LoVe? Joy? Or JuSt AnOtHeR PlEaSuRe ToY?

You're a rather down to earth kind of gal. not someone to really look for much trouble. you simply wish to find someone... that could love you... howld you... accept you for who you are.... someone to not just use you. you've been hurt so many times in a relationship and was willing to give up hope, untill.... you foundsomeone that really caught your eye...

why did you start falling for him? you knew what hind of guy JunHyung is, you knew his job leads him to kill many people.




This part happens LAAAATER in the story....

Junhyung looked at you blankly and thought for a moment.

   “Who was your first?” he asked leaning against the kitchen counter.

   “My first?” you looked a bit confused. “What do you mean by that? My first kiss was KiSeop. My first date was with SeungRi, and my first boyfriend was JinWoon. Any other questions?   

Junhyung chuckled and shook his head. “Who was the first to make you a woman…?”


2. YoU

“Please class, pay attention now!!” the teacher scolded at the class and turned back to the board continuing writing down some stuff. You were just pretending to listen to the stuff the teacher is saying but actually your mind was running wild with other thoughts. Your thoughts were distracted when a little flying paper crashed against your head. You looked back to see who threw you and saw Kikwang, pretending to look all innocent. You giggled and shook your head. You had a crush on Kikwang ever since 5th grade. You turned your attention to the board again then suddenly another paper flew against your head.

   “What must I do to get your attention, hey?”

You giggled and wrote back.

   “You need to dance in front of class for me”

Then threw the paper back. After a while another paper crashed against your head. You snapped your head back playfully glaring at him. He rolled his eyes around the class whistling. Again all you did was shaking your head and read he note.

   “Omo... ____ you know I would really do something like that for you.”

You laughed and put the note away looking at the board again. He noticed you ignoring him again then after a while a bunch of flying papers hit her.

   “Mr. Lee. You stay behind after class cleaning up all that papers!!” the teacher shouted. Kikwang pouted and played with his pen then narrowed his eyes at you. He still isn’t earning your attention. He waited a while for the teacher to turn her attention back to her work before he threw another paper. You couldn’t help but laugh.

   “Fine if you don’t want to give me attention during class, please meet me after class instead =)”

You turned your head back at him and smiled then nodded yes as a reply.

After a while the teacher got her stuff and looked at the watch.

  “____” –she called your name and you looked up at the teacher. “I need to leave class earlier and since your class president, please keep the class in order and make sure Kikwang stays behind cleaning up the mess he made.” Just as the teacher leaved the bell also rang. You stood up looking at the class making sure they leave neatly and got your stuff as well. Kikwang walked to you standing beside you.

  “Yah it’s hard getting your attention neh?” he said sitting down on your desk.

   “We’re in class, Kikwang... and unlike you... I have a straight A reputation to keep” you said putting your stuff away. Kikwang pouted then smiled knowing she’s right.

  “Hmm okay-okay But now stop looking at your bag and look at me.”

   “Nah.” You said with a playful smile. “I’d rather look at my bag. It’s much prettier anyway” you teased him and bit your bottom lip. He raised his eyebrow “Oh really??” with that he pressed you against the wall and his lips only inches away from yours. Your heart started racing in your chest. You looked at his lips, just aching to kiss it. He moved a bit closer and sighed. “Hmm... well then, don’t let me take the time you wana spend with your backpack instead.” He said with a playful smirk and took his back pack then walked to the door. 

   “YAH, KI~!! You didn’t finish cleaning!!” you called after him. He paused and looked back at you with a smile then stuck out his tongue and walked out. Your legs felt like jelly and your heart was still pounding.

‘Omo... he may not do these kind of stuff to me~~’ you said to yourself leaning back against the wall. After a few minutes you pulled yourself back together and frowned.

   “Omo babo... now I must pick up the papers you threw around...” you said to yourself and walked to the mess, starting to clean it up. After you threw all the papers away, you walked back to your backpack, smiling, thinking what happened a few minutes ago. “UGH!! I should’ve just kissed him~!” you said walking out of the class room and closed the door. You walked down the halls to the front of the school and saw Kikwang walking down the stairs. You frowned and walked to him, hitting him upside the head. “Yah babo!” you said folding your arms “now I had to do your dirty work for you...” he laughed and tilted his head looking at you

   “Hey, no one said you had to clean that up. Ha-ha I would’ve just took the scolding from the teacher tomorrow.” He said and moved a bit closer to you. “Give me your bag. Let me help you carry, please?” he took your bag and gave a cute smile.

   “The teacher would’ve also scolded at me for not making sure you picked the stuff up.” You said and sighed “Is someone picking you up today or how are you getting home, hmm?”

   “Nah” Kikwang replied, “Yoseop and the others are waiting down street. We going to the crib again so, yah” walking with you down the stairs. “So, your bother is finished with school now, neh? How is he keeping himself busy these days?”  He asked looking at the stairs as they walked.

   “He is studying at the National University of arts. He wants to become a famous rapper one day” you said and giggled “Omo, he’s picking me up from school today.” You gave him a cute smile then paused. “So I guess I see you later? Don’t want Yoseop waiting to long.” You said while hugging him. He smiled and rubbed the back of his neck “Yah, I’m really sorry you had to pick up the papers that I messed around. If I realized that you gona pick up the papers, I really would’ve picked it up attend. I’m so sorry.” He smiled at you again the quickly crashed his lips against your cheeks. “Bye, ____” he said and ran off.

You blushed and turned around. You felt so high on love now like you are in heaven. You giggled slightly while walking to the spot you always wait for your brother to pick you up. You waited, and waited. After a long time, you took out your phone and looked at the time. To your amazement you found that you already waited a half hour already. “Omo hyoung-neem, you’re never late... Where are you~?” you thought to yourself, getting a little worried. After a while, your dad arrived to pick you up. You looked a bit worried not seeing Jiyong and got in the car. “Annyeong, Appah.”

   “Annyeong haseyo, my angel.” He said as you got in the car and drove off. You pouted then looked at him. “Appah...” you said after a while, “Why didn’t Jiyong come pick me up today?”

   “Yah mian. He called me saying he is really sorry but he is a little too busy to pick you up but he will make it up to you. Also sorry I took long to arrive. I had to drive all the way from work and you know how far that is.”

   “Hmm ani, its okay Appah. Thank you though.” After a while he stopped in front of the house for you to get off. “Ah okay.” He said and looked at her, “I go back to work now. Ommah said there are cupcakes in the fridge. Tell SooHyuk to leave me some too, please. Sarang hae, ____” he said and kissed you goodbye.

  “Sarang haeyo, Appah.” You said and walked to the house. SooHyuk, your 10 year old little brother, stood in the door.

   “Yah, Noona!”  He whined, “You take so long to come. I got so worried.”

You smiled and walked to your little brother. “I’m sorry. Hyoung-neem never showed up. Hmm do you maybe know where he is?” you poked his nose waiting for him to answer.

   “Omo... Noona, how am I supposed to know where he is??” he pouted and went in. You sighed and also went inside. “Appah said there are cupcakes in the fridge. Please leave him at least two cupcakes.” You said walking to the hallway to put your bag down, when suddenly you remember. “OMO! Kikwang~! You never gave me back my backpack~” you whined to yourself and pouted. SooHyuk walked to you and took your hand. “Noona come look at this.” He said and dragged you to Jiyong’s room. “It’s empty, Noona. Look everything is gone. Looks like he decided to suddenly move while we all are out of the house.” You frowned looking around the empty room. “Or someone decided to rob just his room and leave the rest of the house alone.” You joked then got a bit serious again. “Aya... I can’t believe he didn’t tell us anything.”

Jiyong stopped his car outside and got out, walking to the front door. He went to his room and saw you and SooHyuk in his room. “Yah, why are the two of you in my room, hmm? Neh ____, you should lock the front door. Anyone can come in and hurt you two!”

   “Yah, Mian Hyoung-neem.” You said looking around again. “Hey, where is all your stuff?? Did you move to somewhere else? Why didn’t you tell us sooner?” SooHyuk looked at them then at the room again. “Aaaaand besides, this room is empty now. Sooooo I don’t think you have the right of calling this room YOURS anymore.” He said and hopped three times in one spot, indicating he can do anything he wants in this room and stuck out his tongue then walked out. You laughed at your silly little brother then punched Jiyong’s shoulder and placed your hands on your hips. “Yah and what is suddenly more important than picking me up from school, eh?” You asked with a serious look.

He smiled and hugged you. “I’m sorry, ____” he said friendly. “Yes, I did plan on moving out when I’m finished with school and I didn’t tell you because... because I knew you would be sad.” He said and let’s goes of you. “I didn’t mean for you to find out like this, I'm sorry. Oh and I was still busy at class so I couldn’t pick you up, Mian hamnida, dong-seang.”

   “Ah, it’s okay.” You said with a smile then looked out of the window, “But I am going to miss you now...” she looked at him again then ruffled his hair and walked out of the room. “So, you lazy bum, what you still doing here?”

   “Here to get the last of my stuff and to say goodbye to you and SooHyuk. Oh I also want to give you something, but I promise I’ll come visit you a lot.” He said walking to the kitchen and opened the fridge. “Ooh yum. Cupcakes.” He said and got the milk. “I’m going to make me some coffee. You want?”  You sat down at the table and nodded. “Yeah, please. Yah hyoung-neem! You wouldn’t believe what happened to me today!!” you sounded excited and played with your fingers. “You remember that boy I talked so much about, Kikwang? Well...” you started blushing and giggled “Hehe today he gave me a kiss on my cheek.”

   “Did he really kiss your cheek? Or did he kiss your lips and you’re just too shy to tell me.” He teased, getting two cups and turned on the kettle and started with the coffee.

   “Omo... I wish he kissed me on my lips. But aniya, he kissed my cheek only. Strange...” you said deep into thoughts and pouted. “I gave Dongwoon 3 letters so far to give him. I still have no reply notes from him or neither have we even talked about it. Maybe he is still thinking it through. I just really like him and hopes he replies on my feelings.” Jiyong frowned and turned around, looking at her. “Yah Dong-seang.are you sure That Dongwoon fellow gives him the letters? Why don’t you just go talk to him or give him the letters yourself?”

You gave him the bored blank expression then shook your head. “Omo no way, I’m WAY to shy for that. But I’ll give him some more time. I wrote another letter and will give it to Dongwoon tomorrow.”

   “Yah ____, don’t you think you should give this letter to him yourself? If I were him... it’d mean much more to me if the girl that likes me gave me the letter up straight instead of sending someone.” You frowned and rested your head in your hand. “But hyoung~, I'm sooo shy. But I guess you’re right. I’ll get my courage and give him the next one myself.” She said trailing her fingers on the table then got up and walked to the fridge getting two cup cakes. You gave one to your older brother and sat down on your seat again taking a bite of the cupcake. He finished the coffee and passed you a cup. “Yoh... if he does more than kissing... Omo ____, I’ll kill him.” He said sitting down with her, “You may only do those things after marriage, neh...”

   “Yah, I know... ANYWAY, what is it you do besides school these days?”

He gave you a smile and took a sip of his coffee thinking of something he can tell you. “Uhm... I just loaf around at home...” You looked at him a bit suspicious then just shook your head letting it slide. It’s not the first time he acts strange and closed in. In fact, it started about 7 years ago. And with time it just stared getting clearer to you that something was up. She pouted and hummed trying not to show any sign that she is thinking about the facts. “So hyoung-neem...” you started, changing the subject, “... Are you still a... you know what... still a virgin?” he raised his eyebrow looking at you with big eyes. “Aya you really think that badly of me, huh?? Ouch.”

   “Omo hyoung-neem, it was just a question. Don’t get so upset, yoh!” she said with a pout and slapped his shoulder. “Ha-ha well at least I got my answer now and I know I have a really good brother, neh Jiyong?”  You giggled and took another sip of her coffee. Jiyong bit his bottom lip and smiled faintly. “Uhm... yah.” He said and changed the subject. He searched his pocked and took out a key, giving it to her.

   “Yah, I want to give you my spare key. It’s not something special, but keep it with you okay? Whenever you need me or want to talk, I’m still here for you. You can even give me a call to come pick you up and you can come stop by anytime.’ He said with a kind smile. “Thank you, Jiyong. This really means a lot!” you got up and hugged him also giving him a kiss on the cheek. “I’m still going to miss you so much. It is going to take some time to get used to the feeling of you not being here anymore.” You slowly let go taking your seat again and looked at your hands then gave him a faint smile.

   “Hmm I will also miss you a lot. I hope you will also visit me, neh?” he said and finished his coffee. “Well I still have stuff to do and can’t stay too long. Uhm, you can eat my cupcake. I'm fine thanks.” He said getting up and walked to his room gathering the rest of his stuff. You ate your cupcake and finished your coffee then took the cupcake he gave you and went to your room. You sat down at your desk and since you cant do homework because of Kikwang still having your books, you got out your dairy instead.


   “Dear Diary:

My brother is acting strange AGAIN. Lol not that this is really new to you, neh? I don’t know what’s up, but I'm determined to find out what he is up to sooner or later. Also he is moving out today without saying a word to anyone. I hope at least Ommah and Appah know about this. Yoh I’m really gona miss him but yeah... Omo and Kikwang~!! He really knows how to make my heart go TiCk-TiCk-TiCk BoOoM~~!! Hehe he kissed me on my cheek today. Just strange that he haven’t given me any reply on my letters. But I wrote another one and this time I’LL GIVE IT TI HIM MYSELF!!! –Determined- But yeah. T.T.F.L. Bye~”

“Yah, ____!” Jiyong called from down stairs, “I’m leaving now, neh! Cheers!” he walked out of the house then saw Kikwang coming up on the drive way. “Yoh, my sister will be glad to see you”

   “Oh ani-ani! I can’t stay.” Kikwang said and held out your bag. “I only came to return this. Please give it to ____. I'm kind of shy to see her now, please.” Jiyong smiled and took the bag. “Okay, thank you for returning it. See you again, kid.” Kikwang smiled and got on his skateboard then rode off.

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