5 Boys, 1 Girl And A Big Issue

Riss has never known what it was like in the outside world. Her mother died when she was 2 and she was left with her father. Later he married a woman from the uk and they moved there. Riss later found out that Mellisa ,her now step mum, was an awful person. He father died when she was then 11 and no one knows how but she was positive it was Mellisa. She now lives as a maid for Mellisa, not allowed friends, a job, internet or electronics. She was home schooled and not allowed out of the house. But she decided it would all change.


4. I'm cold.

Liam's P.O.V

She ran away!? Why would she do that!? I didn't want to intrude so I didn't ask. She would tell me eventually. I walked her back to my place. I can't get over how beautiful she is! I wonder why she's so skinny you can actually see her ribs. We got to the door. We heard talking, of course the boys were there. "T-t-there are m-more p-p-p-people."
"Don't worry love. They're my friends!" We walked in an the boys said hi to me then noticed, ummmm what's her name?? Anyway, they stared at her for a bit then louis said "Liam's picked up another girl again, huh? Damn he's a player!" They laughed "Louis PUT A SOCK IN IT!"
"Wow! I was just kidding! Calm down!"

Riss' P.O.V

I was scared. Scared they would hurt me. Scared they wouldn't like me. I just wanted to grab,uh Liam I think? Oh well, grab his arm and hide my face.
"Well love, I'm Louis! And you are?"
"I-I-I'm Riss"
"What an awesome name!" The one with tan skin, earrings, blackish hair and brown eyes said. "I'm Zayn bebs."
"I'm Niall!" The blond one butted in. Aww he was so cute! Blue eyes, blond hair and the cutest Irish accent!
"I'm Harry." A deep voice said. Then I noticed a boy with THE BIGGEST curly hair I have ever seen. But you know. I don't get out much. "Are you tired Riss?" Liam said. He was really nice. I just nodded and followed Liam. When I was leaving I could here the boys whispering about me. They didn't like me. Oh great! "Riss you can sleep in my room, ill sleep on the couch."
"No way!" I said "You letting me stay in your house and that's the nicest thing someone's done for me. Your sleeping in the bed."
"No I'm not." He said smirking And folding his arms.
" FINE THEN!" I said jokingly. "You can have your couch!"
"Liam! Riss! We're going now!!"
"See ya mates!" Liam shouted downstairs.
We should probably get to sleep.
"Well I'm gonna hop off to bed now, so goodnight!" He left the room.

Liam's P.O.V

I was on the couch trying to sleep. The house was creaking and it was just to dark. It was kind of scary. I kept trying to sleep but had no such success. I heard footsteps. Who was it!! "Riss?"
"L-Liam. I I'm scared." She said I saw her shaking. "Please c-come to t-the bed." What!? "Sure love!" I followed her to the room.
The next morning I woke up. I was naked. She was naked. Oh no! She was waking up. "Hi hot stuff!" She said "Last night was amazing!" What? No!

I started blinking. Oh my god! It was just a dream! But then I noticed that Riss was in my arms hugging me tight. She was beautiful.
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