The chance of a life time

Ashley,Larissa,and Nicole thought they had it all. Living in London England , being able to do whatever they wanted. Until they met them. What will happen to the three best friends when they all get a record deal with one direction.


2. The great embrassment


1Week later. "ASHLEY! LOUIS! GET OFF YOUR LAZY A**! BREAKFAST IS READY!!!" All the guys scream at us. I get up rubbing my eyes giving them my famous finger. They laugh. " I smell pancakes!!!!" I scream on the top of my lungs. We all laugh.. All of a Sutton music is blasting through out the flat. I run downstairs and scream of the top of my lungs. "NOBODY GONNA LOVE ME BETTER I’MMA STICKWITU FOREVER NOBODY GONNA TAKE ME HIGHER I’MMA STUICKWITU!!!!" I scream. Everybody is looking at me like I’m crazy. " What?" I laugh. I walk to the kitchen to see Harry cooking. I kiss his cheek. " Smells good. Whatcha makin?" " Ha! I was there when you woke up member?" He says back. I laugh and walk upstairs to change. I was greeted to Nicole and Louis making out on my bed. Tears start to form in my eyes. I grab a pair of shorts and tank top and run down stairs. I hear them running after me. Larissa  is already at the bottom of the stairs holding a pair of keys. I smile at her and run outside to my car. I get in it and start to sob. I back out of the driveway just as Nicole and Louis are in the spot where my car was. I start to drive away when I’m sundley surrounded by darkness     A/N  what do u think happened to ashley?? And y did louis and nicole do that? kisses! -Ash!!
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