The chance of a life time

Ashley,Larissa,and Nicole thought they had it all. Living in London England , being able to do whatever they wanted. Until they met them. What will happen to the three best friends when they all get a record deal with one direction.


4. revenge


1 day later. On tour. " THANK YOU TEXAS!!!! NOW OLEASE WELCOME ONE DIRECTION!!" The girls and me scream. We run off stage to our dressing rooms . I Lay on the bed. A knock on the door brings me out of my trance. I get up and open it. Larissa is there. She walks in and I close the door. She sits down on the couch as I do the same. " wanta talk about it? I mean we didn’t get to talk yesterday so...." I nod " well they cheated on me. Nicole always does this. Whenever I have a boyfriend she always makes out with them. " She nods. " well, ash, she does that to everybody. She didn’t want to but she couldn’t stop herself. I’m sorry ash," " Ashley, I’m so sorry can you ever forgive me?" Nicole asks me ,opening up the door. I nod and give her a hug. " though, I’m not dating Louis anymore, so if you want him ,you can have him."  I tell her. She nods and gives me a half smile. We hug again. Then, the boys burst into the dressing room. " GIRLS WE HAVE BEEN CALLING YOU FOR THE PAST FIVE MINUTES!!!!" They all shout at us. All of a sudden I bend over and puke my guts out. Somebody is holding my hair up. After I finish I run to the bathroom and lock myself in it.  I start to cry as the guys are pounding on the bathroom door. " I’M ONLY LETTING LISSA IN!!!!!" I scream. I hear a knick on the door. " Ash, it’s me. Let me in please." Lissa says to me. I open the door a crack " can you do me a favor?" "Of course what is it?" I lean to her ear so nobody else can hear." Okay, you need to do this alone but, can you go to the store and buy me a pregnancy test please?" I ask still whispering. She looks shocked but nods. " I’ll be back soon okay ash? I promise I’ll get it for you. Please stay her. Please." I looks at me pleading. I nod and shut the door. I sit on the toilet and ball my eyes out. A few minutes later. I hear a three way knock. I open the door so she can come in. " Nic, please come with. Boys don’t listen in." They nod as the girls walk in. She has me the test. 5 minutes I’m balling my eyes out on nics shoulder. We walk out and pack our bags. 1 hour later. I walk up to the desk when Harry comes next to me. "Ash, can I ask you a question?" " sure har, what’s up?" " well since our girlfriends and boyfriends cheated on us. I thought we should get revenge." " what are you thinking?" " well we could pretend to date and then maybe they will see that they can’t live without us." He says and I nod. I kiss his cheek " Perfert idea babe. Love it. We should start right away no?" He nods as he grabs my hand. We walk back to the other guys hand-in-hand.
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