Flash forward

I tell my bestfriend about my wierd dream. But she doesn't believe in my, she thinks I'm making it up. But who would make up stuff like that?
"You've got to believe me!" But there's no way she does.


2. Biebers girl?


Okay, what just happened!
"Hey girl! How was the date!" Dammit! Nicole.. Again. Why is she always going to interupt my thinking?
"Hey, uhm.. Good I guess" I just answer like I actually don't know what just happened.
"Good? You guess? Haven't you been paying attention or?" she asks me like I'm an idiot who doesn't even know I've just done, so I can just stand here like an idiot, unless I tell her what happened. But I promised Justin. I promised him not to tell, he said if the wrong person got to know, the whole world would know in less than one second! Is it because he wants to protect me? Or is it because he doesn't want have someone spreading rumors and ruining his reputation?
"Uhm yes, I was paying attention, but nothing really happened you know, we just... Talked"
"Talked ha? Why don't I believe you Sophie?" she looks at me with a killer look. If eyes could kill, she would've killed me by now! No doubt about that!
"Yes talked. And I don't know why you don't believe me, ask yourself! I'm telling the truth Nic!" as well as I called her 'Cole' I called her 'Nic' as well.. I had like, 2 or 3 nickmanes for her, and she had like.. 1 for me. Sweetie. She always calls me that when something is wrong or when she's happy.
"Alright then! I believe you! But if there is something you want to talk about sweetie, just tell me" there it was, the sweetie thing. She knows something is wrong with me, but I just keep my poker face on, then she will probably forget about it..
"Hey Cole? Where is my mom?" cause for sure she was not at home..
"She's at the mall, she said she was going to buy.. Uhm, I don't remenber what she said"
"Now you ask me if I didn't pay attention?" I wink at her and we burst out in laughter! Me and Nicole can laugh at everything! We are like bacon and eggs! We're ment to be best friends! Just in middle of me and Nicole laughing like crazy
And I get a text message. Guess from who?
Justin: 'Thank you for tonight, you looked georgous, just like the first time I saw you:)'
"Who's texting?" Nicole asks me with a weird look on her face, as if I didn't have any friends..
"No one. Just Justin saying that tonight was awesome" I'm becoming a good liar, or something.. So I just text Justin back.
Sophie: 'Trust me, it's me saying thank you! Tonight was way beyond my expectations! Btw, you're so sweet!:)'
Justin: 'I'll be anything for you. Even you want me to be treating you like a dog.. No wait, I would never do that.. ;)'
Sophie: 'Justin you sweetiepie!'
Justin: 'Only for you!'
Sophie: 'Justin?'
Justin: 'Yeah babe?'
Sophie: 'Mind if I call you Jay?'
When I wrote that message I instantly regretted. I should never have aksed. Stupid question. Why should I when I could call him Justin? Screwed it all up. Again! Dammit Sophie!
"Sweetie? Do you know that I love you?" Nicole says it like I was her boyfriend or something.
"Yes? You're my bestfriend, I love you too!"

Jay? Jay? How in the world did she get the idea of calling me Jay? I don't care! It's cute when it's her! that's all I can think of. Her, with her sweet voice of an Angel. 'Jay' it sounds cute. Waaaaait? For how long time have I been thinking and talking to my self? Shit! Ten minutes has passed by when I reply Sophies text!  
Justin: 'Sorry, I just got stuck in my own thoughts.. Of course! You can call me anything! Jay is perfect'
It really was. Jay, I loved that name! Especially because she made it for me. But I was still just insecure if it was my money or my heart she wanted? Maybe I should ask her? No, you can't ask her! She'll deny it if it is your money she wants. Yeah, I was right. She would. Every girl would. But I understand I mean, who doesn't want to have a boyfriend with a lot of money, so he could buy you things? Which makes me think, maybe I should buy Sophie a gift for our next date? Is there going to be a next date? Of course! Or at least I am going to ask her out again! Soon. Very soon.

"Justin! How was the date!?" LIl Twist. Yeah.
"Man! You gave me a heartattack! Are you trying to kill me?" I literally I almost died!
"I'm sorry man! I was looking for you when Scoot told me you went out with this girl, Bophie or something.. Right?"
"Twist.. Man! Bophie? Are you serious?! Her name is Sophie, like an 'S' you know?" he looks at me like his face is about to crack, and then he burst into laughter! I know why, he thinks it's funny he thought her name was Bophie. Bophie? C'mon man.
"Man, I'm sorry. So how was the date?" Twist can be, stupid at times. But he's a great friend, he knows when I'm pissed off and when I'm not. When I'm pissed, don't make fun of me, when I'm not.. I'm the one making fun of you. Like I was with Twist right now.
"It was good." He looks at me like I bumbed my head. Why?
"Good? Is that it? Is that all I get? What about the scoop, and the details?" here comes the stupid part of him..
"Twist, there doesn't need to be details everytime I go on a date.."
"Can you blame for wanting the details when you go on a date and I sit back here knowing that if you want you can have all the pussy in the world? Uh-uh man! I got my eeeeeeyees oooon yoou!" I can't even look at Twist before I burst into laughter! And he does the same!

The sound of me getting a text. Sweet sound, cause I know who texted me.
Sophie: 'You think Jay is perfect?' I can't help, but smile all over my face! Dammit!!! Twist is still there!
Justin: 'Jay is more than perfect babe! Can I call you babe? Is that okay with you?'
Sophie: 'Babe is perfect, call me whatever you want, if you like it, I like it. But I'll go to bed, goodnight Jay:)'
Whatever I want? I could call her 10.000 names! All good, cute, relationship kind of names! Like baby, angel, boo, love and so on.. I can't wait to call her all these names! And she's just so beautiful. Georges. Natural. Actually I've never seen her all dolled up in makeup and big party dresses. Or stilettos. Many of the girls I've seen through the tour has been all dolled up, for me. But what they don't know is, I like it natural, I don't need a girl who always looks like a million dollars, cause if she's my girl, she's my girl because I think even when she's at her worst, she's beautiful.  Just like Sophie is. Though, I don't think I've seen her at her worst. It doesn't matter. I don't care. She's amazing!

Have you ever had that feeling someone was tickling you under your nose while you were sleeping? And all of a sudden?
"TWIIIIST! WAIT 'TIL I CATCH YOU! YOU'RE DEAD!" I hear him laughing somewhere, but I don't where, right now, I wanna focus on the whipped cream all over my face. The classic prank. Alright, I'll admit, it was funny. When I got the whipped cream out of my face, I ran after Twist, grapped a pillow from the couch he was hiding behind and startet to beat him up with it while I laughed like crazy!

Wait, I should text Sophie. Aaaah Sophie, my little angel sent from above. I guess, I mean. Okay, you already know I like her, so. I let Twists prank go, find my phone and text Sophie
Justin: 'Morning Beautiful'
Sophie: 'Morning Jay, had anice sleep?'
Justin: Yeah.. Exept you weren't sharing it with me<3'

Exept you weren't sharing it with me. Exept you weren't sharing it with me. Yes. He just wrote that. He would've spend the night with me, and to be honest, I wouldn't have a problem about spending my night with him. Actually, that would my pleasure..
"Oh, goodmorning honey, I didn't expect you be up so early?" My mom says as she nearly looks shocked.
"Mom? It's kinda not that early, it's 11AM?" I stare at her with a confused look, and she stares back the same way..
"It is?"she says as she looks at the clock and to her surprise, I was right for once. And it felt good. The only thing that didn't feel goodm was the fact that I had no one to talk to about Justin, since he told me not to tell anyone. Damn that boy being famous. What was i vene mad about? He's not even mine? I'm not his? Am I?

About 2 hours later my mom diceds to tell me that she's going to be away for 3 days, which means me alone in my house, and Justin Bieber is in town? And she knows I have his number. Sometimes she doesn't think.
"Hey mom, when are you even leaving?" I ask her, of course, she didn't tell me, so where would I know from.
"About 8PM honey. I'm so sorry, I should've told you some time before" she looks sad, she shouldn't be.
"Don't worry mom, I'll be fine! Nicole lives like 3 houses away, I'll call her if I need help" she looks at me like I'm a baby
"My little girl. Going to be alone for 3 days and her boyfriend is in town.. I'll have my eyes and ears open darling!" crap.
"MOM! he's not my boyfriend"
"I'm sorry, your flirt then? And don't tell me there's nothing between you guys! I know you!"
"Mom, there's nothing between us" a lie I didn't have to tell, she knows the truth..
"Alright darling, let's just say that" she know that I know she knows the truth, that's why she's not arguing. She's knows me too well, I can't lie to her. DAMN YOU MOM.
"Mom? Don't tell anyone! I will never forgive you if you do!"
"Sophie, do you think I put my own daughter in the spotlight? You know it's a cruel world outthere" she's so perfectly right. It is a cruel world, full of jealousy and other things. But I still hate jealosy the most.

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