Flash forward

I tell my bestfriend about my wierd dream. But she doesn't believe in my, she thinks I'm making it up. But who would make up stuff like that?
"You've got to believe me!" But there's no way she does.


3. betrayed by the best friend..


As my mom took off, I knew that only one thing would be right to do. And that one thing had a name, Justin!

Sophie: 'Jay?'
He still replies me instantly when I text, that boy. He makes my knees melt. But my dream still creeps me out. You know, the "flash forward" I had.. It was weird. Really.

Justin: 'Yeah babe?'
I know what I'm about to do, the question is just right there. Ask him to come stay with you, and do it now!
Sophie: 'My mom is gone for 3 days, so I was wondering if you had time to stay with me for those 3 days?'
Justin: 'Babe, it's your lucky nights.. Scooter had to moce the tour about 4 days because of technical problems which I don't understand anything of! So.. SURE!'

Oh my jesus Bieber! He said yes! He coming to stay with me!
I just did it, and he said yes. I couldn't even explain how exited I was, I had not seen him for 2 days. Wow, alot of days.. NOT!

Justin: 'When should I come?'
Sophie: 'Now?'
Justin: 'Have your door open in 2 minutes beautiful;)'
I felt my heart skip a beat when he wrote that. 2 minutes until everything was pure love, or just an akward moment..
As I saw Justins car pull up infront of my house, my exitment raised, adrenalin was pumpin through my veins like crazy and when I opened the door Me eyes almost fell out of my head. I couldn't believe how good he was looking. He brought me flowers? And, JESUS! He brought his guitar! Is he going to sing for me? I don't know, but I'll find out. Justin handed me the roses like a real gentleman, put his guitar down and put his hands around my waist. He smoothly kissed my lips, made me die one more time. He pulls his lips away and take one step away from me as he bites his buttom lip and says
"Daaaaaayumn girl! You look like something angels created with pure beauty!" and there goes me blushing again. He knows just what to say. And just how to make me feel like a princess.
"Justin? I mean, Jay? Why did you bring your guitar?" he looks at me like the answer is obvious, oops.
"Uhm, to watch TV babe.." He chuckles. So cute.
"No, I'm kidding. I thought I'd sing for you" He would what? Am I in heaven? Am I dead? He would sing to me? Hell.. That boy! I showed him around in the house ending in my own room. He takes my hand makes me sit on my bed as he sits beside me. He has his guitar and I think he's gonna sing for me now, I'll probably die. Dear god, thank you!! So much!
The next thing I know, is the sound of a guitar humming. I know this song, and then Justin starts singing
"Let me tell you a story, about a girl and a boy. He fell in love with his bestfriend and when she's around he feel nothing but joy. She was already broken, and it made her blind. She could never believe that love, would ever treat her right. Did you know that I loved you? Or were you not awear? You're the smile on my face, and I ain't going no where I here to make you happy, I'm here to see you smile. And I've been wanting to tell you this for a long while"
As Justin continues singing Fall, I just fall more and more in love with him, they say you can't love someone you haven't met. Now I met him, I love him. Alright? I love him. And that will never change.

As Justin finishes the song he just sang acoustic with his se- cute! CUTE hoarse voice, I just feel this urge to kiss him, smoothly, deeply, passionately. I look him in the eyes, and it doesn't take him a second to know what I want. He puts the guitar away, and I fly into his arms wrapping mine around his neck. I sit on his lap with both of my legs wrapped around him while we just kiss for what seems like hours, but it's just a couple of minutes before Justins hands are under the back of my shirt. Thank god it's loose. Did I just say that? I guess so. It doesn't take Justin more than a few seconds to take off my shirt and throw it away. He takes off his own shirt off as well and then he pulls me closer. I feel his muscular chest against my breasts as Justin starts kissing my neck and with his hands makes me move in a ryhtm back, and forth. I only move a few inches each time, but it's enough, caus I hear his breath getting deeper as he kisses my neck and I feel his erection pressing against his jeans. Well done Justin...
But of course I not innocent right now. I want him so badly, and yes I know, I am virgin, I should wait for the right time, I should wait 'til I'm ready and blah blah blah.. But to be honest, I've waited for this exact moment in a long time. Therefor, I have my full rights to just do it, now. Justin breaks my thoughts by throwing my off his lap and forcing my to the bed, gently, and i mean it when i say gently! He opens my jeans and slowly pull them off and I arge my back enjoying the moment. When Justin has pulled my jeans off, he takes his own jeans off. I stare at him while he does it. He looks so fucking sexy while he's taking his jeans off, he's like my own private male model when he's just standing there in his Calvin Klein boxers. Slowly he pulls my legs apart while he stares directly into my eyes and gently lay himself between my legs. Right now, he's just laying there on top of me, gently kissing me. I have to tell him I want this.
"Jay?" he smiles as I say Jay. He loves it when I call him that!
"Yes. Baby?" his voice is so sexy and hoarse, makes me want him even more, I can't resist this! And I won't try to.
"I want you, now. Right now. Right here" he looks at me like he doesn't know what to do, so I just smile at him. And that smile? Changed my life as Justin instantly kissed my with all the love and passion in his body. He didn't say anything. He kissed kissed my neck once more and his hands were busy trying to get my bra off. First the slides the bra straps down my shoulders, slowly. I can't do anything but arge my back under his torture which gives him free access to open my bra and gently take it off. As his lips continues their kissing down my chest, Justin has his hands on around my waist. He moves his lips all the way towards my belly as his hands follow and reach the edge of my panties. Slowly he slips his fingers right under the edge and pulls them off. Am I doubting? Not a damn second! Justin takes his boxers off and get back between my legs, laying in the exact same posotion as he was before. I hear nothing but his breath and own when he breaks the silence and whispers in my ear
"I'm sorry if it hurts babe, I love you" as he spoke these words I felt him pressing his body against mine, I felt him inside me, loving me. He slowly starts moving in a slow genlte rhythm, makes me feel like I'm heaven. If I have to honest, it hurts, but it doesn't hurt half as much as it feels good. He sure is an expert or something when it comes to this, cause not screaming his name is way too hard. I gently, or maybe not so gently might have been screaming and moaning his name since I suddenly heard him say
"Shhh babe, the neightbors will here you!" Dammit! I'll just have to fight back the feeling. My hands are all over his back, probably scratching the fuck out of it, good I don't really have long nails. Every time Justin pushes himself against me, I arge my back and claw my fingers into his back, holding him tight, never letting him go.  Ever.


The way she screamed my name made me smile on the inside. She wants me. I want her, I have her. Mine. She pushes herself against me everytime I push my self against her, makes me feel like.. I can't even describe how god damn good it feels! Her body is warm against mine and making love to her is probably the best thing I have ever done. In the moment she said she wanned me, I knew the answer for my question, she didn't want the super star Justin Bieber, she simply just wanned the boy, me, Justin Bieber from Stratford i Canada. 

As we both reach our climax, I just crash on top of her. Did I just die and get locked into heaven or what happened? I slowly pull myself out of her and roll down to lay beside her, she can't have me on top of her now. I wrap my arms around her and pull her close and kiss her nose as she says
"I love you too Justin, so much." she looks at me with a sincere look in her eyes. I can't do anything but kiss her and smile all the muscles out of my face. I probably look like a goofy dork, but for her? I'd look like anything.

I wake up beside Sophie, she's still asleep and I don't wanna wake her up. She looks so peacefull. Beautiful, man I wish my eyes could take pictures.
"Justin, what are you looking at?" I can't help my goofy smile, I look at her of course! Cause she's beautiful.
"I'm looking at my beautiful girl" she looks at me with confused happiness in her face. That's right, she's not officially my girl yet.. But who cares, she is in 20 seconds..
"Your girl?"
"Uhmm.. Sophie, do you want to be my girlfriend?"


Ecxuse me? What! Did Justin Bieber just ask me if I want to be his girlfriend? I think so..
"Justin I, I don't even know what to answer" he kisses me passionately
"Just say yes if you feel like being my girl. I could take you anywhere in the world! You could come with me on my tour! We could be together 24/7! I could teel you everday that I love you, and I cou-" I had to cutt him off, or else I wouldn't get the chance to answer before the tour was over..
"Justin. I would more than love to be your girlfriend!" he looks at me and it looks like his eyes os going to pop out of his face, he raises his one finger as if he's trying to tell me "2 seconds.. " he gets out of the bed, takes on a pair of sweats, no shirt. Just the sweats. He walks out of the room with the biggest smile on his face, closes the door slowly behind him and I still sitting in here wondering where he's going. But I stop wondering as I hear:
"YEEES! YES YES YES! WOOOHOOOOO! YES!" at the same time as Justin is screaming this, i hear him running all around the house, down the stairs, in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom as well I think. 20 seconds and then I hear him running all the way up the stairs as he opens the doore and runs to the bed where I'm still sitting, and starts jumping in it like a little boy..
"Baby! Come up here! Jump with me!" I can't help but laughing at him! I laugh so hard! 18 years old? barely 3 right now. I get out of the bed, take some sweats and Justins T-shirt on and get up in the bed and jump around like a little kid with him. We laugh and act goofy as I here someone knocking on my door, who would it be? NICOLE!
"COMIIING! Gotta open the door babe!" I run down stairs and open the door, just to see Nicole with her arms crossed asking me who I'm laughing with and why I'm acting like a kid. I let her in so I can show her, cause explaining would be way too hard.

Nicoles eyes is wide open as she sees Justin sitting in my bed trying to find something interesting to watch in the TV.
"Oh, hey! I'm Justin. And you are?" he says as her jaw hits the floor. It's clear that she doesn't know what to say
"Uhm, uuh, OMG. I'm Nicole... Sophies uhm, best friend"
"Oooh so you're Nicole? I've heard alot about you!" she blushes as he say this, she's a belieber, like me.
"Sweetie, can I talk to you for a sec?"
"Yeah sure" me and Nicole walk out of the room, and she looks at me with that "what the hell happened" look..
"What the hell happened Sophie! Why is Justin Bieber sitting in your room without a shirt on? You said there was nothing between you guys? Why didn't ou tell me? It's Justin Bieber Sophie! Don't you understand how huge this is?"
"Huge? What's the big deal? He's just a boy?" she looks at me like I'm obviously stupid or something.
"The big deal?! Just a BOY?! He's not just a boy! He's famous!" I hate her when it comes to famous people..
"Yes? And so? Is it because he's famous you're freaking out? Cause you wouldn't be if he wasn't famous!"
"Uhm no I wouldn't! You know it's everyday your best friend starts dating the world biggest star!" oh. Snap.
"I know! But why can't you just accept the fact that I couldn't tell you? You know how his fans are. You know how paparrazzi is! They'd be chasing me down if they knew!" ooh. Snap back!
"And that's a good reason for not trusting me?" okay. That was across the line.
"Nicole! How can you say I don't trust you! I didn't even tell my mom, so quit that shit! Look, I know you want fame and fortune and all that, but I don't! I want Justin, not his money, not his fame, not his cars, not his screaming fans! That's why I haven't told you! But can't you just don't understand that if ONE wrong person got to know, everything would be ruined! EVERYTHING!" I know she feels sorry in this moment. I don't get so mad normally, I don't think I've actually ever been this mad, especially not at her. She doesn't say wnything, she just raise both of her hands like she surrenders to me. Good choice Nicole. Who's dominant now? Me. Justin opens the door to ask if everything is okay, I say everything is just as it should be and Nicole just stares at him like she wants to eat him. If she touches him, I'll literally break her neck and tie her legs together in a bow. So doing that? Would be her death.
"Should I go?" Justins ask as I look at her like I wanna kick her face.
"No babe, you better stay here. I feel safe when you're around" he smiles and look at Nicole, and there the smile faded into a scared look. He can also see it in her eyes. She kinda looks like a rapist right now.

The three of us walks down stairs to get some breakfast when a car rolls up outside of the house. Who's that?
"What in the?" Justins walks towards the door and opens it as he flies out of the door to say hey to someone. Twist.

"So Justin, where is she! Where is the girl?" I hear Twist asking Justin this about 5 times before he sees both me and Nicole, he's deffiantly confused now. Justin walks over and places himself beside me saying
"Twist, this is my girlfriend, Sophie" as Justin says this, Nicole spits out the apple jiuce she was drinking. Oooh, that's right, I didn't tell Nicole about the girlfriend part.
"Heeeey girl! Nice to meet you! I'm Twist, welcome to the family" he seems nice. A lot.
"Thank you 'Twist'" I wink at Twist while i giggle. Twist. I can't take it, seriously. And then Nicole spitted out her juice? Laughing so hard on the inside.
"Justin, would you pass me the cloth" Nicole asks him with a flirty look in her eye, as I didn't notice.
"Sure" he says and gives her the cloth. WHAT! oh no she didn't. She didn't just wink at my boyfriend did she? Best friend my ass. Justin luckily notice her flirting with him and walks directly towards me just to kiss me right in front of her. Suck on that one 'Nic'... If eyes could kill. She would've killed me now.

"Excuse me babe, could you and Twist just go to the living room or something?"
"Don't worry girl! I'll take care of your man! C'mon Justin! Let's head to the mall!" after that Justin got dressed and they took off. I looked at Nicole like I had a gun in front of her silly little face.

"What in the hell are you doing?! You can't just flirt with Justin! If you haven't seen it yet, then think about this one! I'm Angelina, you're Jeniffer and Justin is Brad, so now you tell me where Brad is standing and keep your hands off him!"
She looks confused. But she knows what I'm talking about.
"Why should I? In war and love all tricks are allowed" try to imagine my face right now.
"WHAT! You are my best friend Nicole! You can't just do that! And trust me, even if you try to, you wont succeed."
"You know what they say Sophie.Do it or die trying"
" Yes. And in your case, you'll die trying trust me! I'll personally kill you if you touch him!"
"Don't worry girl, I wont. Cause I'll be busy enjoying his hands touching me" did she just wink at me. Bitch.
"Okay listen up bitch, I don't know how you managed to be my best friend for all of these years, cause you just showed be that you're a jealous ass bitch. Justin is MINE, and with mine I mean deffiantly not yours! And if you as much as think about taking him from me, and tries to make it happen, I will cut up and pull your eyes out with dental floss. And when I'm done doing that, I will use your face as a dartboard and start throwing arrows after you! Understood?" she looks at me like she just saw a ghost or something. She had never ever seen me so mad! So pissed! I had never been this pissed! But she just crossed the line and my best friend? She dieffiantly wasn't! I can't believe that she wants to steal my boyrfriend! The first boy I've loved! The fírst boy who ever treated me right, and she wants him! Hell no! I gotta get her out, call my mom, and get Justin home!
"Nicole, get your discusting ass out of my house! NOW!" with that sentence, she left.
Sophie: 'Jay baby, you have to come home, I need to talk to you!'
Justin: 'I'll be home in 2 minutes'


I hurried to Sophies house as fast as I could, it took me like 2 minutes, because I had to tell Tiwst that I had to go. Twist understands me, so he said if is an order, I couldn't get out of that mall fast enough. Many people sees Twist as someone who has a bad infuence on me, but I trust Twist and he's always there for me. I admit that I changed, but I also got older.

When I arrived at Sophies house, I slammed the door open cause I was afraid anything happened to her! Thank god she was okay!
"Justin!" she runs into my arms and hugs me, wonder what she wants to talk about..
"Baby, what happened, what do you wanna talk about?" she took my hand and nearly pulled me into the living room and made me sit on the couch.
"Justin, look.." she told me about how her and Nicole just had a fight because Nicole obviously wants me to be her boyfriend and is going to try to steal me from Sophie. What the hell is wrong with that girl? I mean I knew she was flirting from the start, but she's her best friend! Or, was! That girl was not even going to look at me no more! And if I ever saw her, I'd have to explain a few things to her. Cause the last thing you do, is hurt my queen!
"Babe, you know I would never ever put my hands on her! Ever! I love you, not her! You're my girlfriend, she's not!"
"I know Jay.. It just makes me so mad! I just want to break her neck!" no, please don't. I'd do it for her.


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