The Unseen Devil

Dealing with Death. Many people believe it's impossible, but Xanthe knows it isn't. But there's a catch. She is bound to serve the Devil and his helpers for all eternity. She is defeated. Stuck like to glue to a life she hates. At least, this is what she thinks...

Book 2 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by TheFuzz


3. A Unexpected Turn Of Events


I whirled around, coming face to face with Alessio and his stupid loaf of bread.

"You again? I thought I told you to leave," I snapped.Great. This was the last thing I needed right now.

"I don't take orders from weird girls living in a forest," He retorted, challenge flickering in his eyes.

"Well, you should. Get lost before she sees you," I growled, glancing cautiously over my shoulder. The Witch couldn't see him. She just couldn't.

"Before who sees me?" Alessio questioned, every feature oozing curiosity.

"Before my..." I started. Too late. The Witch came crashing through the trees, stopping dead at the sight of me and him.

"RUN!" I screamed. He didn't. He was like a statue, the ground being his pillar. Idiot. I clicked my fingers, my eyes flashing crimson like the fires of The City Of Eternal. That was all that was needed. A vast fire blazed up between us and her, burning the trees so hard they bled.

"Now will you run?!" I yelled in his ear, the smoke already catching in my throat. We turned and fled like animals, the trees blood scorching our clothes.

I'm so dead.

We ran through the forest, my golden flames lickinhg at our backs. The light of the outside world peeked through the bleeding trees, the only escape now. Why the hell had I saved him? Why had I put my own powers on the line for a Full Liver? As soon as we reach Floek, the closest town to here, I'll disappear and leave him there. Yes, that should work. He'll think this was all a dream. Hopefully. We burst in the light, not stopping till we reached the Lonely Oak, a lone tree in the wasteland between town and my land. Leaning against the bark, I took in the sunlight like it was life itself. Birds cast long shadows across the barren landscape, flying through the sky like a army on the attack, my blazing fire adding even more to the destruction. We were the only living souls in miles, surrounded only by shrubs and the occasional unmarked graves. One of the many remnants of the Revel Ages. Glancing to my left, I caught sight of the vast, ivy coated walls of Floek.

"Would you like to explain what the hell just happened," Alessio's voice sliced at the silence, looking right through me with those stormy grey eyes of his. I shivered.

"No," I snapped, the raggedness of my voice taking him by surprise.

"Maybe I didn't make it clear enough. Tell me what the hell just happened, witch," He snarled, taking a warning step towards me. This is how he repays me, huh?

"I saved your sorry little butt, you ungrateful oaf," I said, nearly yelling, "I told you to leave and never come back the first time we met, but you came back. What just happened is on you, so just run back your safe little Floek life and forget all this."

There was barely breathing space between us now, our eyes locked within each others in challenge and lips curled in to two snarls.

"As if. I'm going to find out what just happened and who you are,even if I have to die trying," Alessio's breath was hot and smoky on my face and his eyes nothing but slits.

"Fine," I said over my shoulder as I turned away, "Just don't expect me to tell you."

Groaning, he followed after me as I paced towards town. He'll never find out. Never in a million years. I'll die before he does.

Magic has it's uses, after all.

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