If you think all of the fairy tale are happy happy and all of us end up in happy land,you are so dead wrong.


4. Dallas

I ran as hard as i could as far as I can without looking back. I thought "I'm free, free at last finally away from the suffering hell.After running inside a forest,i started feeling dizzy i thought while running and remembered that I didn't ate food for a few days. Not long after i remember that I blacked out.

When I regained my conscious with my eyes closed i could smell the food lingering in the air. I opened my eyes afraid that I've been captured again at that horrible place. Instead of the dark locked up room, I was in a small cottage of wood. When I started to get up, i realize that I was in a bed with a thin sheet of quilt. Then the scent of food over came me and I followed the scent like a dog would have followed a bone.

When I got out the sun was at its hottest time of the day and the sky was showing off its beauty. Under the sun's beautiful rays was a young guy around my age with brown sloppy hair and bright green eyes. The fact that he was young shocked me. I thought that only a old man or a old women who had no money left would come and live at the middle of the forest. There was a fire and he was cooking a meat of a small animal. I stared at him dazing off,after all I haven't seen a "normal person for a while".

Not long after he looked around and finally realize that I was standing there looking at him. He smiled and said "Hey nice to meet you, I'm Dallas, I found you collapse in the forest and decide to help you. Are you okay?"

I nodded and looked at his meat and went inside my fantasy world where I have all of the unlimited food. I finally forced myself out of that dreamland when  I realize that i'm being impolite.I replied "Nice to meet you I'm A--," I was going to say aurora but then he would know who i was so i decide to change my name,"Alison, thank you I'm fine now. Which story are you from Dallas?"

Suddenly his face turned from a face of a bright angel to the face of darkness and pain.

I thought for a moment, maybe he ran away like me. I quickly said "If you don't want to say you don't have to.

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