♥My boyfriend is my teacher♥

It is a story about a girl named Maureen, that moved to a small town in Alabama, from Manhattan, because her dad got a job offer that he couldn't say no to. Maureen is desperate for love, and ends up having a secret realationship to her english teacher Chris.


5. my rescue

Hours after school ended, I needed to pick up dinner. Just for me. My dad was at work, again. It was dark outside and I just walked to the resturant, picked up the food, and went back again. I could feel someone was following me. It was that guy who asked me out. "So.. Did you want to go out?" I turned around and smiled at him. "Hi." He sighed. "Just answer me, do you want to go out? You're smokin'!" I knew he didn't care about me, but my look only. "I don't know you." He came closer. "Come on Manhattan girl. We could have fun. All night long." He grabbed my hand and held me tight. "Come on." I was scared. "You're hurting me.", "shut up, and go out with me." I was so scared. "Let go of me! Let go! You're hurting me!" He looked angry now. "Shut up bitch, kiss me!" He took my other hand and grabbed really tight around my wrist. He was about to kiss me. "LET GO!!" He slapped me. "Bitch." He was trying to take my shirt of. "STOP IT!" He slapped me again, and suddenly someone grabbed in, and punched him in the face. It happend so quick, and I couldn't cry because I was so shocked. I couldn't walk, because I was about to black out. And so I did. I don't remember anything else. Only when I woke up in a familiar place.


I was alone there. It was still dark outside. I turned around, and I could regonize that it was Chris' apartment. Chris had fallen asleep beside me. It was in the middle of the night. I didn't want to be in his apartment. I couldn't find my way out. I was tired, and confused. I was trying to get out, when suddenly I heard Chris. "Running of again? Let me give you a ride home." I looked back at him. "okay" I answered and he took my hand, and helped me out, and into the car. "What were you doing there?" I asked him. "Actually I was on my way to you, to say that I was sorry I reacted that way. I heard someone screaming, and when I saw that it was you, I freaked out and I ran as fast as I possibly could. "Thank you for being there for me. I can't even think about, what could happend if you didn't show up." He stopped the car, in the middle of the highway. "I'm so sorry. I really am." He leaned towards me, and kissed me. I pulled my head back. "What if anyone sees us?" He sighed. "Maureen, it's in the middle of the night, and on the middle of the highway." I didn't answer, I just kissed him back. When we stopped, he held me in his arms. "It's only been three days. But, I think I love you." He said very quietly. "I love you too." I whispered. And I was hoping  that he didn't hear me. My phone was making a sound. I got a text. "Who the hack is texting me now?" It was my dad. "Heey, where are you? You're not at home?" "Oh my gosh my dad is home." Chris hurried up, and pushed me away. "I need to drive you home right now! Text him, that you're on your way, but you were at your friends place, and you got stuck because their elevator, at their apartment stopped." I looked strange at him. "Wow, that was a good idea. Do you have experience?" He laughed "Shut up! We have to get you home!" He drived really fast. 


"Dad? Did you get my message? I was stuck!" He looked at me. "Who's car was that?" He asked. "Believe it or not! But my english teacher was driving when I was on my way home, and he offered me a ride home." He smiled. "Oh, that was nice!" I didn't like to lie to my dad. It left me a terrible feeling! "I'm going to bed now." 

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