LoVe? Joy? Or JuSt AnOtHeR PlEaSuRe ToY?

You're a rather down to earth kind of gal. not someone to really look for much trouble. you simply wish to find someone... that could love you... howld you... accept you for who you are.... someone to not just use you. you've been hurt so many times in a relationship and was willing to give up hope, untill.... you foundsomeone that really caught your eye...

why did you start falling for him? you knew what hind of guy JunHyung is, you knew his job leads him to kill many people.




This part happens LAAAATER in the story....

Junhyung looked at you blankly and thought for a moment.

   “Who was your first?” he asked leaning against the kitchen counter.

   “My first?” you looked a bit confused. “What do you mean by that? My first kiss was KiSeop. My first date was with SeungRi, and my first boyfriend was JinWoon. Any other questions?   

Junhyung chuckled and shook his head. “Who was the first to make you a woman…?”


1. ThE VeRy BeGiNiNg

How happy I am. Aish... spelling sucks... please not mind the spelling. Ask nicely. Okay this chapter starts off with Junhyung. Later you will come along. KAMSA 4 READING!


Flash back. 1 Year ago.......

Junhyung was walking down the streets on a cold night with death at thought.

 His partner betrayed him. Stabbed him in the back and made his life allot more difficult for him. Junhyung wanted revenge. And he knew just now he was going to do it. Junhyung was lifelong partners with Dunjun. They practically were brothers on the field. Together they killed, they shot, they raped, they drunk and even broke their job’s rules together.

They are part of a mercenary group called B.L.A.C.K. This group is only a small puddle of the real thing.

Dunjun had someone he started getting feelings for but his job strictly forbids any emotional contact with anything and everyone. From the start when these ‘B.L.A.C.K.’ trainee’s were still young in their teenage lives, they had to kill those the closest to them in order for them to lose their mercy. These men suffered as children and that’s how they came to be the mass murderers of today.

Because Junhyung and Dunjun were very close, Junhyung kept quiet about Dunjun’s love. Even though Junhyung was entirely against it, he stayed quiet because Dunjun pleaded him to. He knew exactly where this girl lived and he could’ve made it easy to himself and just split on Dunjun and tell the his entire squadron where this girl is and to go kill her, but he wanted to play a game with Dunjun… a game that will hurt both him and his girlfriend.

This girl recently moved to South Africa which was better anyway. Much safer for her there than in Korea with Dunjun.

Junhyung walked down the streets of a small town in south africa. He walked slow, deadly. He took his time… nothing was there to stop him. With a smirk he reached a small house on the corner of the street. He walked to the door and tried opening it.

   ‘LOCKED’ he thought to himself then chuckled. She knew he was coming. She didn’t know when… but she knew it. He stepped a few step back and with full force kicked the door and it broke off solid. It fell to the ground causing a lot of noise, warning her of the activity taking place at her front door. He walked into the house and scoped the place to find his target. She came running down the stairs to see what’s all the racket about but when her gaze met his, her eyes grew wider and he grinned widely.

   “Idiot…” he muttered under his breath and started walking towards her. She screamed and started running upstairs again. He chuckled and just couldn’t resist the chace. He ran after her and caught her  just as she reached the top. He took her by the shoulder and harshly slammed her onto the floor.

   “Hello Babe. Tonight we’re gonna have a little fun…” he said with a grin and grabbed her by the hair and dragged her along the halls.

   “Please! Let me go! Please!! I beg you!!” she pleaded as tears were streaming down her face. Junhyung Kicked the door of a room open and dragged her inside. He threw her against the bed and shut the door behind him. He turned towards her again and walked to the bed while removing his belt. He got onto the bed and moved closer to her, when out of nowhere she struck a blade at him. She was aiming for his neck but he blocked it in time and it struck his shoulder instead. He groaned by the pain then glared at her with death.

   “Oh fine then… we’ll play this rough.”

He grabbed her by the wrists and pinned her hands down above her head. She kicked and screamed and cried but could.nt do anything to shake him off. He tied both her hands togeher above her head with his belt and pinned her hands down. He covered her mouth with his other hand and cooed her to stay quiet.

   “Shhht shhhhht…. Quiet baby. You’ll enjoy it. Don’t be scared…” he said and slid his hand down her body and started creeping up her dress. She started crying and screaming. He let go of her hands and hit her very hard across the face.

   “If you don’t want to get badly injured now… I suggest that you shut the fuck up… and enjoy the rest of your night.” He gave her a sarcastic smile and pressed his lips against hers. He slid his hand up her dress again and started rubbing her in-between. She started crying again and he slit his tongue into her mouth. Muffled sounds escaped her mouth as she cried between the kiss. With his free hand he pulled out the kunai from his arm and grunted at he pulled it out. He looked at her evilly and placed the blade against her neck. He started cutting a path down from her neck to her collarbone and ends at her cleavage. She cried as the blade pierced through her skin which turned him on even more.

   “P-please! STOP THIS! *sobs* Please d...don’t do this to me..!” she said between her cries. He pressed his lips against her neck and sucked on the bleeding wound then licked the blooded trail down to her cleavage.

   “Oh please don’t stop begging me… Fuck its arousing me so...” he said against her skin. He sat up straight a bit with both hands on her breasts. He claimed her lips, his tongue reaching every corner of her mouth while his hands ripped her shirt open. He unclipped her bra and tossed it somewhere in the room. He looked at her breasts and licked his bottom lip.

   “Daaamn… now I know how you kept Dunjun happy…” he chuckled and started sucking on her left boob while kneading the right. She could not help but moan. Even though she didn’t want any of this to happen, pleasure is running through her body.

   “Why are you doing this??! P...Please STOP!!!!” she pleaded but it didn’t bother him at the slightest. He wanted her… and he wanted his revenge. He looked up at her face and grinned with pleasure.

   “Hmm… if you really want me to stop and you’re not enjoying this at all... Then explain to me, why are you so… wet…?” he chuckled at her embarrassed face and pressed his lips to hers again. He positioned himself between her legs and removed her panty. She started crying even worse, knowing what’s about to happen. He chuckled and found all of this so amusing. He pulled of his own pants and positioned his hard throbbing member against her entrance. She cried and started squirming with her body, trying to push him off but he was too strong. He slowly parted the kiss and smiled against her lips.

   “Are you ready…?” he whispered.

    “No… PLEA---- AHHHHHH….” Her sentence was interrupted when he rammed his entire length inside of her.

   “Damn… you’re too tight…” he grunted then parted her legs more. He put his hand on her hip and looked at her with a smirk plastered on his face. He slowly pulled out a bit more then thrusted into her again, making her scream and cry even louder. He locked her mouth with his again to absorb the loud noises she’s making. He started moving inside of her; with each thrust he quickens his pace. Hot moaning sounds escaped into his mouth and made him thrust in even harder. After a while he noticed fluids coming from inside her. He lifted his head a bit, thinking she reached her climax… but instead… it was blood. It was her first time having sex. His lips curved into a small smile and looked at her again. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying. He licked his bottom lip and grinned.

   “…Now I shall be the man who gives you your first orgasm.” And with that he passionately started kissing her neck while he continuously rammed himself inside her.

   “Ahg… please..s..stop agggh…” she moaned then finally, he got her. He hit her G spot.


                            NOoo….ARGH!!      JUST…. AHHHHH!!!

                                                                          AH PLEASE PLEASE… St..STOP!! Nnngghhh… OH GOD!!!

 Then she came with a loud moan. He released himself after she hit her climax. He collapsed on top of her, both out of breath. He laughed in pleasure and pulled himself out, earning a super hot moan from her. He got up and got dressed again. She was lying hopelessly still, in too much pain to move and also her hands were still tied. He chuckled and left the room.

   “My revenge is not over yet… I’ll come back… I can promise you that. I will be back…” he shouted while walking down the hall. He got outside the house, very pleased with what he just done and his smirk proves it. He walked back down the street, the same direction in which he came from and took out his phone. Searched the his dialler contacts and called someone.

   “Mission accomplished. Meet you at the airport in 30.” He ended the call  and chuckled to himself.

   ‘Oh dear Dunjun… my revenge just started….’


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