Flash forward

I tell my bestfriend about my wierd dream. But she doesn't believe in my, she thinks I'm making it up. But who would make up stuff like that?
"You've got to believe me!" But there's no way she does.


5. On tour

Alright. The day has come, I am going with Justin on tour. Luckily my mom comes home a couple of hours before we leave so I can say goodbye to her. I wake up with Justin wrapped around me, I love being in his arms. He smells so good, and then he looks like a little peaceful baby when he sleeps. He slowly opens his eyes so they can get used to the light, he looks at me, happiness all over his face.
"Goodmorning baby" he says and kisses my nose. He's so cute.
"Goodmorning baby" I reply to him and kisses his nose. It's like a little thing we have going on. Just between the two of us.
"Babe? When does your mom come home?" I have his full attention.
"She'll be here in about 10 minutes" yeah right, I thought. Justin steps closer to me, puts his arms around my waist and kisses me, he still has no shirt on as usual. Probably because I'm wearing it...
"Hm hmm. I'm standing right here you know?" she's here!
"Mom! Hey, how are you?" she looks so happy, I have her attention in like 10 seconds before she turns her attention to Justin, my beautiful, sexy boyfriend!
"Hey, you must be- What am I talking about, hi Justin. Nice to meet you" she smiles at him
"Hello mrs. Jackson. Nice to meet you too" he replies like a gentleman, and my mom looks at me like she wants to say 'Good job baby!'
"Thank you very much, take good care of my daughter Justin, she's all yours until you guys come back from the tour" 
Hearing those words from my mother made Justin smile and look right back at me. All his? For 2 years? Yup, I can live with that. It's almost time to go, so it wasn't really for more than 20 minutes I got to see my mom before Twist called Justin telling him that it was time to head to the airport.
"Baby, come on we gotta go" he says to me. He has obviously already got all of my luggage down the stairs. I brought like, all my clothes, shoes and everything, so my room is almost empty.
"I'm coming baby! Goodbye mom, I'll miss you" she looks at me and she's about to cry, but the tears in her eyes completely disappears as she tells me how proud of me she is. She hugs me and Justin and we get out to the car and drive to the airport. When we get there, it's just like chaos everywhere, cause someone obviously told the whole town that Justin and I would at the airport by now, so there is beliebers everwhere searching for Justin. Because of the chaos the security guards needs to get us through the first part of the airport and to the backdoors, unnoticed. This will be like mission impossible, cause everybody knows what Justin looks like, even he wore a mask they would recognize him.. I'm sure of that. Within a few minutes we start walkin thorugh the airport, but give up after like 2 steps.
"There is no way we can get through this. It's too dangerous." Justin says and looks at me
"I don't wanna risk anything." he says to me and looks at me like I was his little child or something
"Alright then. We'll get the fences sir. Just wait here" one of the guards says.
"You see babe? No worries. They'll get the fences" he looks at me like he's trying to tell me to shut up in a teasingly way.
"I know babe. But I don't wanna risk someone hurting you. You know that"
"Jay, stop being so overprotective. I am not a kid, I'm 16" he lifts one of his eyebrows and just looks at me like I don't get it. Which I probably don't.
"Exactly. You're only 16. I'm 18 baby. I am Justin Bieber, and you're my girl. But you see what they treated Selena like"
Yeah, that's true. Some beliebers really hated Selena. Sent her death threats and stuff. What if they'll do that to me? I don't know if I'll be able to handle that. The guards come back with some security fences, walk out of the door and push everyone away. They make a path in the middle of everything shaped from the fences. The path is wide, so we'll probably have guards everywhere around us. I was right. The guards are standing outside, there are 8 of them. Wow. And not only that there is guards all the way through the path to protect the fences from falling. Justin takes my hand and lead me outside and into the path as the whole airport goes crazy. Fans are screaming and throwong things after Justin, reaching their autograph books and pens towards him as the guards hold them back. Some girls are having banners. But the banner that catches my attention is the one saying 'FUCK ME JUSTIN'. Wow... Now I see how crazy I was myself once. Or I probably still am, cause I'm just waiting for the day where I wake up and realize that all of this was just a dream. Will that day ever come? When we finally get through the airport and reach the backdoors it like the 3rd world war just ended. Behind the backdoors we're safe and we can easily walk thorugh the airport. We walk through some small rooms here and there, up and down stairs all the time. It's like a secret path in a pyramyth or something like that and it leads us directly to the gate where we're suppossed to get on the plane.
"Oh my jesus christ. Justin you could've told me that we were flying in a private jet! This thing is huge!"
"Haha babe. I thought you knew? You know I can't just get on a normal plane like you can..." he kinda looks sad by the thought that he will never ever be able to do something normal. Like boarding something that is not a private jet..
"I know babe. But man those fans are crazy! It was so weird not being one of them.." he chuckles
"Yeah right? They are just... Beliebers.. I guess" so true. They're beliebers, and they are proud of it.
"Yeah! Did you see that banner one of them were holding... I nearly fell in love with it!"
"Oh.. No I only saw a girl having a banner that said 'You changed my life. There's no one like you'."
"How sweet. They really have a great relationship to you huh?" true. Beliebers has an amazing bond to each other, and to Justin. I wish they could see how much they mean to him! Every single one of them means the world to him!
"Yeah. We're really bonded. It's like a huge family! So thay banner you were talking about?" oh yeah...
"Yeah... Uhm.. It said like 'FUCK ME JUSTIN'." Justin burst into laughter when I tell him. I love his laugh, it so cute
"No way?!" he still laughs while he says this. He's laughing so hard.
"Yes way! I think that's an amazing thing to write! I would've done that myself if I was her!"
"Yeah baby, I bet you would. But you're my girlfriend, you don't need no banner to make me fuck you..." the look in his eyes instantly changes so something that nearly screams that we wants to fuck me on this plane. Well, I like that plan. His eyes are locked on me and he kisses me deeply when a stewardess walks in and says
"Sir, miss, fasten your seat belts. We are about to take off" and then she walks back. Miss? I'll need to get used to this.
"Smile baby!" Justin says and kisses me on the cheek as he takes a picture from his phone and uploads it to instagram with a tiny text saying: On my way to the next concert with my girl. Love her.
Within a couple of seconds the picture has about 5k likes, and even more comments with the question:
Who's that girl Justin?!
Many beliebers thinks that Justin doesn't read the comments, but he does. He literally just sits there reading his heart out on those comments, when his eyes suddenly lock on one single comment. Jesus. I see that comment as well, beliebers can really be mean...
'Justin? Who the hell is that ugly chick beside you? Is it her you're calling your girl? OMG I'm so much prettier than her. And I could probably fuck you better than her as well. I think you should dumb her and take me instead'

Wow.. I feel the tears pressing against my eyes. No, he's not suppossed to see my cry.
"Babe, are you okay? I'm so sorry about that. She's just jealous"
"Yeah it's okay. I mean... I guess I kinda understand her..." Justin looks at me and kisses my cheek. He takes a screenshot of the comment, uploads the screenshot with a text saying: 'Can't believe this girl calls herself a belieber when she comments such things about the one keeping me alive. Man, some of my "beliebers" are really disrespectful. And btw, prettier than her? I doubt that. Fuck me better? Doubt that even more..'
"Justin? Did you just do that?"
"Uhm yes. I did. No jealous girl is going to ever write such stuff about you. Are you listening to me Sophie! No one."
"I know Justin but.. You didn't have to do that"
"But i did. And I'm not deleting it baby" he's just teasing me right now. He always is. The screenshot of the comment that girl got is really going crazy with beliebers reposting, liking and commenting it. But at least it only sweet comments. I guess some beliebers just wishes me dead, though the biggest part of them seem supportive. That's good I guess.



Okay. I admit it, I shouldn't have wrote that on that picture, but to be honest. She deserved it. No body talks about my little angel like that. And she calls herself a belieber? I thought it was all about being happy for each other. As I turn my head to see the beautiful angel god blessed me with, the sight of her sleeping, leaning against my shoulder catches my eyes. She looks even more like an angel when she sleeps. She's so perfect. And she's mine. Only mine.

"I love you" I whisper in her ear even though I know she is sleeping and probably can't hear me.
I'll love her till the day I die. And when I die, my sould will following her everywhere she goes! I'll always be with her! I'l never ever ever ever let her go! Ever! I mean the feeling Selena gave me after like 1 years, is the feeling she has givin' me in like a week... And I talking about the sex! I talking like deeply inside of my heart I just feel like, whenever she's not here with me. I'm dead.. She has my heart, and I'll if she ever let's it go. I need her in my life. She keeps me humble. And everytime I look into her eyes, gosh, her beautiful eyes. Green as the grass in the springtime and her hair chocolate brown as... Uhm... Chocolate. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I want to marry her, and I want her give birth to my kids and everything!
"Justin? Hey what's up man?" it's Scooter. Man I love that guy
"I'm great man, and you?"
"Justin come over here, it's such a long time ago we just talked" I get up, without waking up Sophie of course and walk over to Scooter.
"So, what do you wanna talk about?" I ask him, cause I don't really have a clue..
"I wanna talk about Sophie.." Sophie? Why?
"Alright, then say something about her Scoot"
"Justin. I need you to understand this! Sophie is one in a million. You don't a lot of girls like her, and I know this, cause I can see it ion your eyes. You love her more than anything. But what I want to say is, that she's not used to all of this, with the fans and paprrazzi. I gurantee that at some point if you're not careful with her, it will become too much for her. I know that hiding her is not a possibility any more, but just, don't fuck it up Justin. Cause I know that if she ends up leaving you, this tour will be over"
I can't believe it. Is it really that obviousl that I love her so much?
"I know man. That was why I wanted to hide in the first place. I am so afraid that she'll leave me because of the medias, cause they're quite good at fucking my whole life up.. But I'm a blessed boy, especially with her. But I'm just afraid I can't giver her what she needs." I feel the tears pressing against my eyes. I lover her so much more than she will ever understand. I'd give my life for her. I'd give up everything I have for her! I'd kill for her. Before I met her, I didn't know what love was. I know I loved Selena, and I thought what me and Selena has was love at forst sight, but it wasn't. My love for Sophie was unconditional love from the buttom of my heart, and letting her leave me would never be an option.
"Justin. Don't focus on the future. Focus on what's happening right now. She's yours Justin, and she's here with you. She left her best friend for you. I bet she's just as afraid that she can never give you what you want, as you are with her" Scooter is probably right, he always knows what to say and when to say it. That's why I love him.
The jet is about to land and the stewardess walks in again, she wants to wake up my little baby. I look at her and tell her that I'll wake her up. I want to be the first thing she sees when she opens her eyes.
"Baby. Baby you need to get up, we're landing in a few minutes" she slowly opens her eyes so they can get used to the sharp sunlight, and the face expression of love covers her face when she sees me. I kiss her plump lips and the electric feeling shoots right through me. She gets up and chanches into something more appropirate, tight jeans and a cute classic shirt. She pulls her hair up in a ponytail which leaves ever single inch of he face visable. She still looks good. If I throw a cake in her face, she still looks good. That girl never looks bad. Ever. 
We get off the plane, and as usual beliebers found out where I am and when I'll be there, so when we got out of the doors saying 'exit' there was basically fans everwhere! But I don't really mind, I just hold her hand like I was no one. Like it was someone else they were screaming for. Like my name wasn't Justin Bieber. 
"Babe? Where's the security" she's teasing me. She likes it this way, not in the 'security everywhere' way.. 
"It's on vacation" she giggles. Her giggle is honestly more than my whole fortune worth. Fans are screaming everwhere, taking pictures, begging for my autograph and screaming for my attention. Everything I here is girls screaming my name. Crying my name. I feel like I am Michael Jackson the 2nd.. Sometimes people actually compare me to him, and that's cool and everything, but even I know that you shouldn't compare anyone to him. There will never be another Michael! Ever! But me? I am Justin Bieber, the one and only. When we get out of the airport Sophie stop sin the middle of everything. She just stops as if the had forgotten something 
"Justin! Look" she points at a girl sitting in the gutter, she's probably like 15 years old. She's wearing a Justin Bieber T-shirt and she's just looking at picture. I guess it a picture of me
"Babe, what are you trying to tell me with that?"
"JUSTIN! Look at her! She just sits there! I think you owe her an autograph. It's her biggest dream baby! Remember when it was me, just sitting there frozen after the concert?" she's right. I make my way towards the girl, and place myself in front of her. She instantly recognizes my shoes and lifts her head with a surprised look in her face.
"Ju- Ju- Ju... Justin?" she stumbles through the words. I reach my hand out to her to pull her up
"You know, you shouldn't be sitting on the ground like that" she smiles and looks at me, this is probably the best moment of her life. She bursts into tears and hug me. I almost forgot what's it's like feeling so close to my fans. Dang... What happened to me the past years.. 
"Don't cry girl. Smile!" the sentence makes her look at me with the biggest smile
"Can I have your autograph?" aw.. I completely forgot what this actually feels like.
"Sure! Anything you ask for!" I write my name on the picture she has of me in her hands. She hands me her phone to ask for a picture, I don't doubt a second, that picture is just suppossed to be on her phone! So of course I take the picture of us and hands her, her phone back
"What is your name?" she looks surprised at me, and I look back at Sophie who's just smiling at me
"Uhm, my name is Lilly" she says
"Lilly? That's a beautiful name. You know Lilly, this is a really big world and I am on top of it. I don't get much time to talk to my fans, and you might think that you are lucky meeting me right now, but you really don't know how lucky I feel getting to talk to you.. I assume you're a belieber, am I right?"
"Yeah" she says and she just looks at me waiting for me to continue what I was about to say
"I just wanted to tell you, that I see how so many of you always tells me how proud you are of me? Well, I am proud of you! I see what you go through, just because youøre a fan of me. It's not fair. But I really am so proud of you. All of you! Thank you, for making my dream come true Lilly. I love you!" I hug her and she bursts even more into tears. She deserves to know, that I am proud of her. I am proud of ever single one of my beliebers! She let's go of me and run towards a car, her moms I guess. She's just carying her eyes out of happiness. What just happened, made me feel so good.
"Jay baby, that was so beautiful! You just saved that girls life" Sophie's voice interupt my thinking as I reply
"Yeah. She's probably really happy right now. So am I. I almost forgot what it really feels like talking to my fans" Sophie takes my hand and we walk towards the car which is suppossed to drive us to the hotel where we're staying. New York is stunning at night. The city that never sleeps, it lives up to it's reputation. We drive right through Times Square where theres is lights flashing everwhere, and people everywhere.
"Isn't it amazing babe?" Sophie turns to look at me as if that was the silliest question on earth..
"It sure is, really"
"You see baby, this is one of the many places on earth that I want to show you"
"Baby, living with you is like living in a dream, I don't have to see the world anymore. You are my world"
"I know baby, but you're going to see the whole world and more with me by your side!" she looks at me with an intense look in her eyes and says
"Okay. As long as the whole world includes your bed" and she winks at me. Uhm, the whole world kind of includes more than one bed, since I couldn't bring my own..
"Babe, the whole includes what ever bed is near, trust me.." the look in her eyes instantly changes to something a lot more, thirsty. She bites her lip and drives me completly crazy. What is she doing to me?
"Poor whatever bed is near babe" she winks at me. Did she just say that? Man. I could take her right here. In this car, but I have to behave and just wait until we're alone. But trust me, when we're alone? She'll get whatever she wants, in anyway she asks to get it!


Oh my jesus. The way Justin can say things. I'm pretty sure he can make anything sound sexy! He's so beautiful and sexy, how can any one resist him? I don't know, but I sure can't, actually I just want him as soon as I see him. So basically if I wake up in the morning and the first thing I see is him? I want him. He could turn himself into a complete fashion failure with messy hair and I still be attracted to him. It must be his hazel eyes and his plump lips, oh those lips. I don't even want to think about them, I'll just end up doing something I shoudln't be doing right now.

When we arrive at the hotel my heart gets stuck in my throat. PLAZA! I've always wanned to stay at a Plaza hotel and now I was going to, with Justin, alone. Oh yeah my mind if deffiantly a pervert right now, but I don't even care. We get in to the hotel to check in and get the keys to our room. When we reach the room we're staying in and open the door, I swear I could've been dead. This suite was bigger than my living room at home!
"Holy shit! How can anything even be this big?!"
"Tssh, I don't know. But for sure you'll find something bigger in my pants.." Justin Drew Bieber for jesus Christ sake!
"JUSTIN!" I throw a pillow after him and he starts chasing me around in the room
"You know I'll vatch you babe!" he shouts as he runs after me. He finally catches me and forces me to the floor as he starts tickling me. I laugh really loud and a lady opens the door to the suite to tell us we have to be quiet because all the other guests are sleeping.
"Of course ma'am" Justin says and starts laughing when she closes the door
"Did you see her!" he asks me. I did. She was basically looking like a 3000 year old.
"Yeah I saw her baby! And the look on her face, OMG" We just laugh together, though we try to laugh in silence. We wouldn't want the witch of Plaza hotel to walk in on us again
"Oh, look babe. A piece of the whole world" I say to Justin and turn my glare towards a bed. Justin turns his face towards me with a smirk on his face that tells me everything he has in mind for tonight. Justin gets up and pulls me up right after. He pulls me closer and I can feel his nose against mine. He looks so completely fantastic, I look up only to find his eyes staring in to mine. It's like everything around us disappears in front of my eyes, there is only me and Justin right here in the middle of everything, or should I say nothing. Justin slowly holds my face with both of his hands, caresses my cheeks with his thumps as he softly kisses my lips sending an electric feeling through my whole body. His toungue slowly splits my lips and enters my mouth to create a hot makeout session like the ones you see the movies. I wrap my arms around his neck and hold him tight. His hands slowly moves down my body, pass my breasts and stops by my waist. He pulls off my shirt, and move on to opening my jeans still kissing me. He stops kissing me to pulls off my jeans. He let's his hand slightly slide all the way up my legs as he get's back up and starts kissing me. He wraps his arms around me and carry me. I don't know where before he puts me down and I'm laying on the bed. He stands in front of me, slowly taking his clothes off. He starts off with his shirt and throws it away when it's off. His muscular body hypnotizes my eyes and I'm unable to remove my eyes from his body. He steps up in front of me asking me to open his jeans, I don't even think for a second before I just as he tells me to. I'm like a little slave to him right now, he could tell me to kiss his feet and I'd do it. I pull down his jeans in a slow way keeping my eyes stuck in his. The hazel color in his eyes becomes more intense as his face lights up from the desire deep inside him. His desire for me, my body and my love. He steps out of his jeans and pulls me off the bed, he crawls on to the bed to sit up leaning against the beds back. He puts his hands on his lap as he sits there with his legs slightly scattered
"Come here baby. Sit on top of me" I slowly crawl towards him and place my self on top of him. His eyes are shining of desire, just like mine. He pulls me closer to him and starts kissing me. His hands are already everywhere on my body, right now opening my bra to take it off me. When it's off he pulls me even closer and I feel his warm muscular body against mine, there is no where on earth I'd rather be right now, than here with Justin holding close to him, kissing me. His kisses makes their way towards my neck and I instantly push my head back to give him access to my neck. Like my mom said, I all his. Leaving kisses down my neck moving on to my chest the electric feeling pumps through my veins. Justins hands are covering my breasts, pushing them together as he covers his head in them. Kissing them. I push my chest against his face, in body language, meaning more.
"Easy babe, we've got plenty of time" jesus. His hoarse voice just does something to me I can't control
"But Justin -" He cuts me off
"No buts baby. The buts always ruin everything.." he's right, and he continues torturing my body in any way possible. Remember I mention earlier in the story, that he must be a professional when it comes to this? That haven't changed, at all. He knows exactly what to do, and where to touch me to make me want him even more. My desire only grows inside of me and he knows me. With my eyes closed and my mind not really knowing what going on, Justin is suddenly on top me. How the hell did I get here? I don't know, and I don't care! The only this I care about right now, is my inner desires for Justin. Justin has a power over me that no one else has. This boy was the first I slept with, and he'll probably be the last as well.. Cause to be honest, he could treat like a piece of shit and I'd stay by his side only because he can do this to me. Justin starts leaving kisses down my body again leaving electric shots everytime his lips touch my body. He reach the edge of my panties kisses the edge of them and pulls them off by biting the edge of them. He pulls them all the way down this way, and it's so fuckoing sexy I think I'm going to die! To be honest, I've read the Fifty Shades Trioligy, and right now he's like me own private Christian Grey. He throws my panties away and crawls back on top of me, only wearing his own boxers.
"Take. Those. Off" that's all I say as I pull the edge of his boxers a little down, he does as I tell him too while he kisses me, and before I know it we naked, just like me. A magnificent sight. Just as I thought I was going to get what I had begging for, Justin just lies there kissing me. Either he has an incredable way of controling his desire, or then I'm just impatient. I guess it's number 2. Justin puts his hand on my legs pushing them up so they're bending though I've still got my feet on the bed. Justin takes my head between his hands and kisses my as he push himself in to me, creating a slow rhythm of pure torture. Now people, If you think Satan created torture, you're wrong! God obviously did! Cause this torture truely could bring a dead person back to life! Just speeds up tortuing me even more, and right now I don't give a fuck about this damn hotel! I scream Justins name loud and clear. Justin moans through gritted teeth as I whispers the word 'more' only loud enough for him to hear. By the sound of this sentence, Justin start literally fucking better and harder than ever, and the feeling shoots through my  veins with about 100m/h. The electric feeling is becoming too much for the both of us, and we let go. Justin crashes on top of me, his breath is still heavy. He pulls out of me and places his head on my chest, his breath if warm against my skin and I wrap my one arm around him as my other hand is too busy cuddling Justins hair.
"You know I'll never leave you right?" I just had to ask him that question, cause I want him to know that I won't
"Hmm.. I fear that you will at times. What if one day I won't be able to give you what you need?"
"That would never happen. I will never ever in my life leave you baby. Never" his soul instantly becomes calm as fall asleep to the sound of my voice. He should never feel like I would leave him. Never.

Also, I am getting quite good friends with one of the girls from the crew, or. She's not really a part of the crew, she's Alfredo's sister. Her name is Clair. She's really cool, she reminds me of myself. And while Justin is rehersing today I'm gonna hang out with her.
"So girl, don't tell me nothing happened last night! Cause I heard you alright?"
"No way Clair!" I throw a pillow after her and she just laughs!
"Yeah! You were like 'JUSTIN' and- OUCH!" I threw another pillow after her. Clair is only 17. So she understands me.
"That's so embarresing!"
"Yup. Girl thank god Alfredo was aleep.. Damn, man it kinda sounded like it was pretty crazy. God bless protection"
"Wa- wa- wa- what?" Okay I'm kinda confused now, that happens at times..
"Protection girl! God bless it was invented or we'd all be running around with kids man.. Awful.. Or you know kids a adorable, but with all those 13 years old bitches fucking around today? Man.. Chaos.." oh my god. An thought just hit me, and it's no good thought.. Trust me!
"Holy shit... Jesus!" Clair looks at me as if she's trying to tell me I'm weird..
"Girl what's wrong with your face? You look like you've just seen a ghost?" well. I kinda have..
"Yeah.. Uhm, that protection thing.. Uuhh-" cut off..
"What? Tell me!" oh damn.
"I just realized Justin didn't wear a condom last night.."
"Girl what!? Hurricane! He what?! NO way!" her face is all pale by now, just like mine!
"Yes I think so way! What if I'm pregnant! I'm not going to be a mother!?" really though I'm not!
"Well girl. If you're pregnant, you're going to be a mother! Cause Justin is against abortions. And you know that"
Shit. What the hell am I going to do? I can't be pregnant! Not now! Well, I basically don't know if I am, but there is a chance. And Clair is right! Justin is against abortions. He'll make me give birth to the kid. No fucking way.


Okay everyone. This chapter ends here! I hope you liked it.
The passed chapters has been filled with drama and bunches of other stuff, you know I gotta keep you guys here, right?
Please let me know what you think about the story, and what you think will happen next! Of course I already know, but I would like to know what you think will happen, in this dramatic ass fanfiction!
See you next time!
- Me <3

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