Flash forward

I tell my bestfriend about my wierd dream. But she doesn't believe in my, she thinks I'm making it up. But who would make up stuff like that?
"You've got to believe me!" But there's no way she does.


7. She Don't Like The Lights

And I guess right now is my chance to make his wish come true. It doesn't take me a second to get on top of Justin, nearly my favorite position, if not my favorite. Damn, I am so happy I said yes to going on tour with Justin, I'd miss this too much! Justin's kisses on my neck is still as much heaven now as it was the first time. Justin buries his fingers in my hair pulling my head backwords, maybe I am on top, but he still has the control that's for sure. Justin makes his way from my neck to my earlope and he starts biting it, it feels so good you won't even believe it and the electric shots are everywhere inside me. Now I guess I am not the only one feeling the electric shots since Justin's desire is quite clear that's for sure as well and I don't really know how it happened but suddenly my bra was just off, like it got wings and flew off, I don't get it, it wasn't me I swear. But I think the wings my bra got has names, and the names of those wings is Justin Biebers hands the 1st and the 2nd. You know, it's about now I realize that I'm actually under the duvet and not above it anymore? I don't even want to know how this happened, so let's just pretend it was like this from the start and move on. There is not the place on my body Justin's hands hasn't already been, okay maybe one place but let's not talk about that, anyways I don't think I have ever felt so fysically close to Justin as I do now. He has his arms around me holding me close, but now trust me when I say don't wear Victoria's Secret lace underwear in bed with Justin, cause mine is about to be ruined. Justin grabs my panties only to find out it's laces, so instead of just gently pulling them off he let's his crazy desire control him and he rips them apart. Oh, he's an animal I see. Justin wraps his arms around me once more lifting me up so I'm standing on my knees pressing my breasts against his face giving him access to take his own boxers off and he's just about to put me down when I remember
"Justin! Don't get me nearly pregnant this time!" he chuckles, so sweet
"Almost forgot baby, thanks for reminding me, this could've ment trouble, again!" he's right. So Justin puts the condom on and then puts me down, fills me out, making me throw my head backwords. But since it already feels so damn good, I don't even manage to move, which only makes Justin take my arms, wrap them around him and put his hands on my waist moving me by himself. Up, and back down. Up, and back down. He's stronger than I thought, which right now is only a good thing since the slow rhythm is mentally killing me, I'm just waiting to see the light and the angels to come and get me. Justin tightens his grib on my waist, drilling his fingers into my skin. Soft moans leaves my lips as Jusin continues his sexual toture against me 
"Shhh baby. We can't have the others listening by the door getting all curious and stuff" his sweet voice wakes me up from the trance he's putting me in, but his pulling in and out of me puts me right back in it. 
"You promise to be quiet baby?" he better stop the questions before I'm screaming his name on purpose... 
"Mmmhmmm... Promise" I don't really manage to other than that
"Great, you better keep that promise baby" one sentence, that one sentence and Justin speeds up. Slowly lifting me up, putting me back down in a hard movement, that's how we roll right now. Now this could make me scream his name louder than the girls at his concerts cause I'm pretty sure this is the reason that some woman once decided to write song called "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" or something like that. Here it goes again, slowly lifting me up, putting me down down in a hard movement. JESUS CHRIST! I can't take this... I really can't, I can't keep quiet!
"Uurgh... Justin" the quiet moans escape my mouth as I whisper in Justin's ear
"Shhh baby, I promise it's over soon" wait, wait, wait! Stop it right there? Soon? What!
"And soon is like in a thousand years?" trust me when I say, I was lucky that i manged to say those words!
"Oh baby, You want it to last that long?" yes please!
"No, just give me more!" I usually get what I ask for, this time I do too. I get more. Justin speeps up again still movin me up and down as he pushes himself into me everytime he puts me down only making the desire grow inside of me. By now I am pretty sure Justin knows that I can't take this anymore, therefor I get even more, the problem is just that I don't want this to end.
"Urgh baby... Just let go" that's all Justin manages to say through his gritted teeth and I do as he tells me to, let go and he does the same. Breath taking love.
"Mmm, thanks for the gift honey. best birthday ever" Justin winks at me while he chuckles
"No problem baby, happy 16th birthday" I wink back, I just wanted to remind him of his precious beliebers prank
"Good one baby, good one. I love you" aw baby, I love you too!
"I love you too honey"

So Justin and I walk out of the the bedroom in the tourbus and as soon as we open the door, Twist is just sitting right there with Alfredo. Oh great, question time. I ask Alfredo where Clair is, so I can go talk to her. Alfredo says she's in the other tourbus with Scooter and Usher, so I guess that's where i am headed. Right before I go out of the tourbus I here Twist asking Justin a question..
"Soooo Bieber, did you get that birthday pusseeeey?" Twist and Alfredo burst into laughter!
"TWIST! I HEARD THAT!" had to tell him...
"Shit... Sorry!" that kid, he'll never learn it. I hear the 3 of them burst into laughter. Justin as well, he loves Twist and Alfredo they mean everthing to him. As I enter The bus Clair literally throws both Usher and Scooter out because of her so-called "girl talk" me and Clair's gold talks are gold worth... Trust me.
"So girl, tell me what happened?" she knows the answer, why is she asking?
"Nothing..." she looks at me like; oh really?
"Girl, why are you lying to me?" I told about her already knowing the truth..
"If already know, why do you ask?" oh, why did I ask..
"Because girl, I want the details!" why does she tell me this like it's obvious?
"What details?" there goes the; Oh really? Again...
"Come on girl, you know what I wanna know! How was it?"
"God damn amazing, as always!" she wants to know more..
"Oh yeah.. So, is he big?" what?!
"CLAIR! Why do you want to know?" she's so curious!
"Because you're my girl, and I need to know. You're the only friend I have around here!" okay, okay.. I'll tell her, I guess
"Yes, Justin is big! If he wasn't do you think he'd be killing me like that, every god damn time?"

So basically Clair just got the whole story and just as I finished a specific someone slamed the door to bus open yelling
"BIRTHDAY SEX! BIRTHDAY SEX! BIRTHDAY SEX!" Alfredo and Twist this time. With Justin right behind them...
"Twist, Fredo shut the fuck up! I think they're still in the- oh hey baby.. I didn't see you" no, but you did now Justin. I can't do anything, I just sit there and laugh at him with Clair, though Twist and Fredo laughs with us. And I don't what Fredo is trying to say but hi sentence is mixed with laughter which makes it impossible to understand. Clair, unlike the others, actually comes with a good suggestion, she suggests that since it's Justin's birthday, we should go to some real fancy restaurant and have dinner. Justin is really sceptic about the idea at first but after me, Clair, Fredo and Twist persauded him be finally said okay. So me and Clair basically threw them out of the tourbus so we could get ready even though we wouldn't be leaving before at least 3 hours, but hey we're girls! It's takes a long time to get ready when you're a girl. Guys just doesn't understand that.

"Clair, can you please go get my skirt and my top in the other tourbus?"
"Yeah which ones? You have a lot?" alright yes, I have a lot of clothes
"The white shirt, the black skirt, the glittery belt and the black heels"
"Okay I'll be back in a minute" a couple of minutes pass by until Clair is back and I'm done in the shower, so let's done! Clair says she doesn't understand why I want to dress so classy and pretty tonight, but it's my dear loves birthday sp I want to look absolutely beautiful, only for him. She also told me that she found a ripped pair of Victoria's Secret underwear, so I had to tell her why, basically she was like; wow. But that's okay, she is a very close friend of my, actually my only friend on the tour, so she means a lot to me.      

When we're done and the guys knocks on the door to the tour bus Clair opens, she says I'll be there in a minute, I just need to finish a last touch.
Beautiful outfit: Check!
Gorgeous makeup: Check!
Pretty hair: Check!
Confidence: Super check!

When I walk out of the room where I got ready Justin, Twist and Fredo instantly turn their heads and their jaws hit the floor. After a couple of seconds I have to laugh of this little "conversation"
"Man, stop looking at my girl like that!" Justin? Are you jealous?
"Is my fault that your girl looks like a hot piece of ass?" Justin puches Twist in the chest so he nearly can't breath, I guess it's guys thing. So justin stands up and walks up in front of me grabs me by the waist and tells me
"Damn girl, you look good! Where have you been my whole life?" Good question..
"In the concert arena where you found me about a couple of months ago" good answer
"Damn, I should've been in that arena years ago then!" he is so sweet. He takes my hand we all head to the car, Justin's ferrari. Me, Clair and Fredo in the backseat, Justin and Twist in the frontseat. Justin says he doesn't want paparrazzi to go crazy because me sitting in the front seat, that's why I always sit in the backseat.

We arrive at this beautiful italian restaurant, there's not very many people but it's a really cute place. We walk inside and Justin tells the waiter that we need a table for 5 people and if possible he would like ti have a table in the back of restaurant, like all the way back, I'm sure if they had curtains to put up infront of the table Justin would've wanted them too. He also told to not let in any paparrazzi, and of course the waiter said that they don't ever, cause it annoys the other guests. First sensible restaurant ever. So we get our table, as we asked for in the back of the restaurant, actually it's a table places in the corner of the restaurant. Justin and I sit right by corner with our backs facing the wall, Clair at the end of the table and Twist and Fredo infront of me and Justin. We order our food, pizza. Justin and pizza were made for each other, sometimes I get kind of scared if he'll leave for pizza sometime... As we sit there and talk while we wait for our food, I suddenly feel a hand on my leg, so I take a look around on the table, it's not Twist! It's not Fredo, and it's certainly not Clair. Justin...
"Justin, why is you hand on my leg?" I whisper this only loud enough for Justin to hear
"Because, I can't help it. I like your legs, and they fit perfectly in my hand, like a bunch of other stuff does"
"I am sorry baby, I just can't help it..." Fredo, Twist and Clair onviously have their own conversation goin on and Justin moves his hand further up my leg soon reaching my skirt which makes me freeze for a second, when I hear a soft voice whisper like a sweet symphony in my ear
"Relax baby, we wouldn't want anyone to notice would we?" notice, oh he has dirty things in his mind, and even though that makes me quite nervous, I kinda like it... Soon enough Justin's hand is under my skirt and he caresses my inner thighs, his hands are warm and they send those wellknown electric shots through me, it's like everything he does has a direct connection to my abdomen. Justin please? Why now? Why here? While I sit here and ask my self these question and enjoy Justin's touch his littlefinger softly as a feather touches me thére, right thére and I freeze.
"Justin, we're in the middle of a restaurant!" he looks at me like he doesn't give a shit
"Yeah, and it's my birthday. Happy birthday to me baby" he's right...
"I know baby, but couldn't you at least wait until we're home" please just say yes or something?
"No baby, that wouldn't be twice as fun!" I guess not..
"No, but it would be a lot more private" he looks at me like he's trying to tell me actually doesn't give a shit, so I guess... He doesn't give 3 shits about privacy right now!

About 5 minutes has passed by and we've only gotten our drinks. Justin is having a conversation with our friends, while I'm pretending to actually take part in it when I'm really just thinking about Justin's hand still being under my skirt, cause as you might guess keeping focus is quite hard when your sexy ass boyfriend has his hands under your skirt. I try to focus on something else, and it's working quite well until Justin chooses to move his hands a bit closer to my "gender". Though my legs are pretty much not scattered which doesn't allow Justin to do anything at all. Or that's what I thought until he chose to scatter my legs and give himself full acces, thank you baby, just what I needed. With Justin's hand touching down there, you know the only place his hands haven't been until now, my desire goes crazy, and he's just so calm. Is it legal to strangle people for stuff like this? I guess not, cause I kinda like it. Justin slowly starts rubbing his hand against me and I have o take a sip of my water to keep my self calm. Justin gently starts pulling down my panties and this is going to end like hell, cause me keeping control when Justin does stuff like that? Usually doesn't happen. When he removed my panties and once again starts rubbing his hands against me, he whispers something in my ear which made me spit my water out
"Baby, you're so wet, damn I wish I could just take you right now" excuse me young man? what did you just say? Did you just yourself say that? Fredo, Twist and Clair looks at me like they wanna ask what the hell is going on with me spitting my water out, I have to improvise, now!
"Hahaha! Baby you're so funny, good one!" so I basically just pretend he told me this really funny joke and they instantly start paying attention to each other again.
"Great improvising baby, you might wanna use that one later" what? I'm gonna need some time to think about that one, but in the middle of my thinking something interupts me. It's the feeling of justin scattering my legs even more and slipping a finger up in me. Just close you're eyes Sophie, and relax.
"Justin, honey.. What are you doing?" we have to keep it quiet, so whispering I guess, is the only right thing to do.
"Pleasing you baby, so don't tell me you don't like it" did he just wink at me?
"Telling you I don't like it would be lying, and I'm not a very good liar" have to tell him the truth!
"Then just enjoy the ride baby" by that sentence Justin starts moving his hand so his finger slowly slipd in and out in a slow rhythm. Enjoy the ride? What ride, oh you mean the ride where you're actually fingering me in the middle of a puplic restaurant and not only that your friends are here as well? Oh yeah that ride. Well then I hope he will enjoy the ride when we get home, cause I'll get me revenge for this, trust me! Finally, our food arrives which means Justin has to get his finger out of me, and he does slowly, in a killing way. He knows just what to do to get me to want him even more. Anyways the pizza is amazing! there's nothing like a real italian pizza!
"So Justin, how's your birthday until now?" Fredo's question..
"it's awesome! best birthday ever!" by that answer, Justin turns his head to look at me and smile.
"Glad I could have the chance to be a part of your birthday baby" and with that sentence I kiss him, passionately.

We finish the pizza and get out of the restaurant, I don't know why we parked the car so far from the restaurant, but we did. And as soon as we got out of the restaurant someone must've told a whole lot of paparrazzi and beliebers that we were here. Normally I don't pay attention to what the beliebers say, but when you walk out of restaurant and all you here is; There she is hat stupid whore!... I wish she would just die!... Let's punch her face!... I'm gonna kill you bitch!... You're too ugly for him!... You're only with him for his money!... I'm gonna personally kill you!... and stuff like that, then it's about too close to becoming too much. Though my line was crossed when a belieber broke through the wall of paparrzzi people and slapped me, she spit me in the face and tore me with her long ass nails. Justin totally freaked out pushing her away from me asking her what the hell she was doing. He turned around and saw me crying, so he started carrying me and he did all the way to the car. There was silence all the way home and when we arrived by the tourbusses and got inside hell started... I can't believe it.. 

"baby I am so sorry! You know I never want to see you hurt! And that girl I swear I've never been so mad in my entire life!" I know he's sincere, but this was way across my line..

"Justin I can't take this no more!" why did I say that..
"What do you mean you can't take this no more?"
"They hate me! They spit on me, they punch me! I can't live this life Justin!" He knows it nothing but the truth that I can't live this life anymore, it has become too much for me. And I am not able to live this life for one more second. This is going to hurt, not ony me but Justin as well, but I have to do it. No, I can't. I have to.
"Baby you know they're only jealous they'll get over it. Please listen to me!" the tears is pressing against Justins eyes as one of the tears rolls down his face. Oh no, I can't see him cry..
"Justin don't cry, you know it's the best for the both of us"
"WHAT? WHAT IS THE BEST FOR BOTH OF US!?" his voice is cracking and tears are flowing from his eyes, this is not being upset. The love of my life is crying right in front of me eyes, but I know I have to do it...
"Justin, calm down. It's going to be alright I promise"
"What are you saying?" this is too much, I have to leave..
"Justin... I am sorry. I can't live like this, and I can't see you cry for one more second. You have to let go, and so do I. I love you of all my heart Justin, and trust me this hurts me more than you, but it's over... Goodbye Justin.." that hurted more than anything!

"NO! I promise I'll make it up to you I'll do anything! Please just stay!" tears are flowing from his eyes
"Justin, no. I can't" I start crying as well, cause I just can't take this! 
"Yes, please baby just stay with me! I'll die without you! I'll give up everything! cancel every single comcert on the rest of the tour! I'll change my name! I'll do anything!" he doesn't know there's nothing he can do..
"I am sorry Justin, I can't live like this. You can't live like this"  this conversation was probably the most hurtfull one I have ever had in my entire life.. But I just have to get of here. Justin will move on, he'll find someone new. I walk into Clair's bus with tears and mascara everywhere in my face to ask her to take me to the airport right away and she doesn't even ask why. She probably knows that would be a bad idea, so she just takes me to her car and start driving.
"Are you sure you want to do this?" she asks me...
"Yes. I don't want to, but I have to. For Justin" tears are pressing against my eyes and I get out of the car as I enter the airport. I don't know this place and I could easily get lost, so I just try to find my way to get to a place where I can buy a flight to whereever I feel like going to be honest... I finally find a place where I can buy tickets as someone is screaming my name
"SOPHIE!!!! DON'T! STOP!" I turn around, Justin. He followed me?
"Justin stop, there's nothing you can do" everyone is looking at us filming us.
"Please don't leave!"
"You know those are the reason why I want to leave... With their cameras and shit!" he turns around, and everyone is filming
"Could you please put those things away?" most of the people does as he says..
"Thank you. Now Sophie, I know this life is screwed up for you, and what happened today, I am so sorry for that! I have never been so disappointed in a person before! And I know you said there's nothing I can do to make you stay but-"
"If you know, why are you here?" I like that question, what now Bieber...?
"I am here, because..." he takes a deep breath and get down on his knees in front of me. He pulls out a little black box from his jacket and when he opens it, I see the most beautiful diamond ring I have ever seen. Please Bieber, don't do this...
"Sophie, will do me the favor and marry me?"


So guys! That was chapter 7 I think! Completely forgot!
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So? Since Sophie flash forward dream actually happened, what do you think is going to happen next? Will Sophie marry Justin, or will she leave? Find out in the next and probably the last chapter of flash forward. 
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