Flash forward

I tell my bestfriend about my wierd dream. But she doesn't believe in my, she thinks I'm making it up. But who would make up stuff like that?
"You've got to believe me!" But there's no way she does.


8. Forever and ever

I just stand there frozen in the middle of an airport. About 15 people just filmed Justin proposing to me. Why did he do that?
"Baby? Please, will you do me the favor? Be my mrs.Bieber, forever and ever?" I do love him, and the fact that he drove all the way to the airport to propose to me, ask me to marry him, does nothing to me exept for loving him more.
"Say something Sophie, please just say something" I need to answer him, and even though me mom always said;
Honey, sometimes you have to put your feeling behind you, and do what you know is right.
But she also always said that i should follow my heart. Right now my mind tells me that I should run, run away from here without answering, but my legs which should be moving me, is only listening to my heart which tells me
"Yes" happiness is everywhere in Justin's face as he only stares into my eyes
"Are you serious?"
"I have never been more serious i my whole life" Justin puts the ring on my finger, get back up on his feet and hug me. Lift me off the ground and spin me around. People is still filming and those who heard my answer and don't have a phone in their hands, start clapping and whistleing like crazy. Justin turns around and tell me to get up on his back so he can carry me out of the airport on his back, he was just born to be a goof. Me and Justin returns to the tour busses where Clair obviously chose to tell Twist and Fredo everything. Justin opens the door to the tour bus and walk inside with me on his back, again. 
"Sophie? I thought yu were? What happened?!" they all look really confused as they just look at me and Justin 
"He convinced me to stay" Clair doesn't really seem to get it, I understand after I told about our little fight or discussion what ver you want to call it. 
"I have a talent for convincing people" he winks at Clair and I jump off his back. We sit for about an hour just talking to Fredo, Clair and Twist, and me and Justin decide to go back to our bus. When we get inside the bedroom Justin makes his way towards me and put his hands on my waist so he can pull me closer. He places his nose right infront of mine until only the tip of his nose is touching mine. 
"I love you Sophie. My own little future mrs.Bieber" he kisses my nose and Twist slams the door open in a second 
"WHAT!!!! MRS.BIEBER?!?! YOU GUYS ARE GETTING MARRIE-" Justin cuts him off
"Twist shut the fuck up! Itøs supposed to be a secret!" Twist eyes pop the hell out of his face as he ask one more time
"So? You are getting married? But she's only 16?! She can't get married?" shit, he's right. Then we'll just be engaged for 2 years..
"I know, in this state you can't be married until the age of 18, unless you parents accept it"
"Justin? How do you know this?" Twist is just about as cinfused as me... Where does he know from?
"I looked it up" he pulls his shoulders as he says it, like it was supposed to be obvious
"How sweet baby, but then you have the problem with my parents?" my parents is never ever going to accept it!
"What problem? I already talked to them" he did what? Did he just call me parents and went like;
Hey! I miss, you know I just wanted to ask you if I could marry your daughter?  
"They accepted?" is they didn't please don't tell me..
"They did..." I can't believe it. My mom actually accepted me getting married in the age of 16? That is so surreal! Like really, my mom always said that I wouldn't be married until I was at least 25 so this is even more surreal. Twist leaves the bus after we tell him to be quiet about it, because we want to tell everyone ourself, or Justin wants to. If you ask me Twist could run around with a banner saying "SOPHIE IS GOING TO BE MRS.BIEBER" and I wouldn't give a fuck, I wouldn't give 2 fucks, and I certainly wouldn't give 3... Justin pulls out his phone and take a picture of and him kissing, I don't care about it anymore, beliebers can hate, people can go crazy, news papers can print frontpage efter pronpage and the news in the TV shows can talk about it while earth is crumbling beneth their feet because Justin and I are together even though they already know, and all I want to do is sit back and probably just eat some popcorn.So Justin takes that picture and upload it to instagram with a tiny text saying 'Had the best birthday ever thanks to my beloved girlfriend Sophie. Great prank everyone with the #happy16birthdayJustin really made me laugh. Just know I'll never change, I'll always belong to you. You found me. I love you'

The next morning before Justin went off to rehearsals we got the crew together inside the arena and it was about an hour before rehearsals. Justin told everyone that they should probably sit down for a minute and after that he told Scooter to call up Pattie and give him the phone. Pattie picked up the phone and Justin said hey, he put her on speaker so everyone could hear her.
"Alright everyone be quiet for a minute. No mom not you, you are quiet. Okay, so the reason why I brought you guys here, is because I would like to announce something that means a lot me. As you all know, I love Sophie more than anything in this world and uhm... Mom are you listening? Okay great! Yesterday I decided to declare my love to Sophie, like for real, so I uhm, this is harder than I thhought it would be. I proposed to her" everyone just got quiet! Like total silence just waiting to hear my answer the oxygen was heavy in the air, and Justin for sure was nervous to announce it
"And uhm... She... She said yes. So we're pretty much married" not even a second has passed my and Clair is running around screaming like crazy. She runs up to me to hug me and Justin while she's making this shrill sound which pierce my ears, and then she goes
"OH MY GOD! I can't believe I am so happy! I'm all crazy like oh my jesus christ! What are ya'll just standing there like statues for? Get the fuck up and party! This is huge man! Oh my god!!!!" Twist and Fredo joins her in her craziness and I can hear pattie cry over the phone. Justin hangs up after telling Pattie he loves her, but he has to get back to the rehearslals. Justin tells me not to worry about her, she's crying because she's happy, that's what he tells me.

Justin logs on to twitter to se the exact same link being send to him at least a hundred times and beliebers freaking out, asking if that was just an act or what happened. He clicks on the link to see a video from the airport where he proposes to me.
"Baby, would you please come here for a second" I make my way towards Justin and he shows me video, it's quite weird to see your own reaction to someone proposing to you, he says the beliebers is begging him to say it's true and he won't lie to them. He reach his hand out to make me put mine in his, he locks his hand around mine, and kisses the ring. After that he pulls out his phone, not letting go of my hand we takes a picture of his hand holding mine, showing off the ring. I'm not sure this is a good idea, but I don't think Justin care. He uploads the picture to instagram, with a text saying;
'It's true. I hope I will have your support, she makes me happy and yesterday she made me the happiest boy alive. I love you guys, please don't hate me...'
Comments and likes start rolling in with hundreds of thousands of beliebers supporting me and Justin asking to be invited to wedding, wishing us luck in the future, telling us we are cute together, reposting the picture hashtagging #SophieIsMrsBieber .
Finally all the drama is over. Everyone knows me and Justin is engaged, the world is going crazy, news papers is printing front pages like never before, news is going crazy because I'm only sixteen and he's a celebrity, my mom is blowing up my phone, just like everyone else mack home saying congratulations, beliebers posting pictures everywhere about me and Justin and me being the future mrs.Bieber. The earth is almost exploding and I think it's the end of the world but everything I do is just lie here in my boyfriend's arms, feeling safe.
"Forever and always baby, that's what I told you" he says
"I told I'd never leave you.."
"Well you kinda did..." okay that's true but..
"Until you convinced me to stay with you" cause he sure did. I have never felt more happy than the moment he asked me to marry him, it's a moment I will always remember. Even though I honestly don't believe in people who can predict the future and stuff, I must say my dreams turned out to become quite real. And I have never experienced anything more scary as that. Those of dreams who ended up becoming reality, like actual reality? I don't really see them like dreams, I prefer calling them; Flash Forwards....


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