♥My boyfriend is my teacher♥

It is a story about a girl named Maureen, that moved to a small town in Alabama, from Manhattan, because her dad got a job offer that he couldn't say no to. Maureen is desperate for love, and ends up having a secret realationship to her english teacher Chris.


1. In the process of moving


It all happend when I transfered school from New York, to a small town in Alabama. It was a big change from me, to move from the big city, to a small town. I still remember every single details of my first year in Alabama. And most of all, when my teacher became my secret lover. That year I was desperate for love. And it sure helped. But .. It wasn't really legal. Here's my story.   "Did you get everything Maureen?" My dad asked. "Yes, dad...." I said. We had to drive all the way to Alabama in some kinda really big truck, where all of our furniture could be. I hated the fact that I had to move. But the travel across the states, went fast, since I slept every moment I could. We arrived to Alabama after a few days. I decided to pack the important things out in my room, and after explorer our city, or so called "village". It was really just a bunch of luxury houses, a cafe, a little boutique (With really ugly clothes, btw), a school, a resturant, a bar, a thriftshop, and a bakery. I hated it there. It was a really snobby village. Anyways, I went to the bar to get a drink. A drink that would make me feel so pathetic as I was. Soo, I went down there and got one or two drinks, when an older guy came up to me. "You look kinda lonely, dontcha?" I looked at him, and I was enchanted by his nice brown eyes, and his really attractive smile. I loved his charming southern accent. I just stared at him. "Hallo? You there? Drunk?" He laughed. But it suddenly clicked. Ofcourse. I was so desperate to get a boyfriend. It was him. I was already in love, and I had known him for what? ... 2 seconds? "Oh, yes I'm lonely. Why don't you join me?" I smiled. "Sure thing." He sat down, and we started chatting. "Tell me about you please" I said. "Sure.. I'm Chris. Just got dumped." He looked pretty messed up. "That's it? Is that all I get?", "Hmm maybe. But lets talk about random things instead. Do you like cheese?" He laughed. "Real funny. But ... No, hate it! You?" I laughed to. "No, it's disgusting." He smiled at me.   We kept talking for hours. When suddenly I realised that it was late, and I'd better get home. He offered me to walk with me home, so he could protect me from the dark. He was so cute. I couldn't resist him. I felt like kissing him. But he was an older guy. He was what? 26? And I was 16.. But I was so attracted. Somehow it was akwardly silent on our way home. But he decided to break the silence. "You know.. All this time, we have been talking together, I've been so tempted to kiss you." I stopped walking, and I just stared at him. I didn't think. He just went ahead and kissed me. Just a quick kiss. Then he stopped, and he stared at me. "I'm sorry." He looked the other way, like he was on his way back to the bar or something. He walked away. I was about to continue. But that thought of love I had at that time. It couldn't let him go. "Chris, wait." I ran after him and we started making out. It was a really nice feeling. It was like he cared for me, without even knowing me that well. I loved it. He was holding me tight, and it gave me a feeling that I was safe. I ended up getting his love, and his phonenumber. But when I came home, a angry father was waiting.   "Where in hell have you've been? I've been so nervous." I didn't know what to answer. "Uhm .. Uhm ... I've been on a bar.. I met some girls from the school. And uhm... I got to know them soo, I totally forgot the time and stuff." He was realefed. "Good. 'Kay, soo.. Goodnight I guess? You have school tomorrow.." I hugged him. "Goodnight dad." And I went to bed. All I thought of, was ofcourse Chris. He was so handsome... But school was tomorrow. So I had to sleep.    
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