5 Boys, 1 Girl And A Big Issue

Riss has never known what it was like in the outside world. Her mother died when she was 2 and she was left with her father. Later he married a woman from the uk and they moved there. Riss later found out that Mellisa ,her now step mum, was an awful person. He father died when she was then 11 and no one knows how but she was positive it was Mellisa. She now lives as a maid for Mellisa, not allowed friends, a job, internet or electronics. She was home schooled and not allowed out of the house. But she decided it would all change.


1. Thats It, Just Keep Running.

Riss's P.O.V



"RISS! GET UP HERE!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I heard Mellisa yell from upstairs. Uh Im so sick of this. "Yeah?" I said tiredly. She walked up to me and slapped me across the face. "WHAT IS THIS?" She asked pointing to the lipgloss in her hand. Oh crud! I found it in her bathroom and took it. She didnt let me use makeup beacuse I wasnt a lady and only ladys used makeup. "Uhh I duno? You must have left it in my bathroom." I was a good lier but not good enough. She grabbed my hair and hoisted my slender body into the air. "Dont you ever, EVER use my stuff again!" She said right up to my face with her teeth. Pain was rushing from my head through my body. She threw me against the wall infront of the stairs behind where we were standing. I started to sob quietly. I sucked it up and ran to my room. I had to get away. To day. I couldnt stand it anymore. I was 18 and she treated me like I was a 12 year old maid. Thats when It all started though. I packed some things into a small bag. "RISS, IM TAKING A NAP! IF THE KITCHEN ISNT CLEAN WHEN I GET UP YOU WILL NOT LIKE THE OUTCOME!" Yes! I could escape in that time! "Yes Mellisa!" I finished packing my stuff and waited 15 minutes for her to fall asleep.



I crept down the stairs and looked in the lounge. I looked in the fridge for something to take for food. I had already take money from Mellisas wallet so I had everything apart from food. There was so much! I only got fed 2 times a day.  A glass of milk and a plain bread roll for breakfast and a carrot, apple and water for dinner.  I grabbed 3 carrots, 2 apples, a water bottle filled with icey cold wate and 3 bread rolls. I didnt know what the other stuff was. "Uhhh go away. Yes there." I heard Mellisa. Oh shit! She was awake! Oh no it was just her sleep talking. I walked to the door quietly. I turned the nob. Yes! Im going to be free! Oh no. No! The door was stuck! I pulled it really hard and it opened a bit but creaked. I saw Mellisa waking up. No! "OI WHAT ARE YOU DOING! HOW DARE YOU!" She was walking towards me. I yanked the door. Finally! It Banged open and I ran out. "GET BACK HERE NOW!" Mellissa said running after me. I was to fast for her though. Haha sucker. "This isnt over you know!" Thats it Riss, just keep running.







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