Flash forward

I tell my bestfriend about my wierd dream. But she doesn't believe in my, she thinks I'm making it up. But who would make up stuff like that?
"You've got to believe me!" But there's no way she does.


6. Fustration

After a couple of hours and still being in shock over the thoguht of me being pregnant, Clair breaks the silence
"You know you have to tell Justin right?" uhm no. I was going to keep it as secret for him...
"Yes Clair I know.. But what if he freaks out and leaves me and stuff?"
"Sophie, we both know that won't happen. He loves you too damn much to that" great timing to finish our conversation. The next second Justin walk in to room and I still look like I just saw a man die or something, oh yeah, this is going to be good...
"Babe? You're really pale? Do you feel good?" he looks concerned, and he should be!
"Yeah I feel fine. Clair, can you give us a minute?" Clair walks out and Justin sits next to me on the bed, he knows something is wrong, but I don't think he has a clue what it is.
"Baby, what's wrong, just tell me" just tell you? Alright. You're maybe about to a dad because you fucked me last night. You just forgot the condom and I didn't think about it because it felt so motherfucking good. How would you like that? No.
"Justin, last night... Was" cut off..
"Absolutely amazing" yes indeed, but..
"Yes, honey. But uhm... Today I realized something, not so amazing.." he looks scared by now..
"You didn't wear a condom. Which means a big chance for me being pregnant"



No. No. No, no, no, no. N-n-n-n-n-n-no. That can't hap- fuck. It did happen. What if she's pregnant? Then I am going to be a dad, I don't have to be a dad and doesn't have time to a dad, I mean a mom! And the medias, oh my god the medias...
"So what do we do?"
"What about a pregnancy test for example?" yeah, Sophie is right, I just freaking out a little..
"Justin? What if I am pregnant?" good question...
"Then honey, we have a problem, because of 2 things.. 1: I am against arbortions, so you are not getting any abortion. 2: I am not giving my baby away. So we will be forced to be parents"

"Yeah.. Welcome to sixteen and pregnant" I can't help it. I have to laugh at that one, though it's pretty clear she doesn't think it's funny at all. But no though really, if she is pregnant we are goin to have more problems than ever! Beliebers will be hating, medias will be spreading rumors, someone will probably commit suicide! It's goin to a living hell. And what about names? Justin how can you think about names in this situation?
"Babe, how the hell do we get a pregnancy test?" the question just hit me like a slap. But really, how? The medias would take pictures and stuff..
"Don't worry, Clair is on it, texted her when she left" she is my hero right now. If i went out to buy a pregnancy test,I would ruin my own life.

It doesn't take long before Clair is back with 4 pregrancy tests... I guess she wants to be 100 percent sure.
"Clair? 4, really?" Sophie looks at Claie like she's stupid
"Yes? We have to be sure! These beasts doesn't work 1 out of hundred times! And what if this was that 1" she's right. But 4? Alright how can I blame her? Afterall she is Alfredo sister, which says a lot. Sophie heads to bathroom to take the tests while I sit on the bed begging to god that she's not pregnant! I love kids, but my career and everything will be ruined ig this happens. She comes out of the bathroom, to sit with me and wait for those monsters to give us the answer. 10 minutes pass by as we both just sit, no words. I'm just holding her hand like everything is going to be alright! And it is, I promised her. Finally Sophie has collected courage enough to go check the tests. She came out ans she looked relieved which made me a whole lot less nervous.
"They were all negavtive" she says as she looks directly in to my eyes
"Oh! That's amazing baby! We've got to be more careful next time" for sure I was right, and she agreed with me, I could see in her beautiful eyes. Her beautiful eyes, they always end up hypnotizing me and then I'm just sitting here staring at her like a retard..


So today is concert day! Again. I have way too many of those, but I like making my fans happy. My fans means the world to me, just like that little girl last night at the airport, she was sweet! Bacially we soend the whole day just preparing for the concert tonight, every concert needs to be perfect you know, the concert have to live up to thousands of peoples expectations.

"JUSTIN BIEBER JUSTIN BIEBER JUSTIN BIEBER JUSTIN BIEBER JUSTIN BIEBER" over and over again thousands of girls screaming my name is the only thing I listen to. I am blessed to have this life. When the intro video is done on the big screen and the animation of me with wings shows up on the screen, I know i's showtime! It's time to give them everything I've got, show them that TheBiebz is still here. Some poeple from crew helps me locking the seat belts for the huge pair of wings including in my intro and we're ready to shoot this show open! The big screen opens as a huge pair of doors and I fly out. The crowd goes crazy and everyone starts screamin, cameras flashing everywhere. I know where I belong every time this happens. The huge wings puts me down on the scene as the dancers help me to get off them. As soon as I am off the wings and the wings are out of the way, the familiar sound of All Around The World starts.
"You're beautiful, beautiful, you should know it (beautiful, beautiful, you should know it). I think it's time, think it's time that you show it, you're beautiful, beautiful" concert started and everyone is going even more crazy now!

"Great show man!"
"Hey good job!"
"JB you killed 'em!"
"Nice one man!"
"Aye, keep doing what you do Bieber!"
"Great show tonight! One of the best!" usual compliments I get right after the show runs through my ears when everyone comes over to tell me it was a great show. I don't really pay attention to who was saying what, before I feel the presence of her aura and here her voice scream through my ears nearly giving me a nervous breakdown. Where is Sophie when I need her.
"Good job out there honey-boo. I am so preoud of you. Oh wait? Where is your girl?"
"Nicole, what are you doing here?" that little bitch.
"I was looking for my future husband. Oh look, I found him..." I hate her.
"I am not your future anything. Just go home Nicole"
"You know I am not leaving without you..." uhm, yes she is.
"Nicole, come one sted closer and I'll call the guards"
"Do it then" she starts walking towards me as I scream Kenny's name. It doesn't take a second before Kenny arrives out of no where, he always here when I need him!
"Kenny, get that chick the hell out of here.."
"She'll be out in a second JB" Kenny walk towards Nicole grabs her by her waist and lift her up so she's lying on his one shoulder.
"I WILL FIND YOU JUSTIN! PUT ME DOWN! WE ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER AND YOU KNOW IT!" uhm yeah right, the only thing you were made for is my bodyguards shoulder...

"JUSTIN!" Sophie screams out of fucking nowhere and nearly gives me a heart attack, jesus..
"What babe?" it doesn't even take her a second to reply
"Come look at this!" well it must be important since she's screaming all over the damn place like that..
"What is it ba- WHAT THE HELL?!" she throws a magazine at me so I can read the front page.
'Taylor wants Selena to forget all about Bieber, so she can have him herself'
"Who the hell made up this crap?" stuff like this can make me so mad!
"babe, I don't think it's made up. Taylor wrote this on twitter; 'He's gonna get it right back @Selenagomez'
Would Taylor do that? Uhm yes. Selena is her best friend, and Taylor has called me up before telling me to leave Selena alone. Besides, Taylor taking revenge for Selena would become a great song for her...
"Justin, is she puts her hands on you, I'll make a song featuring all her ex'es called This Is Why You Suck.." wow, she's really mad now.. Like really. If I was Taylor I would want to meet Sophie right now...
"Baby relax. She won't even get the chance to put her hands on me" she doesn't really seem more calmed...
"Trust me babe, she won't" if I was Taylor I'd be afraid.. Like really, Sophie is a 16 year old girl, don't touch her hair, her face or her boyfriend cause she will probably kill you. I should tweet that...
'She's a 16 year old girl. Don't touch her hair, her face or her boyfriend. Cause if you do? She'll probably kill you' tweet. I kinda hopes she just reads it and shows to Selena. But most of all, I hope someone tells Nicole about that tweet, oh maybe I should tell Sophie about Nicole stalking me...
"Uhm, baby?"
"Yes Jay?" aw, Jay, I missed that name!
"Nicole was here tonight. She nearly killed my ears backstage" Sophie's usual sweet look is gone and her face is filled with anger an dhatred to her earlier best friend...
"Oh she did. Hmm, I thought I told her to stay away from you. Well I don't care right now.. Can't think about it"


Waking up with your love in your arms, I love it, dear god let this happen for the rest of my life! Though Sophie doesn't really seem happy like she usually does today. She seems kind of sad. But every time I ask her if anything is wrong she just says no everything is alright...


I know telling Justin that I am alright even though I am not, is a bad idea. But how do I tell him all these things? I recieve letters from beliebers telling me that they will find me and kill me. I get calls from unknown number every day with people telling me that I don't deverve Justin and that I am only with him for his money... This has probably been the hardest 5 weeks of my life. You know, Justin and I started dating about 5 weeks ago, and ever since that my whole life has been upside down.
"Baby I'll go catch some air" Justin is rehearsing right now, so me going outside probably won't harm anyone, exept for me. I walk out of the door to get some air and realize what my life is now, when a group og girls walk over to me, please let these be nice...
"Sophie? You are Sophie right? Justins girlfriend?" should I just say no now or?
"Uhm, yes I am..." I don't dare looking at her, I am afraid of beliebers...
"Awesome! You know, we won't hurt you" I look up and truely enough a group of nice and kind belibers were standing in front of me. Trust me when I say these are the físt supporting beliebers I have met in weeks! But anyways we just talk a little back and forth like girls usually do, before I have to get right back in. I really hope those girls are going to enjoy the concert!

During the concert i see a slight familiar looking tall blond haired girl walking through the backstage doors, who could that be? Oh hell no! Nicole that fake platinum blond haired piece of ass..
"Nicole, why do you keep coming back?"
"Because girl, I am here to steal your man, and you know it"
"Nicole, you know you can't get him. He's mine. Now get out.."
"I am sorry honey, I have an approved backstage pass, so I'm not going anywhere!" jesus, does she never stop?
"Nicole, just do you own ass a favor, and get our of here..."
"I'll do your ass a favor and lock you up somewhere if you don't shut up!" is she serious right now?
"You? Lock me up? Nicole quit the game and leave" what is it she doesn't understand?
"Come on Sophie. Just leave this place. The beliebers hates you, and you know it.. You also know that Justins beliebers always will mean more to him than you do" what did she just say?
"Nicole... Get out of here" I'll throw her stupid ass out if she doesn't get out right now.
"Why should I?" stupid question. Now girls, if you are an old bestfriend of a 16 year old girl and you want her boyfriend, don't say stuff like that. It will result you being pulled out of a backstage door, in your hair. And yes I saw someone filming it and I don't care, this is becoming too much for me. And Nicole is everywhere! Pulling her out of the doors in her hair felt like giving 1million dollars to poor kids in Africa, so yes, it felt good.
"Now you stay out there, and if you ever come back I will cut you in half!" slam. I slammed the doors, and some paparrazzi standing outthere looked pretty much like he was goin to run for his dear life. And that would've been a good idea.

When Justins concert ended and he walked over to me, I am sure he could see something was wrong, he didn't really do much but kiss me and ask me if I am okay. I am always okay, I promised him to be. I didn't tell about the Nicole thing, which I probably should have done, since someone tweeted the video to him. He doesn't really seem happy...
"Soophie, what did you do?" I'm not sure if he sad or fustrated...
"I pulled her out through the backstagedoors.."
"Yes, in her hair baby! Why? What happened?" I decided to tell him about what happened and she instantly seemed to understand me. When Justin understands me, my whole world is just a hundred times better than it was before. Me and Justin has the perfect relationship, we're seeing the world together and I get more and more proud of him everytime he hits that stage. He was born to do this! Me and Justin head to the tourbus and as soon and we get in he wraps his arms around me tells me he loves me and then his lips covers mine again.  A feeling I never get tired of. Justin pushes me all the way through the bus, through the door that separetes the bus and the bedroom and force me to the bed. The funny thing is, he didn't move his lips from mine. He starts taking off our clothes but tonight it's different. He stops when we only have our underwear left back on and then he just hugs me. He hugs me really tight and just holds me close like he would never ever let go of me.
"I will never let go of you baby! You're so strong. I know what the beliebers say and do, but you seem to just shrug it off"
Justin covers my lips for a second and then he keeps talking
"I am so proud of you baby!" he is proud?
"Baby, if anyone is proud, I am trust me!" that's all I have to tell before he starts blushing and pulls me right back into his arms. Me and Justin lie in the bed just watching some TV. I don't think I have ever been wrapped around Justin like this before. I'm lying halfway on top of him with my one leg across both of his legs, my one hand on his chest next to my head and the other hand holding his. I am sure this looks funny if you can imagine it.
"Yeah babe?"
"When I die, I want to be your arms when I'm dying. It's the only place I feel safe" he looks afraid
"Baby, if you die in me arms I'll commit suicide with you in my arms. I can't live without you" he would commit suicide I died? I think he's just overreacting now, he wouldn't do that. He has way too much to live for. Búr what if I died, and he commited suicide? That would be horrible! All the girls outthere, what wouldn't they feel like, his mother and all the people he works with, oh no. The whole world would be in complete sadness and suicedes would be everywhere!

"Justin I can't take this no more!" why did I say that..
"What do you mean you can't take this no more?"
"They hate me! They spit on me, they punch me! I can't live this life Justin!" He knows it nothing but the truth that I can't live this life anymore, it has become too much for me. And I am not able to live this life for one more second. This is going to hurt, not ony me but Justin as well, but I have to do it. No, I can't. I have to.
"Baby you know they're only jealous they'll get over it. Please listen to me!" the tears is pressing against Justins eyes as one of the tears rolls down his face. Oh no, I can't see him cry..
"Justin don't cry, you know it's the best for the both of us"
"WHAT? WHAT IS THE BEST FOR BOTH OF US!?" his voice is cracking and tears are flowing from his eyes, this is not being upset. The love of my life is crying right in front of me eyes, but I know I have to do it...
"Justin, calm down. It's going to be alright I promise"
"What are you saying?" this is too much, I have to leave..

"Justin... I am sorry. I can't live like this, and I can't see you cry for one more second. You have to let go, and so do I. I love you of all my heart Justin, and trust me this hurts me more than you, but it's over... Goodbye Justin.."

Sweet jesus! My heart is pumping like I just ran a marathon! Wait what, I am still here, it was just a dream. I am sitting up in the bed, Justin is luckily still asleep, or he was luckily still asleep..
"Baby are you alright? You're sweating like crazy?" I am? Oh my god.
"Yeah I am fine, just a mightmare that's all" thank god..
"Wow, it must've been crazy.." you should know baby, you should know.

Anyways! Today is Justin's birthday! 19 years to my little baby!
"What is going on?" what is he talking about?
"I don't know babe. But before you say anything! Happy birthday I love you" I place a soft kiss on his lips as he tells me how #Happy16birthdayJustin is trending on twitter, I see the fun part of this!
"Maybe they just hit the wrong button" Justin says as he really doesn't understand!
"Justin baby, 6 and 9 are quite far from each other on a keybord. They're pranking you honey!" he doesn't really seem to believe me, so I'll just ket him think the beliebers honestly forgot that he's turning 19.

"Anyways baby, what do wanna do today?" it's his birthday, he decides. Justin diesn't get the chance to answer before Twist, Scooter, Usher, Alfredo and Clair bumbs through the door in what seems like a happy birthday. Alfredo and Twist jump up in the bed and start jumping in it which results Justin rolling around everywhere in the bed between their feet, they just love teasing him!
"So Justin, what do want as a birthday gift?" Twist asks Justin and he's waiting patiently for an answer
"If it's possible I would like a huge amount of birthday sex.." Justin looks at me, Twist and Alfredo does the same. I don't think the others heard it..
"Well JB, if that's what you want. You know I can't give it to you though, but the lady over there can" Twist points in my direction as he and Alfrdo burst into laughter. Yeah, haha, really funny.
"Guys.. Guys? Honestly.. GUYS!" Twist and Alfredo stops laughing as they look at each other like the 3rd world is about to start, is justin angry or what?
"Babe get over here" I crawl over the bed over to Justin to end up wrapped in his arms once again
"I was actually quite serious. It's the only thing I want for my birthday" wait, wait, wait! Stop it right there! What? he want's me for his birthday? He has me everyday so couldn't he just give me a chance to buy him a gift or something? But no, he wants me for his birthday..
"Alright everyone, get out of here. Justin wants birthday sex for his birthday so let the kid get what he wants in piece" only Twist seriously! Clair, she just looks at me like she trying to tell me something but I don't want to pay attention to it, right now I just wamt to cover my face in the sheets cause I am pretty sure that even a cook wouldn't see the difference between me and a tomato right now. When everyone is out of the room, including Twist, Justins chuckles and says
"What do think of my birthday wish honey?" what do I think? I love it!
"Well, to me it seems like the best thing anyone has ever wished for.." true true..
"Well, I was thinking maybe you could make my wish come true?" Justin baby, just stop it right there. I'll make Justins wish come true whenever I have the chance!


So guys we are getting closer to the end of my very first movella! I am so exited about the end and what you think will happen!
I know this movella is long as hell, but I hope you like it anyways!
Let me know what you think in a comment!
& BTW! No hate to taylor Swift, this a story prople! Just remember that!
- Me <3 

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