The Unseen Devil

Dealing with Death. Many people believe it's impossible, but Xanthe knows it isn't. But there's a catch. She is bound to serve the Devil and his helpers for all eternity. She is defeated. Stuck like to glue to a life she hates. At least, this is what she thinks...

Book 2 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by TheFuzz


5. Play, Hurt, Kill

Black. That was my cabin. Black and bare, the only thing there being the bed. I flopped down on it, exhausted. Pain shot through my back as I did so. I leapt up again, wincing with pain. My wounds! Damn my goldfish brain... Rushing to the bathroom, I hurriedly undid my dress. That was difficult in its self, with about a gallon of dry blood on the bindings. It eventually opened, but I din't dare look. Thin pink ribbons ran across my back and small specks of blood turned my back in to a dalmation coat. A tear drop found its way down my soot blackened cheek, despite my best efforts to hold it back.

"Who did that to you?" His voice echoed around the room.

"Who do you think?" I snapped at him, hurriedly doing up dress & turning to face Alessio, "And you should really knock you know."

"The Witch did that?!" He gasped. What makes him think I need his pity? I've gone my whole life without it: I don't need it now.

"She's a Witch dumb ass. What do you think she would do? And I don't need your sympathy,"  said shortly. Why was he being so nice to me all of  a sudden?

"I wasn't giving you any sympathy," Alessio muttered, his face colouring like a cherry. My intended effect, of course.

"Good. How are you liking being one of us?" I questioned sweetly. I had him right where I wanted him.

"Hating it, thanks for asking," His voice flew over his shoulder as he walked out. I smirked. I wanted him to hate it. I know it sounds evil, but he dragged himself in to this. All this is on him. I headed back to my room, my back no longer trying to kill me. On my return, I found Midnight prowling around the new armoury that stood nonchalantly in the corner.

What are these X? They just appeared.

My new toys Night. Wanna play?

Hell yes!

Lets get started.

Smiling, I went over to the armoury, caressing all the weapons in turn. Bejewelled, ornate handles, obviously Orc make. They make only the finest weapons. Grabbing one, I hurled it at the target behind me, the dragon on the blade breathing invisible fire all over it. Bullseye. Determined not to be out done, Midnight launched herself at the 3D body target next to mine. When she finally returned, the target had been beheaded and a giant hole ripped open directly over the heart.

Riah's going to have to get us better toys.


I woke with a start. Nightmares. How I hated them. Satan's voice was still echoing around my mind when I reached the deck. Spray hit my face, the wind cutting through my thin shirt & trousers as I leaned against the side. Nature always had a way of calming me. However, a sense of unease still hung in the air around me like a invisible mist.

"Did you really think we wouldn't find you Xanthe?" Satan. And this time it wasn't in my head. Her knife was cold on my now exposed neck as she said ," And it all ends here."

Her fist dug deep in to my stomach, hurting like Hell.

I pushed her knife away, my foot connected with her temple.

It was only then I realised. I was surrounded.

I pulled the knife out of my sock, slashing the demons closest to me across the stomach.

A kick from behide winded me, another punch in the stomach making me puke.

There was too many. Too many of them for me to win. It was only the sound of Satan's evil that made me stand.

I lashed out, the crack of my victims neck ringing out like, well, a breaking bone. Satan's laughter stopped instantly.

My blade was soon dripping demon blood as I slaughtered my enemies one by one.

I was soon oozing the red stuff myself, too many fresh wounds that I'd care to count. They hurt like death itself.

Before I knew it, the battle was over. All the demons lay enemies butchered on the floor, their blood now mingling with my own.

"BLOODY HELL!" Riah's voice was a sharp as my knife as he stood looking out at my mess.

"WHAT DID YOU DO WOMAN?!" He boomed at me, rushing over to my, stepping on God knows demons as he did so. Looping his arm over my shoulders, I practically collapsed on him. The pain was suddenly too much.


Blackness was all that I saw next.

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