Never forget again

This is a fanfic where there was a girl and she was best friends with a curly haired green eyed boy in high school but when he auditioned for x-factor it all changed


2. Heart broken


Its been 1 year and I haven't heard from Harry , which made me quiet upset . Harry was famous with four other people they are in a band 'One Direction' I supported them because of Harry , but I was getting quiet depressed because I thought Harry forgot about me . I was kicked outta my thought when I heard a door bell I opened the door and it was Anne Harry's mum , she seemed excited I asked her " what's the good news" "Harry's coming home he told management that he wanted time to come home and see family " she practically screamed "I got abit upset and started crying and ran up to my room "


I went to Chelsees house to tell her that Harry was coming home she seemed excited at first but then broke into tears running upstairs *Knock *Knock "Chelsee darlin whats the matter let me in please, I heard the door click " Baby what's the matter " I asked worried "I haven't talked to Harry since his last day at school we were in the music room and I sang a song that reminded me of him and he asked about I-I never got to say goodbye , he has forgot about me " Chelsee cried out , "boo he hasn't forgot about you , I promise " I said hopefully


Harry is coming home today I thought about it all day at school , the bell rang it was free period for me I started singing Harry's bands song "what makes you beautiful , when I was finished I heard a clap it was me friends Sky and Lily " that was amazing " Sky chered " what are you guys doing here in the music room ?" I asked " well we wanted to join you , even though we can't sing or play any instruments" Lily giggled
After the most funniest time in the music room the bell rang and we walked home together cause we lived on the same street " Goodbye guys " I said walking up the driveway "bye lily said "umm Chelsee do you mind if I stay for a second " sky asked " sure come in , lily would you like to come in" I said " no I have to be home early but thanks anyway , I will talk to you over the weekend " lily said walking off " ok BYE " me and Sky said at the same time . " is something wrong sky?" I asked worried " umm sort of do you know how you were dating Todd , well Lilys dating him " she said hoping I won't get mad " hahah you think I'm gonna get mad Im happy for them " I said
"ok that's good I gotta go bye " sky says " text ya later " I yell as she walked out


"Harry my baby your home" I say cuddling my baby boy . When all of the sudden the doorbell rang , I opend it and it was Chelsee " Chelsee your just in time Harry's here " I said happily "I'm gonna go get some tea ". Anne says " hello it's nice to meet you I'm Harry " Harry said to Chelsee
" you dont remember me ?" Chelsee asked " ummm no sorry Should I remember you " he said I was so shocked that I said " the one person who was there for you through anything no matter what, the one person who loved you the most , the one girl you would take a bullet for . The girl over the road " I say taking breathes between each sentence , "umm I remember you a little bit but not completely" he says awkwardly " I can't believe you have let fame come before your bestest friend " I say disappointed .Anne walk out of the kitchen before he could say anything Anne went and got the photo album that had on the front Harry & Chelsee BFF & EVER , I throw it on his lap gently , Chelsee ran out of the house broken hearted

I remember now I thought smiling at the pictures of us in the pool , cooking and more
I went and asked my mum which house was Chelsees " you are kidding me aren't you , you have already broke her heart , don't make it worse" my mum said " Please mum just help me out " I pleaded " figure it out on your own" my mum said
I remembered faintly I knocked on the door "hello , do I know you " Chelsee said
" yes you do I was your bestfriend awhile back but I made a big mistake please , forgive me " I asked with puppy dog eyes
She just closed the door and said "if I went on the xfactor I would've called you skyped you do e everything I could , why didn't you do that " Chelsee said through the door starting to cry " please open up please Chelsee I need to talk to you propley

The rest will be in the next chapter sorry this was long comment what you think will happen

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