♥My boyfriend is my teacher♥

It is a story about a girl named Maureen, that moved to a small town in Alabama, from Manhattan, because her dad got a job offer that he couldn't say no to. Maureen is desperate for love, and ends up having a secret realationship to her english teacher Chris.


8. To cheaters same victim

I ran to Chris' apartment. I didn't have my bike with me, so I just ran. I had already prepared this moment 37 times in my head, in just five minutes. He opens the door, and I tell him that I'm sorry, and see his reaction. Afterwards I walk to him and kiss him quick and see his reaction then. Then he can decide the rest of the moment, lets say that.. I finally got there, and I walked slow. I was excited. I knocked on his door like the good old days. I could regonize the smell of Chris, running through the air. It made me smile like an idiot. He opened the door. "I'm sorry. I really am!" I said. He didn't make one single face expression. I kissed him quick, just like planned. "I'm sorry I didn't realize that before." He still didn't move his face. From the back, I heard a girl voice. "Chris? Come in here again!" Chris still didn't answer, so she showed up behind him. A pretty blonde, on his age probably. "Not you too!" I ran again. Things didn't go as planned. "Maureen, come back!" I cried.


I walked the whole way back. It was getting dark. Suddenly I heard a voice. "Maureen?" .. It was Chris' car. "What do you want?" He laughed. "What, it isn't funny. Actually, I got dumped twice today.", "Maureen. That was my sister. She comes every single time I need help with love." I smiled. "What did you need her help for?" He smiled. "To not love you, cause you were not available." I smiled. "You still love me?", "Yes. I can't stop. Now come in, you can't be here. It's cold and dark. Come on in." I smiled and went in his car. This time in the backseat, so I could lay down. I was so tired. He drove me all the way home. He did drop me of one block away, from mine. Right before I left the car, he kissed me. "I've missed that." 



So we were together for months. We still are. Thank you for listening.

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