Left Behind

One person will turn his life upside down. He will be left behind. Everyone who cares will be gone. One person will do what he had been told not to do all his life. One girl will be shown another side of the world. One minute will be warm, the next will be cold. One minute will happy, the next will be filled with misery. If he had not did that, his loved ones would live. If she had obeyed, she would still be in the arms of her loved ones. If he had looked, he would have found her. A girl thrown in the wilderness with nothing. Only her mind. A boy alone in a inhospitable world.


2. The Start


“Hey, little girly, how are ya, missin’ biggy bro?” Orcho asked.

“Get away from me, you stupid brat,” Mollie spat. He had tied her hands together, her legs together, and twisted her body into a strange angle.

“Daddy taught better manners, girly.” Orcho laughed.

“Go away and get me Zachary, or you’re dead,” Mollie tried to hide the quaver in her voice. This guy was scary. He had a tattoo of a hand  grabbing a girl on his left cheek.

“Uh uh, you’re mine from now on. You have to call me daddy, andyou have to call my girlfriend Nicah mommy. Your mom is dead, and I’ll finish off your father later. Nice plan, huh?” Orcho smiled.

“It’s awful, seaweed brain,” Mollie shot back.

“Nah, sweetie. You speak sarcasm also, huh?”

“Get that silly grin off your face and get that ugly face off your head and get that stupid head off your neck and get that dumb body off the floor,” Mollie hissed.

“How dare you! Oh, my pumpkin, you’re so good at making up jokes!” He chuckled.

“I’m not your pumpkin, fat ugly bold stupid idiotic really fat stupid bratty weird mean evil and just fat person!” Molie spluttered, trying hard not to cry.

“Don’t worry dear, you’ll see mommie soon. Your name is not Mollie anymore, it is Orssie.”

“NO! I am Mollie Harrin, daughter of Joshua Harrin, sister of Zachary

Harrin.” She declared officially.

“No mommy, huh? Well, welcome to our well trained family. We will treat you just fine,” He stretched out the e, making every hair on her body stand up. Then, he reached out and put duct tape over her mouth.

“I’ll call Nic now. Hello? Nicah! I adopted *cough* a daughter for you and I! Her name is Orssie. She is adorable! She just turned six! We’re coming home now! See ya! Bye!” Orcho slammed the phone shut.


“Hayden, have anyone found Mollie?” Zach asked. He had decided to stay in the hospital.

“No. We looked everywhere. We still are looking everywhere. I will go to Meddle Hospital in an hour. She may have went there to look for her dad,” Hayden explained.

“You’ve got a point, but I’m not so sure that Mollie can come all the way here,” Zach pointed out.

“You never know. For some strange reason, the clues are in the leastblikely places,” Hayden suggested.

“Yeah. Come over now. I’m staying here tonight with my father. Bye,”

Zach signed. How would he ever find Mollie in a city of eight million? If he had believed his instincts, the next few event would have never ever ever happened.


“Hey Nicah! We’re home!” Orcho called as he dragged Mollie across a strange living room. There was a door in the kitchen and there was an eerie humming sound coming from the walls.

“Oh hi! Hello, Orssie! I’m Nicah,” the women called Nicah said.

“I’m Mollie. Please don’t call me Orssie,” Mollie pleaded.

“Okay. Mollie then,” Nicah smiled.

“Isn’t she so adorable?” Orcho smirked as he stroked her hair. She ducked.

“Oh yes she is! Thank you so much for adopting such a cute girl for us,” Nicah said warm heartedly.

“He captured me! He took me from my home and killed my father! He’s gonna kill my brother Zach soon!” Mollie blurted out.

Orcho kicked her hard in the shin. “Liar. Shut up.”

Nicah stared at him in complete shock. “Orcho Smancho! How dare you kick children! What did you do to her? Is it true, or why will you kick her? You better have a good explanation for this, old man!”

“Nicah sweetie, I can explain. I was trying to save her from her crazy dad-”

“No!” Mollie interrupted.

Orcho quietly slid a gun out of his back pocket. Nicah did not notice

it. He pointed it behind his back at Mollie, the threat clear. Mollie shuts up immediately. If she had continued talking, she would realize that he was

holding a basically harmless BB gun. If she had looked carefully, six lives

would be saved.


“Hey Hayden, still no sign of Mollie?” Zach asked nervously.

“No, but everything inch of my muscles are urging me to look in the hospital,” Hayden respond.

“No way,” Zach shot back. He was getting annoyed with Hayden.

“Zach, the clues are in the least obvious places,” Hayden urged.

“Haha. How would a five-year-old run from Cheescake St. to Meddle St.?”

“Zachary Harrin, listen to me. This is serious. Looking in one extra place would NOT kill!”

“Hayden, you have a point but it is not worth the time and price!”

“Zach, you never know if she eventually got there and you eventually find her! You will be in complete shock! Please, or I’ll go look.”

“Fine!” Zach was totally sick of her now.


Mollie hated Orcho, hated Nicah, hated herself and hated everyone.

Orcho convinced Nicah that he did something “good”, and now Nicah is petting her, making her feel like a puppy.

“Um, mom, can you stop petting me?” Mollie asked as politely as possible. She had decided to tell Nicah about Orcho when he’s gone. If he’s gone, maybe it’s to finish father off or kill Zach. She thought to herself.

“Oh sorry sweetie,” Nicah apologized.

Orcho grinned. “Darling, tomorrow is Monday and we will sign you up to a school. What school did you go to?”

Mollie decided to lie. “Meddle Elementary.”

“What about your dead *cough* brother,” he glared at her, threatening to take out the gun.

“Demity High School.”

“OK, then you can go to Suncolor Elementary,” Nicah suggested.

Oh no! Mollie thought to herself. If they find out Mollie Harrin is

already there, I would be killed for lying!

“Sure!” Orcho said.

But I can escape! “You don’t have to turn me in, um, dad. Um, I was

there in first grade!”

“I will go with you tomorrow,” Orcho commented.

“No! Let Nic- mom do it!” Mollie argued.


“Oh, I’m sure we would enjoy the trip very much,” Nicah smiled.

Mollie knew she would not.


“Hi Hayden,” Zach tried to smile when he saw her.

“Zach! Mollie could've been kidnapped! There are many kidnappers!” Hayden burst out.

“How do you know?” Zach questioned.

“I witnessed some guy kidnapping a girl. I called the police, but he ran away.”

“How in the world will we search for her?”

“We can look around this area.”

“Fine,” Zach agreed.

“Let’s take a break and get ready first. We’ll leave first thing tomorrow

morning,” Hayden suggested.

“Sure let’s-GAH!” Zach shouted as he slipped on something.

“ZACH!” Hayden said as she helped Zach to his feet. When they saw

what he slipped on, they gasped.


“Good morning my dear Mollie!” Nicah called from the door. Mollie’s

bed was surprisingly comfy, though she spent most of the night crying.

“Hi Nicah!” Mollie tried hard to sound cheerful

Nicah poked her head in the room. “Slept well?”

Mollie gestured her to sit on the bed. “Mom, Orcho kidnapped me from my home. She threatened to kill my brother Zach and he is gonna kill my daddy!”

“Mollie dear, its ok. I know nightmares are scary. I know having your brother die must feel horrible.”

“Oh my gosh! Why are you guys such idiots! Orcho is an idiot! He gonna kill my father and brother! Please help! Don’t listen to that fat man!” Mollie blurted meanly.

“Mollie! Orcho is a great man! He would never do that!” Nicah looked opposed.


“Mollie, please.”

“Please just let me go. You don’t understand the pain!”

“Mollie, let go and move on. You gotta stop this!” Nicah grabbed her.

“Go adopted another child! Leave me alone!” Mollie shouted as she runs out the door, runs outside, runs anywhere, just runs.

Suddenly, someone grabs her by the arm. “Not so fast, sweetie.”

“Let me go, you nincompoop!” Mollie squeaked.

“Never. You are mine and get used to it,” Orcho shouted straight into her ear. He gave her one hard kick in the leg and dragged her inside.

“Oh, Mollie! I’m so sorry about what I said. I promise you won’t havevto go to school for a while. Oh, Mollie!” Nicah gave her a huge hug.

“Please, let me go! I wanna see my brother-” Mollie started, but then was interrupted by a hard kick Orcho gave her.

“Shut up!” he hollered.

Mollie felt this rush of braveness as she said,” See! He just kicked me! He is an idiot!”

“ORCHO! EXCUSE ME?” Nicah hissed loudly.

“Mollie, I’m sorry for his rudeness. Please come in and help yourself to some delicious cookies.”

“Nicah, please! Stop! She’s my ****** child also!” Orcho glared at Mollie.

“Orcho! Did you just say that? Go away. Do not pollute my child’s ear!” Nicah wrapped her hands protectively around Mollie.

“You’ll see!” Orcho said as he laughed his evil laugh. He walked away. 


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