Will You Be My Valentine?

Hey guys, this is for the 1D one shot competition! I will love you for ever and ever if you read mine! and VOTE.. if you like it!


1. Niall Horan


Niall Horan


Niall looked into Fleur's dazzling green eyes, which stood out even though blonde fringes covered most of her forehead. She was flashing a smile and Niall could feel his own eyes tearing up.



"One year back, we met for the first time," Niall began, smiling at the memory. "Do you remember? I never did believe in love at first sight, but that was until I met you. You blew my mind, Fleur, you really did. We met in the elevator of the hotel we stayed in during our Up All Night tour. We're done with our second album now, can you believe that?



"I remember how lonely I felt; all the boys had dates for valentines day and I was s'possed to be all alone in the room. And then when I saw you in the elevator; I couldn't take my eyes off your beautiful ones. You didn't know who I was. You were there to audition for broadway, and I invited you to my room for the night," Niall let out a dry laugh. "I remember the horrified look on your face, I can never forget that! Finally, when I convinced you it was just to watch a couple of movies instead of feeling lonely on valentine's day... You agreed to come over.



"We saw Finding Nemo, and fooled around a bit... and after that, we kissed. It wasn't a mistake, it was perfect. Your lips felt like it was made for me. We stayed in touch after that night. When the tour ended and we got a break, I came back to London, where you live. And then everything happened. You are my kryptonite, the frosting on my cake, the light of my life. I was nothing without you. I am nothing without you, Fleur I -


"Forever and always, we used to say. Remember our first date? It was... enchanting. I was stressed out the whole week before; trying to think of the best possible place to take you... you were different from other girls. That's what made you special. You would flinch at the words dress and up. Liam told me not to take you for a romantic dinner. You weren't that type of a girl. I took you to my holiday home in the country side; we went horse-riding, we swam, we explored the woods around... and then we kissed for the second time.



"I used to wonder whether I really deserved someone like you, someone smart, pretty and adventurous. You were always there for me, when I needed a shoulder to cry on for the stupidest of things. Even when out break ended, you were there; we skyped almost thrice a day. But you hid a secret. I remember how distant you became towards the end...



"You didn't tell me you had cancer. Last year, on valentine's day, you died." Niall swallowed the lump on his throat, eyes fixed on the picture of Fleur in front of him, on her graveyard stone. His face was pink and and covered with endless tears. His eyes were red and puffy. He broke down, in the middle of the graveyard. "I love you, Fleur, and no matter what, I always will. Forever and always. The boys miss you so much, especially Harry - d'you know he's dating Taylor Swift? "



A cold gust of wind flew, and he swore he felt a fingers hold his chin and a pair of lips brush against his; but that was silly - there was no one there. The invisible pair of hands seem to push Niall in a particular direction. Flabbergasted, Niall followed the path and he saw a girl with midnight black hair walk slowly a few yards away from him towards the exit.



"I love you," The invisible yet familiar voice whispered. "But it's time to move on, for both of us."


Niall's eyes widened as he looked around, stunned, waving his hand in the air frantically. "Fleur?"



The girl with the nidnight black hair turned around, and Niall nearly died, overwhelmed with her beauty. "Yes?" She asked, her voice sounding like the tinkle of bells. Niall instantly felt guilty for all those butterflies which filled his stomach - the same way he felt when he first met Fleur - his Fleur. Was it a coincidence they had the same name?



He wanted to run away and crawl underneath his bed covers, but the invisible hands clapped his back as if saying Go for it! He took a step forward and flashed his million dollar smile, and noticed the girl's face looked like she'd been crying as well.



"Will you be my valentine?"



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