Flash forward

I tell my bestfriend about my wierd dream. But she doesn't believe in my, she thinks I'm making it up. But who would make up stuff like that?
"You've got to believe me!" But there's no way she does.


1. The unbelievable!


"Don't worry babe, I'll find you. I'll fly across the planet for you. I'll see you in the future" You here his voice clearly as he says this to you, you feel his hand holding yours, and you think you're about to die. He's like an angel. Lights start flashin in front of your eyes, as he fades away and you feel the pain in your heart, how could he just fade?

You open your eyes. It was just a dream?. Oh yeah. Unfortunately, it was.


"OMG!" As i realized what time it was when I woke up, I ran out of my bed and out to bathroom, I had to at Nicoles place in an hour. We're having girls night tonight! I love it when we have our girls night. Nicole, is my best friend, she awesome, and she always understands me, no matter what it is. She has been my best friend since I was 5 and now all a sudden, we're 16. Well, Nicole turns 17 soon, I just turned 16.
When I'm ready and found the outfit that matches for out "theme" tonight, I pack my bag and go.
"BYE MOM!" I yell, as my mom instantly replies.
"Bye honey, have fun" how could she doubt that? Me and Nicole always has fun. I hurry out in my car and drive to Nicoles place, it's no fancy car, but it drives.

"Hey giiirl! Are you ready for tonight!" - Oh yeah, tipical Nicole to say stuff like that.
"Hey, I've never been more ready!" and that was when she new, that this night would be fun. I could tell by the look on her face. We walk into Nicoles house, no one is home exept for us. YES! Girl talk all night long. And that one thought reminds me of my dream last night. I've got to tell her about it.

"Hey, uhm, Cole? I've gotte tell you something."
"Yeah sure, bring it on!"
"I had THE weirdest dream last night! I dreamt that I was standing in a room, it was like pitch black and everything, but suddenly everything turned white! I saw a huge light coming towards me, just to realize that I was dreaming that hot piece of ass to Justin Bieber. He said like the weirdest thing to me.."
"Girl, you listen to that sexy piece of mess' music way too much. So what did he say?"
"He said 'Don't worry babe, I'll find you. I'll fly across the planet for you. I'll see you in the future' so weird"

As we spoke for a long time, about how I thought I was becoming psychic, Nicole just sat there and laughed at me, thinking I was wierd. But I couldn't blame her.. I would have thought she was wierd as well.
As the night passed by, we didn't talk much about my dream, we just had fun talking about those bitchy girls back in shcool thinking they owned the whole place, they're so ridiculous. We also had one of the typical pillow fights. I won this time, I usually never do that.

As time passed by after we finished our little fight, Nicole suddenly just screamed. To get my attention I guess.
"What are you screaming for?!?!?!" I yelled, cause I got like a heartattack!
"To get your attention" I was right. Again.
"Why would you wanna have my attention?" I ask her, with that confused look of mine.
"Because I have a surprise for you" she almost sings it, and that's always a good sign.
"Well what is it!" I got super exited, I just wanned to know what it was!
Nicole runs all the way upstairs, like a little girl wanting to show me her new barbie doll. But to my surprise, she comes down the staris with a piece of paper in her hand, or two actually...
"Cole? What the hell is that? What are you showing me paper for?" I ask her this question like I'm annoyed.
"IT'S NOT JUST PAPER! IT'S MOTHER TO THE F'ING CONCERT TICKETS!" She has the biggest smile on her face, and I just sit on couch looking hella confused. I really don't hope it's another cold play concert... We've been to five of those because Nicole loves them. I look at her with a look in my eyes screaming for her to tell me, who's concert it is.
She looks at me, with fire in her eyes and a big smile when she yells his name like crazy. I can't believe it, I'll just have to replay that name inside my head..
" JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!" Yeah, it was true. I was going to a Justin Bieber concert for the first time in my life. Tomorrow! Now I know why Nicole planned to have our girls night, TONIGHT. I just sit there, with tears pouring from my eyes of happiness!
"Nicole! That's way beyond anything! I love you!" Nicole knows that I am a HUGE belieber! And I love Justin with all my heart! We just scream and cry for hours of happiness, and Nicoles neightbors didn't like us already. This probably didn't make it better.


I wake up, just like i did for the last 16 years of my life. Yes. Today was the day. Justin Drew Bieber. Me and Nicole had litteraly studiet the fuck out of those tickets untill we knew the number of the ticket and all sorts of things. It was a golden circle ticket, which means, front row for us. The clock was 4AM when we woke up, we wanned to be at the arene as the first ones! We had to be on the front row! Nicole promised me!
When we were done, it was about 6AM. Time to go. We got out in the car, and even though it was quite cold, since it was febuary, we still wore shorts. The shorts was fitting me like they had been sewn on me. That sounds tight right? Well they were, but I was not fat, not even just a little bit. I had the body that I felt comfortable in, meaning, I have curves, but they are all the right places. I have a lot of confidence, yes.

When we arrived at the arene 10 minutes later, there was nearly no one there. Only like 10 people. We made it. We were going get the front row!

Within 10 hours, there was only 30 minutes until we would get in the arene. There was like 20.000 people by now! But I didn't care. Front row, was mine!

As we got locked in, caos was everywhere. Me and Nicole ran as fast as we could to reach the frint row, and so we did. Hours passed by like minutes, and suddenly the wlknown intro of the believe tour started. I just missed the opnening, where had my mind been? It has probably been playing pervert, which it does every time I think about Justin. Justin came in on the stage in thís huge pair of wings! It was beautiful! And sexy! All in one! It was Justin! I started screaming like crazy and I did that for like 2 hours.
When the concert was done, I couldn't believe my own eyes! I has just seen Justin Drew sexy ass Bieber without a shirt on.. I wasn't sure if I was dead, or just fysically retarded. I couldn't move out of the arena, so when everyone has gone out, and probably was on their way home,Including Nicole, cause I told her to, I just stood there.


Damn. Tonight was a great show. So many crazy beautiful fans. Can't beliebe I've come so far. Got it? Beliebe?? Never mind. Anyways as the arene got quiet, and I THOUGHT everyone was out, I walked on to the stage. And to my surprise, the girl from the front row, was still there. I saw her at the intro. I dreamt about her last night. So beautiful she was. I never thought I would see her again, ever. She was just sitting there, alone? Wonder who she came here with?
"Hey? Shouldn't you be like? On your way home or something?" It was Scooter talking to her, as he entered the arena, he hadn't seen me. Luckily.
"Hmm.. I probably should" her cute voice said. "But, I can't really move. It's so unreal" Scooter lokked at her, with only sadness in his eyes. He had to throw her out.
"I'm sorry, but you have to get out of here" he said. I couldn't bare seeing her so sad, I could here she was bout to cry, so I walked further out on the stage and looked at Scooter, he wasn't doubting that I was trying to tell him to get away, so I could talk to her.

"Hey, are you alright?" I asked her, and put a hand on her shoudler as I sat next to her. I could feel she instantly froze when she recognized my voice.
"Justin?" She said as she turned her head with a look of surprise and happiness in her eyes.
"Who else" I winked at her, she laughed. such a cute laugh she had.
"Wha- What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in a bus or on a plane or something?" she asked me, as if she knew I had to go, which I had, but there was no way in hell I was going to leave like this!
"I probably should, but I'd rather stay" the way she turned her head and looked up like she didn't understand was just amazing. I asked her if she had some paper or anything and she pulled out a little paper she had in her pocket. I yelled for Scooter as she pulled it out, telling him to get a pen. He came out with one, handed it to my, and walked backstage. I gave her the pen, and whipsered in her ear.
"Write your number on it, and give it to me. I promise I'll call you, aight?" she was stoned, I could tell she was shaking, but it was not because she was scared or insecure, she was happy. Her whole face was just screaming of pure happiness! She had flirty smile on her face when she handed me the note and said
"Promise you'll call me?" I kissed her on the cheek and promised. I followed her out, of the arena, offering to drive her home, but she said she would walk, so I said goodbye to her, and got back in as she disappeared into the darkness of the night.


Oh my jesus holy Bieber. Justin Bieber just got my phone number, and said he would cal me back. Justin Bieber Just kissed me on the cheek. Justin Bieber just.. Is so sexy.
The thoughts were just racing around in my head, one by one. Did this just happen? I've never been so happy for being unable to walk in my intire life!
As I got home, and closed the closed to door behind me, I got a text from Nicole saying
Nicole: 'Why didn't you walk out from there? What happened?' I looked at the message, wondering if I was going to tell her, or just pretend I got tired of sitting there?
Sophie: 'I was frozen..'
Nicole: 'Yes, I know, but what happened?'
Sophie: 'uuuhmm... Justin came out' after I wrote this she didn't reply. She probably couldn't believe what I just wrote. I walked in to my living room, sat on the couch and turned on the TV. Why did I do that? TV is never exiting unless it's the Ellen Show.
Yeah, that was the sound of me getting a text message. I didn't recognize the number, but when I saw the text?
'Hey, you got home safe? I couldn't have taken you home you know?'
I just knew who it was. Justin. So i safed his number.
Sophie: 'I know, but I wouldn't have my mom asking who the hell I would let me drive me home, exept for Nicole..'
Justin: 'Ooh.. I understand.. But next time, I will take you home!'
Sophie: 'Next time o.O?'
Justin: 'Yes. Next time. You didn't think I would leave you alone, did you;)?'
Sophie: 'uuuhm. No, I guess not.. But I didn't expect any "next time" :)'
Justin: 'Well... I think next time should be Saturday?'

Is he inviting me out? Is Justin Bieber honestly inviting me out? Like? On saturday? What?

Sophie: 'Justin? Are you asking me out?'
Justin: 'Yup. I am. So what do you say? Text A for yes, text B for A ;)'
Sophie: 'Then I'll take B;)'
Justin: 'Cool. I pick you saturday 19PM:)'

Alright. That just happened. Justin Drew Bieber aksed me out. On Saturday. WAIT! What day is it today??? Oh jesus.. It's Thursday. I can't believe it! 
After I just thought a bit, about what just happened. You know? The Justin Bieber asking me out thing? I chose to call Nicole, and sh picked up the phone. I froze. Again. How do you tell your best friend that J-U-S-T-I-N B-I-E-B-E-R just asked you out. I think she got scared or something, since I didn't say anything. But then suddenly she said
"Girl, you better have your door open in 10 seconds! Cause I'll be there in at least 10... Maybe in 5!" TRUST ME, when I say I ran to the door and held it opne until she 10 seconds later ran up to my door asking me what the hell happened since I called her just to stay quiet? I told her about how Justin had asked me out. At first, she thought I was pranking her. But then I showed her the texts, which was quite convincing. She was jumpin around all the way up the stairs to my room just to start finding MY outfit for Saturday! She told me to "Stay the fuck downstairs" so I did that. When she came back down, she had tonses of outfits in her hands! Cute outfits of course. Nicole was a master in outfits, especially when it came to dates!
Nicole and I picked the cutest outfit in the world, for the perfect date, with the cutest boy in the world! We chose a creme coloured loose high waisted skirt, with a tank top that had the same colour, I'm not so good with all the colours and stuff, so we just chose a simple turquise green belt to put around me waist. I had some cute creme coloures sandals as well, perfect for my look.

As me and Nicole woke up the next day, we were way too tired to even get up, so my mom came with breakfast on the bed for us. And then you might think, if we weren't supposed to be at shcool? Yes, we were. But after the concert yesterday, and Justin inviting me out, my mom decided to let us both stay home. Me and my mom always told each other, EVERYTHING! Our relationship is amazing! She's my mom, but she the sister i never got at the same time. And I love her for being like that! Actually, my mom was crazy about me going on a date with Justin! She loved him! And accoording to her, haters should just jump out in the ocean with ankers around their legs. She just bought the Believe Acoustic album, for her self as well. She was my belieber mom.

Me and Nicole, spend the whole day just talking about how awesome my date with Justin would be, and all the 'What if's' was there. As, 'what if' he kisses you, 'what if' he says he likes you, 'what if' you end up being his girlfriend! And it was here my mom yelled the collest comment ever!
"Sophie honey, if you lose your virginity to that boy, I'll throw a party!"
Nicole was just falling down her chair and rolling on the floor as she was just laughing so hard! Nicole loved my mother, we were like a little family. I still couldn't believe my mom just said that..
"MOM, honestly!" I laughed while I said it, cause I thought it was really funny!
"Honey, you know I'm right!"... Okay, she was right. I didn't do anything but talk about Justin when I was home. And from time to time, Jerry got into the conversations as well... NO! I have to stop myself now! Or then this wont turn out good!

As I was going to bed that night, I had butterflies in my whole body! I couldn't sleep at all because I was so exited! I mean, what was going to happen? Where would he take me? Would he take me somewhere fancy? Or would he take me to his be- NO! Stop Sophie! Focus! Sleep..

The next morning, I literally flew out of my bed! And to the bathroom, I had to start out earily! Cause I am a girl, and this was Justin Bieber, I would do anything to look perfect for him. I skyped with Nicole all day long while I got ready..


"Justin? Are you ready for this man?" to be honest.. Scooter was kinda stressing me out..
"Hey, you make it sound like I'm getting married! It's just a date!" if it was just a date? Why was I nervous? Maybe because she was the girl of my dream.. Literally. I had dreamt about her you know. Scóoter was just laughing at me while I was being stressed, cause I, Justin Drew Bieber, didn't know what to wear. Too much clothes I'm telling you.
"Justin! Just relax and wear something you like!" Scooter said this while he laughed at me.. Pissed off.
"Scooter! Don't start laughing at me man! It's not really helping" I couldn't help but laugh while I said this, cause to be honest, I was running around like a little girl going to her first prom. So I decided just going with the casual blue jeans, they never fail! Then I chose a white T-shirt and a cool leather jacket. I looked cool. Barbie left Ken for ME, that's for sure!
Okay, that sounded kinda weird. But i wanned nothing but to surprise her! Wonder what she would wear? Stop Justin, you'll just get stuck in the moment of thinking about her.. Damn! I'm good, using the title of my own song to stop myself. Haha Justin. You're gonna get this girl. AfterSelena dumped me I've been feeling like the world was ending, until I had that dream about her. Her? Gosh! I didn't even know her name! How embarrasing! Well, I'll just ask her then. Yes, I would. Ask her.

As I got out from the hotel we were staying in, I had to chose between the RangeRover, or the Lamorghini? Deffiantly the Lamorghini! I would do anything to impress her, therefor i chose the Lamborghini.

To be honest I don't even know how I found her house. But I did. I was just there infront of her house. So i texted her, had to let her know that I was here.
Justin: 'I'm outside now:)'
Only a couple of secends passed by before the doorhandle moved down and i flew out of my car to stand and look the coolest I could! And there she was. Looking at me with her big deep brown eyes and her brown redish hair hanging down over her chest, neatly curled. Maybe rather wavy? Yes, Wavy. I walked up to her, taking her hand, gently kissing it on the surface. Taking her to my car, being a gentle man and open the doore for her and everthing. She smiled. Smiled at me. Could I have been dreaming? I'd find out soon. I walked to the other side of the car and got in. I looked at her, smiled at her and said
"Hey. You look stunning!" she instantly blushed, which made me smile even more.
"T´hanks Justin, you too" SHIT! Did she say that, I really hope she didn't see that smile, cause it made me look like goofy for sure! I was probably looking r-e-dicilous. Damn you Justin!

As we arrived at the restaurant I had chosen for tonight, I froze when she was about to open the door herself. No way I would let her.
"No. Please? Let me open it for you, like a gentleman would." I smiled at her, and she lood the door go. I ran out of the car and opened the door, took her hand and closed it after her. I had been kinda smart tonight! I usually write on my twitter where I am, but I would want fans and paparazzi everywhere tonight, they might make her feel uncomfortable, so i wrote on twitter that I would be somewhere in the other end of the town, and then hopefully, people would search for me there. I had chosen a speciel little italian restaurant nearby the coast. Good choice man!

"Justin, this place is amazing.. Thank you" she said while we where sharing spagetthi with meatballs
"Hey, it's nothing. I just thought you might like this place" she smiled at me, again with that smile. I could feel myself melt on the inside, but on the outside, just looking cool and calm. As we finished our dinner and got out of the restaurant I said
"Close your eyes sweetie, this is a surprise"


Sweetie?! He called me sweetie! I couldn't take it, believe it, understand it or anything! I felt his one hand infront of both of my eyes, he had soft and big hands. I just wanned to hold them, but having them infront of my eyes were fine as well. The restaurant was perfect, I love italian food! How could he possibly know? Maybe be liked italian food? I don't know, and right now, I don't wanna know.
"Keep your eyes closed!" I heard him say as I felt his hands on my feet, was he taking my shoes of? Obviously.
"Where are we going?" I aksed him, I was excited as hell!
"Somewhere.." She said, his voice was making me weak! So.. Sexy. Okay stop! When Justin had taken my sandals off and I stepped forwoard, he stopped me.
"What are you doing? Am I just going to stand here?" I said, joking of course!
"Yes. No. Maybe. No" as he finished what he was saying, he started carrying me, but where? I just laughed and so did he, I still had my eyes closed, cause I always keep my promises. When Justin decided to out me down, I wasn't doubting for a second that I was stading in water. We were on the beach. He put his hands around my waist and whispered in my ear
"I never got your name? So what is it?" oh yeah, he actually didn't.
"Sophie..." I answered, those seconds it took him to answer felt like minutes!
"Sophie, you can open your eyes now" As he said this, I opened my eyes. I was right, we were on the beach as i said, romantic. He was standing right there infront of me, looking like some kind of god who was ready to send me to heaven! But instead he turned my head and I saw a little spot on the beach, where he had hung some light chaines up in the trees around the spot he onviously had planned we should sit on.
"Justin, this is amazing! It's so beautiful!"
"Beauriful places for beautiful girls.." That was all he said with a hoarse voice, quiet, slowly, sexy! He kissed me on the cheek again, exact same spot as last time. He took my hands, and locked his fingers with mine as he stepped up infront of me and pulled me up to the spot. We just sat there, looking at the ocean, talking about each other, he wanned to know everything about me I guess. I sat between his legs with my back turning towards his front with his arms wrapped around me, I felt safe in his arms. We were quiet for a while. Wondering where all the screaming fans and paparazzi were, or I was wondering, Justin was probably just happy that they weren't there.. But suddenly in the middle of my wondering, I felt a pair of wet lips on my cheek as Justin moved his one hand towards my face to turn it, and made me die inside as his lips touched mine. Justins kiss was like heaven, his soft lips covering mine like he had kissed me a thousand times before. As Justins slowly pull his lips away from mine, he starts kissing my neck, and ask me if I love it.. Damn!

When Justin covers my lips with his lips again, he pulls me even closer even though my bak is still facing his front. My legs a slightly bent in front of me, I have my legs crossed as well. But i just freeze when I feel his hand on my leg, slowly pushing my skirt up. He must have been ably to feel how nervous I was since he suddenly stopped, though he kept his hand under my skirt. Justins lips kept covering mine and it felt like heaven, it was like kissing the inside of a rose. The moment was magical, I would've never had wanned it to stop.


As I slightly kissed her, I felt her smile on my lips. It was undiscribably magical. Her lips, on my lips? If it was Christmas I'd be singing under the mistletoe for her. Or maybe I should just sing it like underthe palmtree? Naah. probably not. I loved the way she got nervous when I took my hand up under her skirt, okay that sounded perverted. But it actually wasn't on perpouse! She just looks so good, so sexy. Unresistable. I would never push her into anything! I wouldn't even push myself! Into what? What am I talking about? I can't push myself into something I already did.. Unfortunately. That was a mistake. I should've waited until I met Sophie.. But i just couldn't.. Damn, I must've been one horny motherf***** that night...  

Anyways, I had to pull my lips of hers, even though it was against anything I wanned. When I pulled away she looked right into my eyes, with love spread all over her face! Unconditional love, for me, Justin Bieber? Or for the superstar Justin Bieber?
I had to know....



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