If you think all of the fairy tale are happy happy and all of us end up in happy land,you are so dead wrong.


2. The Talk

Well, that was the story. I can't deal with it anymore, but the real hell started after the "fairytale" ended. When the pen stopped writing, we were free. Well most of the characters... That stupid, foolish guy forced me into his "kingdom", then he treats me like a prisoner. All day and all night I was trapped in a room with no windows. If I wanted to go to the bathroom, there was one connected to my room. It has been many days since I last saw the sun with my very own eyes. When it is time to eat, the servants would come in and give me a dish of food.

One night, that filthy guy decided to come into my room and say, "Remember, you are just here for display. I am a strong and good prince. I am a man that saved you, the little innocent sleeping girl, from the cruel dragon, okay? Your just a pathetic sixteen year old that should be  grateful to me because I was the one who made you famous throughout the world!"

He expected me to crawl to him and praise him. He wanted me to tell him how good he is and how he much of a hero he is. Like I would ever do that. So, I just stared at him with hatred in my eyes. I despised him. He took away my hopes for the future, my pet (which is my closet relative), and the most precious thing in human life, my freedom. He knows he took everything away from me, but he refused to tell the truth, afraid to be embarrassed. Finally, that man gets a hint that he is unwanted here. His last words before he left were, "Tomorrow, there is a parade. My mother is coming home. Remember to act like a proper lady for once." 

After while, I was thinking about what I had heard. A plan formed in my head, "Bingo! This will be my ticket out of this damn place." With that, I went to sleep filled with joy.

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