5 Boys, 1 Girl And A Big Issue

Riss has never known what it was like in the outside world. Her mother died when she was 2 and she was left with her father. Later he married a woman from the uk and they moved there. Riss later found out that Mellisa ,her now step mum, was an awful person. He father died when she was then 11 and no one knows how but she was positive it was Mellisa. She now lives as a maid for Mellisa, not allowed friends, a job, internet or electronics. She was home schooled and not allowed out of the house. But she decided it would all change.


2. What are you doing In my tree!

Liam's P.O.V




I was at Hazza's and Lou's and so were Zayn and Niall. We were all talking about the rumour about Nialler. Someone photoshooped a picture of him holding a pen to his mouth into a cigarette. He was in tears and we just sat there comforting him and talking about how to deal with all these rumours. I was sick of all of this! I just wanted to go and get some air! "Nialler its alright! It's just some bored bitch! Forget about i!" Lou said patting Niall's back. "W-w-why........ It.........smoke...." Was all we heard through his crying. "Um guys Im gonna go for a walk." I said rubbing the back of my neck. " Okay mate." Zayn said. I smiled and walked out.




Riss' P.O.V




I kept running until 11pm. I was tired and de-hydrated. I found the tree my fathe used to take me to. I remember those days. When everything was bright. I climbed the tree and got to the most stable branch. I took out my water and started drinking. I just sat there. Thinking. Tears ran down my eyes. Where would I go? What would I do? I was tired and depressed. I have been depressed for 3 years and I didnt know what to do. But then I saw Mellissa watching a show and they talked about people cutting them selves. I tried it. It made it better so I continued. I heard foot steps. Oh No! Shes here!




Liam's P.O.V




I walked to the tree I used to climb as a kid. I saw something move. What was that?? I saw a peson. Probably a homeless guy. "Hey! What Are You Doing In My Tree!" I shouted. I heard a scream from the tree and saw a girl. She wa deffinitly not a homless person. I couldnt see her very well but I knew she was a girl. "Oh Im sorry! I didnt mean to scare you! Its okay come down!" She Mumbled something. I could tell she was scared. " What did you say?" I called. "P-p-p-please dont h-h-hurt me. I-i-i-Im -I dont want you t-t-to hurt me...." She was crying and terrified. "No Its Okay! I promise!"

"O-o-okay..." She slipped down from the tree. I could see her now. She was beautiful! She had nearly black wavy hair, dark brown eyes that were absouloutly starable, she was so skinny and her face glistened in the moonlight. She was amazing. I couldnt stop staring.



Riss' P.O.V




He kept staring at me. Wa he going to rape me? No I was sure he wouldnt. He was so cute! He had a buzz cut that was light brown, lush brown eyes and OMG HIS LIPS! They were beautiful. "Why are you here love?"

"I-i-i ran away." He didnt ask why. Just nodded.

"Do you have anywhere to go?" I looked down and shook my head.

"Okay. You can stay with me." I didnt mind the thought for some reason. I just felt safe.

"n-n-no Im okay."

"Your coming. I dont want you out here alone." Why did he care? I just nodded. He was right. I shouldnt be out alone.

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