The Unseen Devil

Dealing with Death. Many people believe it's impossible, but Xanthe knows it isn't. But there's a catch. She is bound to serve the Devil and his helpers for all eternity. She is defeated. Stuck like to glue to a life she hates. At least, this is what she thinks...

Book 2 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by TheFuzz


6. Resting Day

Cannon fire. So loud I could of been the one firing it. My body began to tremble as the memories of the last I'd heard cannon fire that loud falshed through my mind.

"Don't worry. It was just a warning fire," Soothed a voice, gently mopping my brow free of sweat. Raven. A sharp pain pulsed through my body, nearly sending me back in to the black abyess of oblivion. Somehow I managed to hold on.

"What happened?" I groaned, pulling myself up. I was in the cabin, with Raven sitting opposite me and Midnight sleeping at my feet. Riah or Satan were no where to be seen.

"You took on Satan and her demons, pet. The cut across your stomach should of killed you," Raven said, not even looking at me. The boat lurched again, cannons ringing through the air. I sank back in to bed, everything hurting like crazy. This was how I stayed for the rest of the day, slipping in and out of concoiness. I barely spoke, barely ate, barely listened.

"How are you?" I didn't need to look to know who itn was.

"What do you care?" I snapped at Alessio, turning my face way from him.

"I don't. But since we're going to be on this god-damn boat for ages, we might as well stop trying to kill each other, Xanthe," He replied, his face tingeing crimson as he leaned against the door frame. I smiled in to the wall. Well, he had a point.

"Easier said than done. What am I supposed to do if I'm not trying to kill you?" I said, sitting up to face him.

"How about killing demons? You seemed to enjoy it last night," Alessio answered instantly, looking me straight in the eye. I sighed heavily.

"That was self defence. Has me nearly dying made you suddenly not scared of me?" I shot back. That would be weird.

"I'm just scared of what you can do, that was all it ever was," He replied. I opened my mouth to say something, but he cut me off.

"I'll let you rest." He disappeared from the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts. What the Hell had I just done? He was one of them, why had I let my guard down? Mentally hitting myself, I slipped back under the covers.

I had to get better.

And fast.


The world slowly came in to focus as I woke. Everything around me was red. Blood red. It dripped off my arms, my face, my whole body. Screaming echoed around my head, so loud I flinched. I tried to move my fingers, my head, anything. But I couldn't. I was parazlyed. A face appeared infront of me, barely a inch away.

"Sacul?" I murmed, a shred of hope finding its way in to my heart. He smiled his gentle smile at me, but it soon became a evil smirk. His fist dug deep in to my stomach, the pain making me cry out. A malicious cackle emerged from him, rattling around my head. Three more faces matalized next to his, all cackling along with him. I didn't know where to look. All of the people I loved mocking me, hurting me, killing me. A loud scream escaped my throat, cutting through the deafeding chorus of cackles but not stoping them. Everything began to spin and I slumped back.


I jolted up, sweat drenching my forehead. It was a dream. Just a dream. Midnight nudged my hand with her head, eyes full of worry for me. I petted her head lightly, my heart slowing down a fraction. A knock at the door disturbed my thoughts.

"Miss Van Emion? Can I come in?" A voice questioned a voice. I jumped hurridly out of my bed, yanking on a simple catsuit.

"Yes, yes," I shot back, shoving stuff outside. A scrawny cadin boy poked his head around the door. He looked slightly frightened of me. Good.

"Riah wants you on deck, straight away," He rushed, looking expectedly at me.

"Tell your captain that, if she wishes to speak to me, he should ask me in person," I replied, folding my arms defencesively. Well, he can. It's only polite.

"He's otherwise engaged," He said sternly, "Your to met him above deck immediately."

"Your quite well spoken for a cabin boy," I shot back, just as sternly, "Very well, I'll go speak to him."

I pushed past him and on to the deck. The sunlight was blinding. After I had regained my sight, I took in the turmoil of the deck. Men scurryed everywhere, attempted to clean the thick coating of blood off the deck. Riah stood at the side of the ship, deep in conversation with Alessio.

"You wanted to speak to me your highness," I said. Riah turned to face me, his face tinging a slight crismon; Alessio hid his face from me.

"I want to discuss your journeys end, if that's ok with the royal ass-ness," He said, perfectly pleasantly.

"Considering Satan wants to murder you, the Witch wants you dead and if Opeh finds you you'll be hung," Spoke up Alessio. What?

"How do you know that?" I replied, a little too sharply. I didn't tell him anything like that. I don't think.

"That's not important. I can get you to Benlat village. You can meet up with the rebels from there," Riah answered. I nodded my approval, not bothering to check with Alessio. He's lucky I've not thrown him over-board, despite our argeement. Riah took off towards to the shipd wheel, leaving me and Alessio alone. Still not the best idea in the world.

"You going to explain any of this to me?" He spoke up, cutting through the awkard silence.

"Uh...No," I said, half smiling. He's a persisent one. Why is he soon keen on knowing something that will only scare him half to death anyway?

"I think I deserve to know something at least," He argued, turning to face me.

"And why do you think that?" I replied, brushing my hair out of my face.

"Until a week ago, I didn't think magic even still existed. The only reason I went in to your forest was because I needed food," Alessio confessed gulitly,"My mum, she was hung two weeks ago for witchcraft."

He turned away from me, obviously trying to hide the tears. I couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

"I know how you feel. My whole family were hung for witchcraft. Some-one betrayed them."


"I don't want to say. You know as much as all the rest," I muttered in replied. He started to say something in return, but I didn't stay long enough to hear it. The people on deck made a path for me as I made my way back to the cabin. They knew me well enough to know when not to mess with me.

This was one of those times.

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