Left Behind

One person will turn his life upside down. He will be left behind. Everyone who cares will be gone. One person will do what he had been told not to do all his life. One girl will be shown another side of the world. One minute will be warm, the next will be cold. One minute will happy, the next will be filled with misery. If he had not did that, his loved ones would live. If she had obeyed, she would still be in the arms of her loved ones. If he had looked, he would have found her. A girl thrown in the wilderness with nothing. Only her mind. A boy alone in a inhospitable world.


1. What Happened?


He's not here yet. He was suppose to be here yesterday, and Zach stayed up all night waiting for him. It was suppose to be a surprise today on his sister Mollie's birthday, but he isn't here. 

 Suddenly, the phone rang. Zach ran over and got it.

“Is it daddy? Is he here?” Mollie asked excitedly.

“Hello, this is the Meddle Hospital. Are you Zachary Harrin?” the

other line quired.

“Yes, I am. May I help you sir?”

“Oh, your father is with us here. His plane crashed unexpectedly. He

is one of the four remaining survivors. He has bad internal and physical

injuries,” he explained.

Zach’s heart jumped. “What? Is he gonna be alright?” Mollie’s grin


“We are trying our best. There is no guarantee, um, that he’ll, um,

survive. Mr. Harrin has very bad injuries.”

“Can we go over and see him?” Zach inquired.

“Sorry, young man. No,” he replied pitifully. He hung up.

“What happened?” Mollie questioned.

Zach looked at her face. So young, so pure, so cute, and so

immature. Can she handle the pressure? “Daddy’s plane was postponed.

He won’t be back till tomorrow. It’s ok.”

“But today’s my birthday!” Mollie protested.

“Sorry, sweetheart. We’ll go to McDonalds.”

“But I don’t want to go to McDonalds. I want daddy,” Mollie whined.

“Sorry, sweetie,” Zach respond kindly.

“OK, can I invite friends over?”

“Sure,” Zach retorted, trying hard to hide back the sobs.

As Zach tried to make the party as best as he can, he hoped that

father could come back. How could he take care of a spoiled brat? No one

ever told him if mother is alive. Oh, how he hoped!

After the party, Zach was exhausted. Six hours of playing with spoiled

eight-year-old girls.

“Oh, what if he didn’t come back?” he wondered aloud. “I won’t think

like that.. God  won’t do this, will he?” His eyes closed.

When Zach woke up, there was a message. Mollie wasn't awake yet, so he listen. It said: “Hello. This is Meddle Hospital. I am here to report the death of Joshua Zachary Harrin. He died at 7: 45. on Sunday, September 13. Please come to Meddle Hospital immediately to claim the death. “

Zach dropped the phone. He died just one hour ago! Tears streamed

down his face. How could it happen to him? He had to tell Mollie. He

walked bravely to her room. He opened the door. Mollie jumped out of bed.

“Is daddy here? Is he?” she asked hurriedly.

Zach put Mollie on his lap. “Mollie, sometimes bad things in life

happen. And we have to except them. Daddy died today.”

Zach burst out crying. Mollie stared at him in shock. “Liar! Liar! It’s

impossible. He’s alive!”

“It’s true, we have to go to Meddle Hospital to claim him.”

“NO!” She ran out the room. He heard the front door slam shut.


GANGSTERS OUT THERE! MOLLIE!” Zach ran out after her. Mollie was

nowhere to be seen.

“Oh no!” He thought to himself. “How can a eight-year-old handle such

pressure. I’m the worst biggy bro in the world.”





MOLLIE!” Zach shouted, realizing that it’s not working. Mollie is gone.

He took out his iphone. Father gave it to him last week. Thinking

about it make him start crying all over again. “Hello, this is Zachary Joseph

Harrin. My sister Mollie Amy Harrin ran off and now I can’t find her. We live

on Cheesecake Street. Thank you,” he said to the police.

“Zach?” a girls voice said. It was Hayden, the girl three grades under


“Hi, did you see my sister Mollie? She ran away.”

“No. What happened? Is she alright?” Hayden asked worriedly.

“I got a message this morning. It said my father died in a plane


“Go get proof. Or if it is 100% true, claim his body.”

“But what about Mollie? I have to find her!” Zach hollered.

“I know. What about you go and I look for her.”


“It’s ok, I’ll look for her. I’ll call you when she is found,” Hayden


“OK, but...”

“It’s ok, Zach.”

Should he trust her? He looked at her. She looked trustworthy

enough, and was very popular and school. “Fine. Start looking now. I’ll call

you when get back.”

“Sure.” Hayden smiled.

Hayden ran off, leaving Zach thinking about Mollie and Dad. Without

Mollie, his life will be lived in misery, pain, sadness, sorrow, regret and

longing. If he had to live alone with Mollie, he would be exhausted and

crazy. Only if father ever told them where mother is.


When Zach got to the hospital, it was 5:30. He was suppose to be at

soccer club now, having fun. Instead, he is here to claim his father’s death.

He tried not to start all over crying again. He entered and told the lady at

the desk,”I got a phone call this morning saying my father Joshua Zachary

Harrin had died. I am here to, to claim his death.”

She clicked some times on her mouse.“Mr. Joshua Harrin. Oh yes,

but he was brought to life and doctor Orcho called again. You may come

and see him now.”

Zach’s heart skipped a beat. He’s alive! If only Mollie was here to

receive the news. “Sure.”

The lady let him up a few flights of stairs and brought him into a room.

There lay father, eyes wide open, totally still.

“Daddy!!!!!!!!” Zach screamed.

He looked up, but just stared back up at Zach with a puzzled look.

“Oh, no, sir. He is in a bad condition. He may of lost his memory, but

once again we’re not sure,” Dr. Orcho said.

“Will he live?” Zach asked worriedly.

“Maybe. I hope he will,” Dr. Orcho pronounced dramatically.


“Dad!” Zach shouted.

“Za, za, zak,” Mr. Harrin muttered again.

“I’m Zachary, Zaccy, your son!” Zach hollered, excitement spilling

all over him. Then he saw the look in fathers eyes. He was looking urgent

and trying to tell him something. He seemed like he was talking about Dr.

Orcho. He’s eyes looks like Mollie’s. Mollie. He has been so excited he

forgot about Mollie.

Suddenly, his phone rang. HAYDEN! “Hello. Have you found Mol

yet?” Zach asked hurriedly.

“No,” Hayden responded.

“Hayden, look in her school. Look everywhere. My father is still alive.

If he finds out Mollie is gone, he might suffer a heart attack or something.

Check at home also.”

“Sure, and I checked at your house. She’s not in there, but I saw

her bracelet on the front steps. I don’t get it. Did she drop it when she ran

away, or did it just happen to be there. When you last saw her, was she

wearing a bracelet?”

“She ran out with her bracelet, but I didn’t see it on the front steps,

I’m sure.”

“Zach, I wanna first tell you something. If we don’t find Mol, you have

to accept the truth, okay? The police are trying, I’m trying, my family and

friends are trying, all the neighbors are trying.”

“Okay. Please try. She’s my everything. Bye.”

“Sir, your father’s heart is very bad right now,” Dr. Orcho said.

Father still has that urgent look on his face, trying hard to point to

Orcho. His mouthed bad. Bad? Wasn’t Dr. Orcho trying to save father’s life?

“Father, it’s ok,” Zach reassured.

Father shook his head.

“Calm down,” Zach told himself, “father got bad head injuries.”

Father made a killing gesture with his hand and pointed at Orcho. Dr. Orcho smiled pleasantly.

“Doctor, may I take my father outside for a walk?” Zach asked.

“Oh no, sir. His condition is horrible. He does not need the dust in his lungs at this moment,” Orcho hollered nervously. Dr. Orcho shuddered.

‘Something is up with this dude,’ Zach’s instincts told him. The sound of Orcho’s voice sent a chill down his spine. He shoved the thought aside.

As he thought about Mollie, Dad and all that had happened today, he didn’t know two things. Mollie was in a room right behind him, seeing everything and trying to scream. Dr. Orcho is not a life saver. He is a killer.


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