Love at midnight

This story is about a girl named Amanda who finds love even in the worst time. This sounds really stupid but it is better then it appears.


5. Checking her out.

The look on Amanda's and Matt's faces were priceless and my smile grew by every second I look at them. I wish I could look at them all day but then I got out of my trance by a girl conning up to me. "OMG!!!! Your Harry Styles!! I LOVE YOU SOOOO much! Who is she? She looks like she just came out of a dumpster. Wouldn't you much rather be riding in a taxi with me? I mean she's kinda pretty. Ok she is really pretty but her clothes. Ewwww they look like she was swimming in a swamp." She said. "Uhh what did you just say to my girlfriend?" I say. I cover my mouth quickly before I look at the people around me. Shocked. All of them. I would be too if I just heard what I just said if I wasn't myself. "What did you just call my sister?" Matt asks clearly anger rising in is voice. "Would you mind leaving please? I feel as if I'm going to be-" I almost finish but get cut off by the taxi pulling up. "Hey, can you hurry up I have a tight schedule to keep up with kid." The lady says. "Oh yes umm sorry I think we should be off now." Amanda quickly says and gets into the window seat on the right. I'm about to get into the middle when I feel a hand on my chest. At first I think it's the fan then I look behind me and see a boy. Matt. "I'LL sit by my sister. YOU can sit in front." Oh my god Matt your killing me. " umm Matty, I can't. I'm actually like really famous so if someone sees me in a taxi... Well lets just say it won't end well." I say. "And how am I going to believe that. Shouldn't you be driving in a limo or something." Matt says. "Guys stop it doesn't matter just get in the car. NOW." Amanda says. "Okay." Matt and I say. Once we're in Matt asks "did you just call me...Matty?" Amanda looks out the window grinning while Matt and I are laughing. Not too much just a little chuckle. "Are you actually famous? Like I know the girl came up to you and everything but you could just be really popular at school or like.. Yeah never mind. Amanda says blushing after she says like. I wonder what she was going to say. Well whatever. "Harry?" Matt says. "Yeah" I reply. "Do you uhh 'like' Amanda?" He says using air quotes on like. "Well, yeah I kinda do." I say sheepishly. I look at Amanda. She is blushing slightly. Just then we reach my house. Again Amanda and Matt's faces are dumbfounded." We'll let's go in. I have about 10 guest rooms if you want to have a slumber party!" When I say slumber party I get in my girl voice. Amanda starts laughing. I feel... Happy. No. I feel accomplished because I made her laugh. We all get out of the taxi. When we get to the door I open it up and gesture for Matt to go in. "No," he says. "You go first. Remember ladies first." I smile and go in. "Harry!" 3 boys come and hug me. "We've been worried. Zayn told us what happened. Sorry mate." Liam says pouting. "And I see you've brought some friends." Niall says. " oh yeah I forgot. How about you guys go freshen up. Hey Louis can you show them two separate showers. Oh and did Eleanor leave any of her clothes here last time she visited." I asked. "Yup Ill go get it!" Louis says. "Then we will all get to know each other better. " Niall says with a smirk. What was he thinking. When Amanda left Niall watched her. Was he. He was checking her out! My girl. He is checking out my girl. When she was out of the room Niall looked at me still grinning. That smile quickly faded when he saw my face. "Harry, what's wrong?" Liam asks me. I just shake my head. "Nothing. Hey Niall can I talk to you for a moment." He nods. "I mean NOW!" He looks at me surprised. This wasn't going to be nice.

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