It's a Party in The U.K!

Bromance's, 'sis'mances, Romance. Jessie Bruno: Long,wavy auborn hair (the color is like a brownish red), brown eyes, very fashinable, funny, weird. Mary Jackson: Wavy blonde hair, blue grey eyes, responsible, funny, serious. Find out more. BTW when I say bromance + sismance, they take it as a funny way.


1. Happy Birthday!

     Jessie's P.O.V

I opened my eyes to find my lime green room filled with balloons and my loved ones. "Happy birthday!" everyone shouts making me giggle. I love my family. They always make me feel loved so much! "Thank you!" I jump from my queen sized bed to hug every one.

"Your welcome baby girl! We want you to have an awesome day!" My mommy says. Yes, I realize im now eighteen calling my mother mommy. I love being childish though.

My best friend Mary walks through the door in shorts, a hollister shirt, and converse. "Happy birthday babe!" she yells to me and wraps her arms around me and kisses my cheek. "Well get ready because we are going out!" Mary shouts. I shooed everyone from my room and headed straight for the bathroom. I stripped down taken about a 10 minute shower and getting out.

I grabbed a brush and started combing through my long auborn hair that is about halfway to my hips. I threw on some jean shorts and a plaid long sleeve shirt. I walk to the bathroom and put on some pink cherry lipstick and some mascara. Im not much of a makeup person. Then I tie my converse and walk downstairs. "Were are we going?" I ask my mommy and Mary. "Sweetie your spending the day doing whatever you want with Mary then coming home at 5:30 to get ready for your party which is at 7:00." My mom says.

"Kk."I reply and head out the door with Mary. I start walking towards her car until she yells,"What you doing? Get yo fat ass ova here! We is walking." I laugh at her attempt to be a pissed black bitch. "Lets go to the park and play and the swingset!" Mary yells. I jumped on her back and yell," Onward horsie!". We both start laughing and she carries me there.

We run toward the swings which a little girl is swinging on. "Hey there!" I say to her. She is cute. She starts to blush and hids her face in her hands. I giggle and Mary and I play on the slide and on the monkey bars. "Lets go wifiee!" I yell to Mary after playing for about thirty minutes. "Okay. Theres a new cute frozen yogurt place called Yomi's, wanna go?" Mary asks. "Yershh!" I answer. Im so weird. I hop on her back again and she starts walking.

Then I start singing 2 chainz. "Barry me inside the Gucci store! If I die barry me inside the Louis store! All I want for my birday is a big boody hoe!" We sing together down the street. Every one started laughing and giving us weird looks. Thats how we roll mofo!


Harry's P.O.V

Louis and I decided we would go down town next to Yomi's and say hi to fans. We were pretty bored and had nothing else to do. "OMG! Harry hi! I love you! Marry me!" All the girls yell. I laugh at how excited they are.

"Louis can you say in an american accent,'hey can I get two chilly cheese dogs please?' "One girl asked. Louis agreed and tried. He failed miserably which I fell to the floor laughing so hard! Then two really pretty girls passed singing a 2 chainz song. They sang horribly on purpose wich made me giggle a bit. All the fans left because Louis said we were going because he was hungry.

"Wow there hot!" Louis said causing them to turn around and stare at us. I look at Louis and his cheeks are red as heck! "Thanks, not so bad yourself!" The girl holding the other girl said. Then she winked and started walking off.

"What kind of men would we be leaving two innocent girls walking by themselves?" Louis said. "We left the fans walking by themselves," I giggled. "Shut up Harold and lets go!" Louis laughed. I hopped on his back doing the same as the girls and said to Louis,"Carry me baby!" I yelled causing people to laugh and take photos.

We followed the girls to Yomi's. Then I tapped one girl on the shoulder. 


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