Love at midnight

This story is about a girl named Amanda who finds love even in the worst time. This sounds really stupid but it is better then it appears.


4. I love you <3

When Harry took hold my hand I felt energy run through me. I don't know what it is but ever since we met about 1 hr ago we really bonded. "Amanda?" Matt asks. "Yes?" I reply. "Could you put the fire out and put the deer away?" He finished. "Sure!" I say. "No. Let me. " Harry quickly says pushing me behind him. "Harry, I swear if you put another hand on my sister I'll-" Matt says but shortly gets interrupted. "Matt! Don't be so rude just because of what Cody did to me doesn't mean you have to be a total jerk to all boys who I might have interest in." Did I just say that? "Yes, you did." Harry says smiling. I blush and I know my whole face is red. "Oh my god Matt if you could just keep your mouth shut-" I start rambling on about how he does things and how he is over proactive. I never said anything this harsh to anyone. Except my mom. The last words I said to her before I left with Matt was 'I hate you'. I was so stupid then. If I would have known that she would die that night I would have.. I don't know what I would have done. But I wouldn't have said I hate you to her. "Matt I'm sorry I'm on.. Yeah you know what I'm talking about." I whisper to him while i hug him. "I love you." Matt says. "I love you too." I whisper so quiet he could only hear because I was right by his ear."I'll just go putt the fire out. " Matt says. I nod then look down. " do u actually like me?" Harry asks using his index finger and his middle finger underneath my chin to make me look at him. I do. I truly do but I don't know it I can handle heartbreak again. Bit I don't want to say no. "Kinda." I say. Now he is leaning closer. For a second I think he is going to kiss me. But he doesn't. Why would he? He shifts his body so his mouth is perfectly at me eat and he whispers. "Well I like you. A lot." Did he just say what I think he said. Before I can ask him that he quickly backs away. I guess Matt was coming. Harry puts his awkward face back on. "Hey guys! Ready to go?" He asks. I guess he didn't just see that. Good 1 more thing I won't have to explain to him. "Yeah let me just call a taxi." He says as soon as we get to the opening. "Woah" Matt and I say at the same time. "Oh. Right guys. Let me introduce you to the new world!"
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