Flash forward

I tell my bestfriend about my wierd dream. But she doesn't believe in my, she thinks I'm making it up. But who would make up stuff like that?
"You've got to believe me!" But there's no way she does.


4. A smile of love


I can't believe I only have 2 days here with Sophie before I have to go back on tour. I wish I could just take her with me, but I can't. It would be too risky, wouldn't it? I couldn't have paparrazzi following her everywhere, spreading rumors and shit.. Therefor, I have to leave her here.. Or do I?

"Justin, I can't believe you're leaving me soon. I know it's not your fault, but how am I going to kill two years of time?"
She sounds so sad. I can see the look on her face even though we're talking on the phone. Come on Justin, get your shit together! Focus, make her happy!
"Babe I know, and I wish I do something bu- WHAT THE HELL?! Baby I gotta go! Talk to you later" I don't hope she'll too upset, but when 4 paparrazzies are suddenly all up in your face with their stupid cameras, you wanna get the hell out of where you are! They must've heard who I was talking to, god dammit!

"Hey Justin are you and Selena back together?"
"Justin who were you talking to?"
"Justin what are you doing here?" they just throw questions out in the air. I'm going to tell them. How did they find me?
"Justin we have friend of you and your girlfriends telling us that her name is Sophie? Is that right?"
Okay. Lines crossed!
"Can't you just stay the fuck out of my life! And who told you that? Why do you care! If I wanned the world to know I had a girlfriend don't you think I would've announced it myself? So now you tell me who the fuck told this, and who the hell you think you are, sneaking around in other peoples private life!" I knew they got it on tape. They filmed me flipping out. I don't care, they've been following me for too long now, I can't stay calm anymore. The world needs to know that they drive me crazy! I hate those people.
"The source wants to be anonymous.." one of them says. Jesus chirst!
"I actually don't care if you shoudn't have noticed. But actually you don't have to tell me. I already knows who it is" Nicole, I was sure of that! She was the only one who knew it, and then Sophies mother but why would she tell?
"Just get out of my face man, and leave me alone" I snapped at them, as they looked shocked, they probably knew I was dissapointed.
"Just tell us the truth man?" seriously?
"THEN GO CHECK TWITTER FOR GODS SAKE! I'M NOT TELLING YOU!" yeah, it felt good just screaming that guy up in the face. Diffiantly something I should've done long time ago, since they left after that. Wow.

As I got home, or got to Sophies home and told her about what happened, she just stared out in the empty air. Her face was in a lack of happiness and trust me when I say she deffiently had profits of disappointment in her face expression. It was devastating to see my little angel like that. Nicole would get to pay for this.. Trust me.
"I can't blieve she did that Justin. I mean I know we had a fight and stuff, but I would never do that to her.." her voice was sad as she spoke the words coming from no other place than her heart, still want to scream yell up in that girls face..
"Baby, don't think about her. She's just jealous. But now that she told the medias your name and everything, why don't you just come with me on tour?" her face ´was touched by a slight amount of happiness when I said it, instantly I felt better, cause she did.
"Babe, I can't just leave school and everything, you know that" again she was filled with sadness. I could tell she wanned to come with me, and I didn't want to force her, or at least I didn't want to force her on purpose..
"Sophie, please! I'm begging you! I can make sure you'll get a pritave teacher and everything! I'll do anything to make you come with me! I wont survive 2 years without you!" her face was shining like an angel, as if someone threw glitter all over her face, so cute she is.
"Jay, are you trying to convince me to come with you?"
"Well, only if it's working though?" I winked at her, she smiled.
"It is, keep going" 
"Well babe, if you come with me, we could be together all say long! I could show you every inch of the world! You could see what I see! We could be living the American dream babe? All around the world!"
"Alright Jay.. You got me. I'm coming!" YES! Sh'es coming with me! 2 yearts with her on a tourbus! In our own tourbus, with no one else in it... JUSTIN! Get your shit together! Stop thinking like that! Oh who am I fooling? I am 18, I have the worlds sexiest girl, so who wouldn't think like that if they were me..?


Problem solved! I'm going with Justin on tour, so Nicole wont get the chance to touch him, cause I'll be around all of the time. Damn it ha Nicole? You probably shouldn't mess with me ha? Btw, that reminds me that I actually have to call her, just to ask her what the fuck she is doing..
"Babe? This wont be pretty, maybe you should go watch some TV?" yup, he looks confused.
"What are you talking about?"
"I gotta make a quick phone call Justin" at this moment, he's no logner doubting who I have to call, and he walks to the living room closing the door to the kitchen. I grab my phone and type her disgusting name so I can call her disgusting personality and talk to her disgusting voice. Ew.
"Hello?" she snaps when she picks up the phone, okay keep calm..
"Nicole? Can I ask you a quick little question?"
"Oh hey girl, I should've known it was you, go for it" ew, she talks to me like I am her best friend, which I'm not.
"Nicole, how the fuck could you do that? And do even pretend you didn't do it! I know it was you who told the papz about me and Justin! What are you thinking? Are you trying to ruin my life or did someone just fuck you too hard?!" she doesn't reply, and I start to get even more angry..
"Answer me Nicole!" I snap at her, and she answers
"Oh girl, you found out, what a shame.. Now that the world knows about you two, you know whats gonna happen right? The papz will drive you crazy, and the fans even more. You'll end up leaving him, and he'll be mine! How to think about that huh?" she should really learn when to talk, and when just to shut up!
"Okay listen Nicole! Why don't you just go home and put a dick in your mouth so you finally shut up? Cause I am more than tired of you ruining my life!!" she doesn't have an answer.. I win.. Or I thought so..
"Well, you have a boyfriend, why don't you go and put his dick in your mouth before I do?" okay Sophie, stay calm.. Snap the fuck out of her, and make her confused.. Do something!
"Okay then. I'l go enjoy my boyfriends dick, should I call when I am done to tell you how amazing it was so you can regret you didn't just do it before saying that? You know what, I wont even call you. So bu-bye!" and I hung up. Actually.. I could use some fysical joy right now. I know where I should go. And I will.

"Hey baby" he looks at me, quite surprised. Did he hear our conversation?
"Hey babe, you know.. You were screaming quite alot at her.."
"Oh, great, maybe she understood then" I wink at him as he looks at me with a smirk on his face, almost forgot that part of me and Nicoles conversation. I knew why he was smiling like that!
"She probably did. The only thing I understood from that whole conversation was something about enjoying your boyfriends dick?" he winks at me again, I know where he wants this to lead and to be honest that where I want to lead as well. I will do this, again and again and again! I'll never ever get enough of him! Ever!
"Oh well, you got that one right Jay, and that's exactly what I have in my mind to do" a slight smirk touches his face and I bite my lower lip and sit right next to next, half way on top of him since my legs are over his. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him so deeply. As we just sit there and kiss, he bites my buttom lip and lick it, it's hot! After that the tip of his tongue allows him full access to my mouth as it parts my upper and my buttom lip. Right now, we just have this crazy makeout session. I love it, dear god, some of these please! Justin is probably something near the best kisser in the world, if he isn't the best kisser! His plump professional lips covers mine in deep passionate kisses as he lifts me up to sit on top of him and grabs my ass. He could do anything to me, and I wouldn't struggle! I would never fight against him, cause I know I'll end up enjoying it! But anyways, since Justin was the one giving me the pleasure last time, as if I was a little kid who begged for candy, I decided to let him have the pleasure this time. So as I sit there on his lap and kisses him with all my love, I start kissing his neck and his breath gets deeper. I grab his shirt and pull it off so he's just sitting in front of me with no shirt on, it's a magnificent sight and I can't help but putting my hands on his chest. His skin is so warm. As I start moving hands further down his body, my lips leaves traces of kisses following my hands. It only takes me a couple of seconds to reach the edge of Justins jeans. Right now, in this moment, I'm sitting on my knees, on the floor, between Justins legs. I hear a soft quiet moan escape from Justins mouth as I open his jeans. His voice is hoarse and sexy. I love it. I hear one more of those soft moans as I pull Justins jeans halfway off and slightly run my fingers over 'Jerry'. Yup, I defiantly have in my mind to do this. Justin is getting hard under his boxers, and sight that which is only a pleasure to see, cause I know that it's me doing this to him, he's horny, because of me. And I feel amazing in this position. As I slowly, really slowly, takes off Justins boxers and releases Jerry, I quickly get up to kiss Justin and get right back down as I start completing my mission. With Justins dick in my mouth, I start sucking it as if it was a lollipop, and jesus christ he loves it. In a soft moan he slightly says my name, damn, that was sexy. The longer I suck on him, the deeper his breath gets and the closer he gets to his climax. Pure pleasure, that's all his soft quiet moans sounds like, pleaure, love and a slight of 'give me more'. I guess Justin is right about to reach  his climax when he to my surprise say stop, why?
"Baby, uurgh, baby stop" I stop sucking on him and look him directly on his eyes, he looks back at me and says
"I don't want it this way. I don't want to be the only one feeling a such pleasure! Baby, come up here to me, let me love you" love is everywhere on his face, I think they should name his face expression 'love'. I get up from the floor and place myself beside Justin, who's still halfway naked. He takes his jeans and boxers off, so he's completely naked and slowly start taking my clothes off as well, but this time, he keeps the eye contact, he just look at me while he takes my clothes off. My shirt first, when me swear´ts, all in a slowly way, still keeping the eye contact biting his own lip. When I'm sitting in front of him only in my underwear, he moves a little closer, puts his arms around me and opens my bra. When it's open he slowly pulls down the bra straps leaving kissis on my one shoulder. When he has taken my bra completely off, he lies my down, pulls my panties off and make me sit back up again. He puts his hands around my waist, and again lifts me up to sit on top of him. What I just didn't realize, was the fact while I was busy laying down on the couch, he put a condom on.. Multitalent. Or something. When I sit on top of him, he lifts me up and places me right above him self, just to slowly pull me over him. He's filling me completely out and it feels so good, I can't even think of other things than Justin inside of my right now, and then on the couch, sexy! As Justin catches his own breath, he start lifting me up, and sit me back down, moving me, jesus! While Justins body has my full attention, his lips starts covering mine with love. His tongue finds access to my mouth and we start to make out while we have, great, amazing loving sex. After a while of just having this really calm rhythm, Justin starts to speed up and litarally fuck me harder..
"Uuugh Justin! Justin" I moan his name as a reaction to the feeling of pleasure, but on the inside I'm screaming his name out, louder than ever. But was it only in my head I screamed his name? No.
"Shut up babe, the neighbors will hear you!" same sentence as the first time we had sex. Good memories.
"Mmmm. Uugh Justin" soft moans escape my lips under Justins torture. He's fucking me, hard and good. it's amazing. As the feeling gets bigger inside of me, and I know that soon I can't take it no more and I'll crash.
"Baby. Let go.." that's all Justin needs to say before I let go and he does the same. Right now, I just sit there on top of him, sex is so exhausting but it feels like heaven! Justin has to carry me off him because I am so tired. I don't even want to go up stairs so I just lay on the couch. Justin quickly finds a carpet and lies down behind me, pulling the carpet over us and wrapping his arms around me just to tell me this..
"Sophie, I love you more than words would ever be able to describe. You are the reason I know what love is. And I know you might think, he probably said the same to Selena. But to be honest, I thought I loved Selena endlessly. Until I met you. I don't ever wanna leave you! And don't ever want you to leave me. I can't live without you." OH MY GOSH! Did Justin Bieber just say that? Did my boyfriend just say that? That is the cutest thing ever! Really ever! I could feel the tears pressing against my eyes. Happy tears.
"Justin baby, Jay. I love you too. So much! And I promise, I will never leave you! Ever!" I know he was smilíng when I said this. A smile that declares his love to me. A smile that declares our love to each other. A smile of pure love!

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