of shame. "16" ... "That's ten years. Great. I'm going to end up in prison, if I can't help myself." I looked at him. "This was a mistake. It was a mistake to come her. It was a mistake to kiss you. It was a mistake to go to that bar. It was a mistake to freaking move here!" I didn't mean anything of that I just said. I grabbed my bag and was on my way out. "Wait Maureen." I didn't wait. I was just going out of there, and slammed the door. I was just out of there. I was mad, but still, so in love, and I'd only known him for a day.. I felt so hurt. I couldn't be with him. And I really wanted to. I just really wanted to go home, and watch stupid romantic movies and cry and eat fat food. Cause my dad was coming come four of the middle of the night. Then sleep till five pm, and go to work again. That was his circle of life.


After three hopeless romantics and two ben and jerry's, and four hours later. I felt so ashamed. The way I just walked out of there. It was not his fault. It was not any of our faults. It was eight p.m. Without even thinking, I hurried and put my make up on, and grabbed my bike. I needed to see him. I was feeling so sorry. I couldn't let him down. The way he was like "Wait Maureen", right before I slammed the door. No I couldn't. I drove so fast as possible. Ran up the stairs, and knocked on his door. Heard his footsteps, and right at the moment he opened the door.. "I am so so sorry!" I said. He smiled. He leaned towards me. I began kissing him. I knew that this could be the last chance that I could have, to kiss him. We didn't stop. I pushed him in to his apartment and closed the door with my foot. I couldn't stop. I loved it. When we finally stop kissing he asked me. "What are you doing here?" He smiled. "I.. I.. I just really couldn't let you down. I really like you Chris. And I know that this isn't possible, but I needed one last kiss." He closed his eyes. "Don't say that." I looked at him. "Say what?", "That it isn't possible. I can't stand that thought. But it isn't right. You're so young." I nodded. "Let's enjoy this. Let's lay on your couch and watch movies, talk, have fun. Forget the rules." He came closer and held me tight. He kissed me on my forhead. "Sounds good."


We watched some kinda really boring action movie. He thought it was fun, and it made him happy. So I pretended that I thought it was good too. He held my hand, and I laid up against him, with a blanket rapped around me, with a cup of tea. "Wow, sorry. This movie is really bad!" He said. I laughed. "Uuuuhm. Yeah kinda.." He smiled at me. "So, Maureen. Tell me about you for real this time." "What do you want to know?" I replied. "Basic stuff." He said. "I'm 16. I just moved here from Manhattan. I love to feel safe. I love clothes. And some people think, that I'm very mature of my age." I said, and smiled. "Your turn, "Christopher"" I said and laughed. "Yeah you know my real name I see. I just turned 26. I love to play football, and to watch football. I'm a very typical boy. And I looove girls!" I looked at him. "Seriously?", "Whaaaat?" He replied. "You love girls? That make you sound like a pervert. Sorry." He laughed. "Sorry miss!" I kissed him. "So what now?" I said. "Well, we could talk..?" He said. "No, I'm talking, you know, you're my teacher, I'm your student, you know situation." He sighed. "I really don't know. This is so wrong." I kissed him again. "What was that for?" "You." I said. "It's late. Maybe I need to leave now." I said. He sighed again. "Can't you just stay? Stay here for the night?" He begged. "You sure, that's a good idea?" I asked. "Hmm.. Maureen.. None of this is a good idea. Let's add to the collection." I laughed. "Fine. I'll stay. But I'm hungry." I said. "I'll pick up some food."  



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