The chance of a life time

Ashley,Larissa,and Nicole thought they had it all. Living in London England , being able to do whatever they wanted. Until they met them. What will happen to the three best friends when they all get a record deal with one direction.


1. The talk


"AHHHHHH!!!!!" I scream looking at the computer screen that is displaying the most epic email of all time.. Larissa and Nicole run down the stairs screaming. We start screaming and jumping up and down in a circle. My friends and I grew up in America but when we were 18 we bought a flat in England. Nick comes down the stairs screaming at us " what are you all screaming about??!! "WE MIGHT BE GOING ON TOUR WITH ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!" We scream. "Well can u scream sometime later?!" He screams.  " uhh Nick? U do know that it is 3:30 in the afternoon right?" I ask him. " yes that is my point " "I’M SENDING THEM YOUR NUMBER ASH!!!!" Larissa and Nicole say to me. 5 minutes later My phone rings to live while we’re young. I pick up. " hello?" I say. " Hi! Is this Ashley?" " yes this is Ashley may I help u?"" Great! This is Simon’s assistant. I was wondering if you could come to the studio to see if you will go on tour with one direction. And by any chance would you know Larissa Fountia and Nicole Pasture?" She asks me. " yes I know them. Their my best friends! I’m bring them over with me right?" " yup that would be great. Thank you so much. Looking forward to seeing you. ´ half of hour later´  " I can’t believe we’re here!!" Nic shouts. We laugh and walk in. Larissa walks up to the counter and says to the recipients " Hi we have an appointment with Simon" The recipients leads into a white room. I saw our 5 idols sitting on the couch basically toppling over each other on the white couch. Simon’s jumps up from his desk to shake our hands. " Greeting Girls ! It’s so nice to finally meet you!" "Thank you but the pleasure is ALL ours!" We say in perfect harmony. We giggle  little bit after saying that. " Okay great! Well we are going to need you to sing in front of the boys and  I so we can see if you are going on tour or not." He says pointing to the recording booth. " Uhh one problem though." Larissa says. " What? What  is the problem?" Simon asks very jumpy. We laugh a little. " We kinda sing together." I say. " Oh! Okay then you guys can sing together in the recording booth." Simon says again pointing to the recording booth. " Oh and before I forget if you hire one of us you hire all of us."I say sassy walking into the recording booth. I say to the girls " which song are we gonna sing?" " how but S&M by rihanna. " Nic says. We nod and start signing S&M. Watching the boys mouths drop in amazement by our talent. 3.45 minutes later. We walk out of the recording booth as the boys shout at Simon " THEY ARE HIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!" " Okay boys if you insist." Simon say laughing. " your HIRED girls!" We scream jumping up and down. I stop pulling the girls to a stop. " so boys w he n the tour?" I say sassy. " I like this girl!" Louis says. We all laugh. " Uhh the tour starts in a week. But in that week you shod get to know each other." Simon says. I look at the girls and nod. Nic says " Why not we head back to our flat since theirs no paparazzi. And hang out"  the boys nod. Larissa walks  and hold out her as a motion that says give me your phone before I beat you. Louis hands her his iPhone. She on it for like 5 second before handing it back to him. " All of our contacts are in there just follow us home. K?" She says walking back to us. He  nods. ´ 10 minutes later´  I’m just putting in the key when I say " By t he way. Our roommate Nick is probably upstairs high or drunk still. so he will prob come down after like 1 scream. We burst into our flat. I’m greeting to the screams of the boys. " What’s the matter?" We ask. " THERE IS NO FOOD IN HERE?!" They scream at us. I laugh " oh that! NICK GET YOUR LAZY FAT BUTT OVER HERE BEFORE I COME UP THERE AND WHOOP YOUR-" I’m cut off by Larissa and Nic screaming " NICK SHE’S DOING IT AGAIN!!!! COME STOP HER!!!!"  Nick cones down stairs to run over and handcuff me to the fridge. " uhh little overboard here?" I ask. While the boys are the ground laughing their heads off." This is not funny guys." I say getting the handcuffs off. We walk into the living room when I notice Larissa walking very close to Liam. I’ll have to ask her bout that later. " so do you guys have an idea ?" Nic asks them. " Back it up! Why are they HERE?!" Nick shouts at us. We’re laughing so hard it’s not even funny. Finally one of us is calm enough to say " Well the girls got  an interview to go on tour with one direction and they got the job so that’s why we’re here. Deal with it!" This makes us laugh even harder. I get back up to sit on the couch. Louis and Harry sit next to me. Liam, Zayn, Niall, Nic, And Larissa squeeze into 2 Love sits and a larger couch. " WE SHOULD PLAY 20 QUESTIONS!!!" Louis shouts. " Okay, 20 questions it is. Ashley what’s your story?" Zany asks me. " My-My story?" I ask unsure. He nods," How did you get here and why are you here?" I sigh reveled." Okay my story. Well when I was 16 I decided to move to England. Nic and Larissa wanted to move with me. We had to convince Nick to come with us all we had to say was hey Nick want to come with us to England you’ll get to see us half naked! And he was set."  The guys mouths dropped open. I laugh ." Hey! You wanted to hear my story." I say defenceless. We keep playing for a half an hour. I excused myself to the bathroom. On my way out I stopped by my room. I was greeted to Louis looking at my pictures. " uhh what are you doing in my room ?" I ask him walking over to him. He whoops around with a photo in his hand. " Who’s this?" I look at the photo. It’s a picture of me and my mom and dad. My eyes start to water at the sight of my dad. "Where did you find that?" I ask him my voice shakey. He notices my tears in my eyes. He starts to hug him when I start sobbing. " I’m sorry ash. I didn’t know this would upset you. How are these people? You can trust me. I promise" I nods as I tell him why I’m sobbing. " Well the man in the picture is my late dad. He died after he got outta jail for the 5th time." I look up to see Louis looking like he wants to cry. " I’m so sorry ash. Why did he go to jail?" I take a deep breath." He um he abused me. Finally on his 5th time out. He was so wasted. He bought a hotel room on the highest floor possibly. At 9 pm he went out on the ledge and jumped. " " Omigosh ash. I’m so sorry." Louis said wrapping his arms around me even tighter. I look at him tears in my eyes. He did too. I lean up and kissed his cheek. I started to get up when Louis pulled me closer to him and kissed me. Very passionately. After a minute we pulled away. " do you want to go  some coffee or something. Like a date?" "Louis, I like you so Nnnn-YESSS!!!!! I love to. You thought that I was going say no didn’t you?" I ask him. " hehe I thought so. We might want to go or they are going to start wondering where we are." He said. We got up when we heard moaning. Somebody said " Harry, I need you. I need you." We pulled to a stop looking at the office door. I opened it  a crack to see my sister and Harry making out on the couch. I gasped and closed the door shut. I mouthed to move. We walked back down stairs to be greeted by Larissa on top of Liam’s back. " woah!!! What are we doing here?" I screamed. They all laughed.  " Hey ash? Can I ask you a question?" Lissa asked me." Ha! You just did but what?" " Are you and Louis dating?" She asks me. I feel myself blushing’ " OMIGOD! IT IS TRUE Created using Notebooks by Droid-Veda LLP Feb-7-2013 E’S BLUSHING!!!!!" Lis screamed. I look down guilty. Then me and Louis start to burst out laughing. " OMIGOD lis I can not believe you!! We haven’t even gone on a date yet!" I scream at her still laughing. " " okay guys. I’m going to bed." Niall says. " Niall you do know you don’t live here right." Nicole says walking down the stairs holding Harry’s hand. I raise my eyebrows at her . She does the same thing back. " Well while you guys were gone we decided that we are sleeping. Over Louis with you. Harry and Nicole and Larissa and Liam. Me and zayn will sleep on the couch" Nialler  tells me. " okay nialler. Then I’m going to bed." I say heading upstairs. "Woah?! Your actually okay sleeping next to Louis?" Zayn screams at me. " Yup. Sure . Better than sleeping next to one of you weirdos!" I call over my shoulder.  I walk into my closet to get some clothes when I hear a noise behind me. I turn around to see Louis on my bed. " I’m going to bed love. Which side do I sleep on?" He asks me. I laugh putting on my sweatpants and tank top on. I crawl into bed patting the space next to me. He takes his shirt off and I fell asleep in the big, strong arms around me. A/N Hey guys!! Hope u like my story so far!! BTW I’m not Napa. I’m her sister. I’m just to lazy to start my own account so I’m using hers. Comment below to help me write better! Thanks. Oh and there’s a couple QUESTIONS I have to ask you. 1. Are ashley and Louis a cute couple? 2. Does Larissa have feelings for Liam? 3. Are Nicole and Harry dating? Kisses! Hope you like it - Ash!
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