LoVe? Joy? Or JuSt AnOtHeR PlEaSuRe ToY?

You're a rather down to earth kind of gal. not someone to really look for much trouble. you simply wish to find someone... that could love you... howld you... accept you for who you are.... someone to not just use you. you've been hurt so many times in a relationship and was willing to give up hope, untill.... you foundsomeone that really caught your eye...

why did you start falling for him? you knew what hind of guy JunHyung is, you knew his job leads him to kill many people.




This part happens LAAAATER in the story....

Junhyung looked at you blankly and thought for a moment.

   “Who was your first?” he asked leaning against the kitchen counter.

   “My first?” you looked a bit confused. “What do you mean by that? My first kiss was KiSeop. My first date was with SeungRi, and my first boyfriend was JinWoon. Any other questions?   

Junhyung chuckled and shook his head. “Who was the first to make you a woman…?”


3. HeRo In DiSgUiSe

You were sitting outside going through some notes and stuff from school when suddenly you got a fright from someone shouting: “BOE” behind her.

   “Kikwang!! You going to give me a heart attack!!” you shouted and hit him a few times. “Ha-ha I just had to. The opportunity was calling~” he laughed and took her by the shoulders hugging her. “Aaanyway~ Yoseop and the guys are waiting. See you, cutey~!” he said and playfully ruffled your hair in a mess then jogged off to his own friends. You smiled, looking at him running off then remembered the letter you wanted to give him. You got up and started walking to him and his friends.

   ‘Omo, I can’t give him this. Why am I so shy when it comes to him? It’s just a simple letter!!’ you thought to yourself and as you got closer to them, the more you got nervous and stressing more. You saw Dongwoon wasn’t really close to Kikwang so you decided to rather give the letter to him again so he’d give it to Kikwang. She walked to Dongwoon calling his name. “HELLO DONGWOON~!” he looked at her and folded his arms. “ah hello. Another letter? Or do you finally say Hi to be polite?”

   “Uhm... Hehe mian. I just want to know... did you give the other letters to Kikwang. Because he didn’t reply on any of them.” You asked biting your bottom lip. He rolled his eyes then looked at her again. “Of course I gave it to him. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t, hmm? I’m sure he’ll reply. Just give him time.” you smiled and nodded your head.

   “Ah okay, thanks. Oh and if you don’t mind...” you said taking the letter out of your pocket and held it out to him. “Would you please give him this one as well? This will be the last one” you gave it to him then hugged him. “Omo I really hopes he replies to this one. I wanted to give it to him myself, but... I'm TOO SHY!!” he chuckled and shook his head.

   “Girls, neh... are such silly creatures.” He said and looked at it. “But yeah... I’ll give it to him. Don’t worry. Yah I go to them now, they probably waiting so...cheers.” you smiled then turned around and walked away. He watched as you walked away then also started walking to them. While he was walking to him, he passed the trash can and threw the letter in it. He chuckled out of amusement then continued walking.

While you walked back you smiled hoping Kikwang would reply.

   “Kikwang I'm so glad I met you. You make me the happiest girl in the whole world. You’ve always been there for me. Isn’t it funny to think, in the beginning I was just a girl you usually picked on? But you were always there for me... I remember those moments like it only happened yester day. Like that time in 4th grade where you helped me from the bully in 5th grade.”

Flashback from 4th grade:

“NAMJI!! I will be back now want to go to the tuck shop!” you shouted while running and looking at Namji when suddenly you ran into someone. You fell on your butt and slowly got up rubbing it.


   “You stupid idiot!! Watch where you run!!” the guy said then chuckled. This was the meanest kid in 5th grade. Zack Hoon was his name and all the kids were scared of him.

   “Mian, Mian. I didn’t see you. I’m so sorry.” You said and bowed your head.

   “Hmm  yeah whatever...” he said and looked around if anyone else was around then took you by the arm and harshly pushed you against the wall.

   “Time for me to get my pay back.” You got cared and looked up at him.

    “No please don’t hurt me. I'm really sorry.” You pleaded and held out the money towards him. He frowned and hit your hand away.

   “You think I want your stupid money, huh?!” he asked and pushed you harder against the wall.”Babo girls like you must be hit to be straightened out!”



Kikwang came out of the shop with a bag of groceries his mother asked for in one hand and in his other hand he carried a dozen eggs. He started walking back to his house when he saw the bully hurting you. You were the girl Kikwang usually picked on and teased, but mostly because he had a crush on you. He saw the bully was busy messing with you and didn’t like that so he ran towards you two. The bully raised his hand to hit you, when suddenly; an egg flew against his head.

   “Yah, you egg head!!!!!” Kikwang shouted angrily, holding another egg in his hand.    “Leave her alone!!!”

The bully harshly threw you on the floor and looked at Kikwang.

   “You’ll regret doing that, you little prick.” the bully said and walked towards Kikwang.

   “Please don’t hurt him!!!” you shouted at the bully but he just ignored you and continued walking to Kikwang.

   “Who the hell do you think you are to throw me with an egg, huh?” The bully asked. Kikwang threw another egg and it crashed right into the bully’s face. He stuck out his tongue and ran a bit further away. He made a turn, dodging the bully as he came, then ran back to you lying on the floor.

    “You babo!!” Kikwang said helping you. “Get up and get away!!!” He said and then stood in front of you blocking you from the bully.

You got up and ran away. The bully walked towards Kikwang and punched him across the face and pushed him back. When Kikwang fell down the bully kicked Kikwang and looked down at him. “Your useless, maybe the little girl can give me a better fight than you.” The bully said and started walking in to the direction you ran into.

Kikwang struggled getting up and stood on his knees still “Yah!! You fat ass!! Yah I'm sure that she can still kick that fat ass easily!!” Kikwang shouted at him and got up “But I won’t let you hurt her!!” Kikwang stood up and ran to him and pushed the bully from behind.

The bully laughed and turned around and punched Kikwang again he pushed Kikwang against the wall then punched him three times. “You idiot !!! Thinking that you can take me on neh? I’ll settle this with you another day I promise you that” He said then punched him again and lets go of him then walked away. You were around the corner watching everything when the bully left you ran to Kikwang “Kikwang!!” you shouted while running to him crying and sat down beside him hugging him. “Kikwang!!! I'm sorry!!!! Are you okay?” she asked still crying.

Kikwang also had a few tears running down his face but wiped them off and looked atyou. “You idiot...are you Okay??” He asked hugging her back. He stood up wobbly and wiped off the blood from his mouth “Only I may pick on you” He said and ruffled her hair into a mess then gave her a smile. Probably the first real smile he ever gave her. “I'm okay. Babo don’t worry about me, go and buy what you wanted to buy now. The bully isn’t there anymore.” Kikwang said and wobbly walked back to the groceries, he threw on the ground. All the eggs were broken and the milk spilled. He picked up the bread and other stuff that wasn’t a waste and started walked back to his home.

You wiped off your tears and stood up and ran after him walking next to him. “May I please help you carry please...? or maybe just help you clean yourself up please it is the least I can do”

Kikwang paused looking at you then at the few stuff that was in the bag then gave you the bread to carry. “You not going to walk with me all the way. I live in a very dangerous part of the city. Its not save for girls to walk alone....especially not babo girls like you...” He  said  and pouted “and I was only helping you because only I may bully you. Not him” he said and pouted again.

You paused for a moment frowning and continued walking next to him. “Okay but thank you, you helped me I will give you something tomorrow just to say thanks... and what do you mean only you may bully me?”

Kikwang turned around looking at her. “I'm a mean kid! I don’t be nice to you! He poked her forehead a few times and took the bread from her the started walking again “I’ll be fine from here on. If that bully comes again I beat him up next time for sure! I won’t let he come near you again” he shouted as he walked away.

You pouted and smiled you turned around and ran back to the shop again before something might happen to you again. 


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