If you think all of the fairy tale are happy happy and all of us end up in happy land,you are so dead wrong.


3. Free

The next morning, as usual, the servants came in to bring the princess her breakfast. For the past few days, the princess had not eaten anything at all. The maids who served the princess whispered to each other, "What a wasteful person! She's so lucky she can eat almost anything she wants, yet she refuses to eat." When one maid went into the princess's room, instead of finding a princess, she discovered a young boy who looked like a robber. But, he was tied up and couldn't move at all. The maid was shocked. She went to him and pulled the cloth off of his mouth. Then, she demanded him to answer, "Who are you? Where did the princess go?"

The boy looked like he was going to cry as he spoke, "I-I'm so sorry. Please don't let the guards catch me. My parents left me alone with my two younger twin sisters. They are starving. Please let me go. I didn't do this because I wanted too. Please let me go... I-I promise I will never do this again. I'll remember your kindness for the rest of my life."

Ignoring the boy, the maid asked the him, again, "Where is the princess?"

The boy stuttered, "W-When I came to rob this place, I-I thought this room was the room with all the gold and treasure since it had no windows. So, I decided to pick the lock to get in. But once I opened the door, somebody knocked me down and the room began to look fuzzy. The next thing I knew, I blacked out. When I woke up, I found myself tied up." 

The maid started to think about her own situation. She also had to raise her younger brother when her parents died. Looking at this young boy's age, she could sort of understand his situation.

She looked at the boy and untied his hands. Then, she looked away and said, "Disappear and don't let me see you here again."

With that single sentence, the boy disappeared from the castle. The maid waited for a while, then she told the guards that the princess had disappeared from her room. After a couple of minutes, the whole castle was searching all over the place for the princess, who was already on a run.

What remained undiscovered was the freshly, cut hair that lay on the bathroom floor. It was the one place no one decided to look and so it remained a secret.

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