Love at midnight

This story is about a girl named Amanda who finds love even in the worst time. This sounds really stupid but it is better then it appears.


3. Meeting the boys

Harry seemed okay. He also seemed to like Amanda just a little too much. I was getting protective, like always. It's not that I didn't like Harry it was the fact that the last boyfriend Amanda had cheated on her and she found out and cut herself. It was really deep. She almost died. She would have if I didn't find her the next morning in her bed with her bed drenched in blood. Since then I didn't like boys liking her. I knew I couldn't keep her away from boys her whole life but I just wanted her to wait until she was 20. That way she wouldn't get hurt as easily like when she was 16." Okay let's get going!" Harry says smiling looking at Amanda. " okay!" Amanda says using the. Same excited tone. Harry took Amanda's hand and we walked on.
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