If you think all of the fairy tale are happy happy and all of us end up in happy land,you are so dead wrong.


1. Remember The Story

Okay, all of you must have heard my story at least once in your life. My story is the story of sleeping beauty. There is one side of the story that none of you know about. And I'm about to tell you, the other side of me, the truth. When the story starts and the pen starts to move, we are forced to act without control. But, when the pen stops moving, we gain back our own character, our own will.

So, the truth? Apparently, the person that "saved" me, the person you all thought that was a courageous and kind prince, was a drunk bastard.

What really happened was that I was sleeping because I didn't have enough sleep. I was just another sleep deprived teenager sleeping in peace from the terrors of staying up all night. Then, that guy decided to come and give me a gross and sloppy kiss on the mouth. I woke up in horror to find this 29 year old pedophile on top of me. He told me that he came from a far away land to save  me from the Dragon. Horrified that he killed the one bird that I named Dragon, I slapped him hard on the face. The Dragon was a precious pet of mine that I have had since I was a kid. My dear Dragon was gaurding me in case a burglar came into my home to try to steal my family's treasures. And that imbecile, who you call a "prince", slaughtered it.

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