The chance of a life time

Ashley,Larissa,and Nicole thought they had it all. Living in London England , being able to do whatever they wanted. Until they met them. What will happen to the three best friends when they all get a record deal with one direction.


3. memories


Larissa pov I was down by the bottom of the stairs because I knew what was gonna happen. Ashley came running down the stairs grabbing the keys out of my hand. She runs out the door just as Nicole and Louis come running down they go outside as I hear a car backing out of the driveway. T he y  Come back in a moment later. I scream at them. " Are you crazy?! Ashley is heartbroken thanks to you two. And to think that-" I’m cut off by the sound of a crash off in the distance. I pull out my cell phone and call ashley. She picks up." HELP! Please help me......." then the line goes dead. I run outside and up the street to be greeted by Ashley s car rammed into a tree. I gasped and fall to my knees. I see ashley there with blood flowing freely. I call 911 to have her get picked up. An ambulance comes and puts her on a grinny. I walk with her into the ambulance. 5 mins alter. I’m sitting next to ashley in the hospital room. All of a sudden the door bursts open and the guys and Nicole come running in. Ashley pov I hear voices outside. I’m in this big black hole. I’m fighting to get up. I open my eyes and see a bunch of people around me. They look around my age. Funny, the only thing I can seem to remember is my age. "ASHLEY!!!" They all scream at me. The doctor comes in and ask me a few questions. When he is done he asks me if I have any questions. I nod " Who are these people?" I ask pointing to the large group at the concer of the room. A blond girl walks up to me." Ash, you really don’t remember us?" She asks me. I shake my bead. " sorry blondly I don’t remember you. All I can Nnnn remember is my age and now I know my name. " she laughs a little. " my name isn’t blondly. My name’s is Larissa." I stare at her and Sutton I remember her. " LIS!!!!!" I scream on the top of my lungs. She laughs and hugs me. When she backs away a see 5 boys sitting on the couch. I gasp and they look up. " OMIGOD!!!!!ONE DIRECTION IS LIKE 5 FEET AWAY FROM ME!!! I MUST BE DREAMING!!!" They all laugh and a brown beaded girl walks up to me. "Ash, do you remember me?" She asks me. It takes me a second to remember her. " yes, Nic I member you."  She sighs in relief. " though, I still hate you. And Louis." The doctor comes in and tells me I can leave. I getup and LIS hands me a bag. "Here go put these on." She says. I smile and hug her " thank you lissy!" I walk into the bathroom and seconds later I’m out and we all head home.
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