♥My boyfriend is my teacher♥

It is a story about a girl named Maureen, that moved to a small town in Alabama, from Manhattan, because her dad got a job offer that he couldn't say no to. Maureen is desperate for love, and ends up having a secret realationship to her english teacher Chris.


4. the very next day

It was so nice to be with him. We didn't really sleep that night. We only talked. It was like he understood me like no one else. He fell asleep though. And it was 3 at the middle of the night. One hour from my dad to get home. I got cold feet. I needed to hurry home. I took my bike and drove so fast that I couldn't even catch my breath. I drove, and drove so fast and hurried into my room and put my PJ on, and slept. Chris didn't know that I left, but he knows that this is risky. If we showed up at school together? Wouldn't that be weird? I couldn't sleep. The thought of Chris bugged me so much. Or, not the thought of him, but his age. "Oh my.. Why do every have to me so complicated?" I thought to myself. It was fun to just hang out together. But we couldn't keep doing this. He could lose his job. 


I was really nervous to go to school the next day. I was nervous about seing Chris. But I also needed some friends. The only person that knows my name, is Chris and the principal. And also, I couldn't be late this time. I ran downstairs but I had to be quiet of course. My dad was asleep. I walked to school, while Chris drove past me in his car, but I didn't notice it. "Why did you leave? I thought you'd stay the night?" I didn't notice him because I was hearing music in my ears, so I couldn't hear him. So he drove beside me so I could see him. I noticed him, and took my headphones of. "What are you doing!? Do you want to get caught?" I whispered. "What's up? Why did you leave?" He asked again. "I can't do this Chris. I don't want to get you in trouble. I don't want you to get hurt.", "I can keep my feelings in check, and I promise.. Give me a chance." He begged. "Chris drive. This is too obvious. See you in english class." He sighed, and kept on driving. Some girls ran up to me from behind. "You're the new girl, right?" I smiled at them. "Yes, I guess I am." "wasn't that the hot new teacher Chris?" They giggled. "Yes, it was, he just wanted to ask me some random question." I said. "Omg, we want to be your friends!" They said. "We're popular, and you're pretty. You could be perfect for our group." They offered me. "Hahaha, why not!" I answered. "See ya bitch!" They said. "Uhm, see ya..... bitch?" I answered, and they ran up to Chris, that just parked. I could hear them. "Omg Chris, you're so handsome!" Chris laughed. "Girls, Im not available." He said. I just walked pass them, like I didn't know any of them. I could feel that Chris was staring at me. It felt good, that he said that to them. But ... He kinda was available. 


First period, was english class. So was the second, and the third. Yay. Lol, I remember that day. That day was so akward. The way Chris looked at me with his eyes. The way he looked at me yesterday. Those eyes I fell for. My heart melted. His eyes. I could stare at them for hours, if he'd let me. But that was to late. I had kinda given up on us. "Hey Manhattan girl.." I turned around, and the class' most popular guy smiled at me. "Soo... I think you're smokin'.. And uhm.. I wanted to ask, if you wanted to like have a date some day maybe?" He said and smiled. "Uhm.. Uhm... Thanks I think, a date .." I got interrupted. "Excuse me, can you please be quiet?" It was Chris of course he interrupted. I turned around and looked at him and smiled shy. He helped me. I didn't want to go out with him. A few minutes passed, as I felt some paper got thrown at my back, so I picked it up. I didn't know who it was from. "Come on, don't look so scared Maureen. You have Chris to protect you. He is your teacher! Gross!" I was really freaked out, cause who could have known? I looked behind me, and everyone was reading in their books. "Maureen, are you okay?" Chris asked. I still looked around, looking nervous. "Maureen?" I turned around. "what" i answered, all confused. "You don't look to well." He said. "I'm not. Can I get two minutes?" Chris looked worried for me. "Yeah, go ahead." I went to the bathroom to look in the mirror. I have no idea why, but it always starts my thoughts. Somebody knew. And it was only first period. I recived a text. "What's going on Maureen?" It was from Chris of course. I didn't answer. I couldn't go in there again.


When I had looked in the mirror, I just sat at a bench in the middle of the hallway. I had been sitting there for around 5 minutes, but decided to go in again, so I didn't suspect anyone else. So I went in there and Chris stared at me. I kept on reading in the book. I couldn't consentrade. I tried my best, so I just kept on reading, also in the big break, when everyone was outside. "What is going on Maureen?" I rolled my eyes at him. I was being so cold. "Please don't. We can talk in private but not here." I kept on reading, and we were the only ones in the classroom. He closed the door. "Why don't you listen to me Chris? I don't wanna do this. Not here." "But... Last night.." I stood up and when over to him and since the door was closed, I sat on his lab. I care for you, and I can't risk you losing your job. He kissed me on my cheek. "It won't happend. Nobody knows." I reached him the paper I recived. "Then what is this?" He read it and he was speechless. "Leave the classroom." He suddenly turned into some monster of anger. "I knew that I shouldn't have shown you this." I said and were on my way out of the class. "Maureen. You shouldn't keep something like this from me." I sighed. "Sorry." I said. "You should be." He was so weird. "Son of a bitch." I whispered and stormed out of the class. Five minutes after, a new period started.



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