Love at midnight

This story is about a girl named Amanda who finds love even in the worst time. This sounds really stupid but it is better then it appears.


2. A good beginning

I knock on a random door in the woods. After my fight with Zayn I never want to go back. I also just broke up with my girlfriend Sierra. She had long curly brown hair, bright blue eyes and she was perfect for me. The reason I broke up with her was because I caught her and Zayn kissing. I was really angry as soon as I punched Zayn she was apologizing and saying that he kissed her. I believe her and told her I forgive her but I think it would be best if we just stayed friends. She agreed so I went off and headed for the woods. I've been out here a million times looking at a cabin that just randomly appeared one day. I didn't go up to it until it started to rain and I saw a light turn on. It wasn't a light. It was a candle. I was so surprised and curious I went up to it and knocked on the door. I heard two gasps. I hoped that it would be a nice person not a crazy serial killer that took to the forest t I not get caught by the police. I heard the door open and the most beautiful girl or should I say woman. " w-who are you?" She asked. She really didn't know. " My name is Harry Styles and I am wondering if I could come in and dry off."I said. She smiled and gestured me to come in." thank you so much. I had to get away from my band mates." I explain when she starts a fire and puts a kettle on. She grabs a blanket off of a bed and puts it around my shoulders." No problem Harry. Hi my name is Matthew but you can call me Matt and this is my older sister Amanda" the boy says. " Matt I can introduce myself." She says giggling. She had the cutest giggle. " Why are you guys out here?" I ask. They both frown and then Amanda starts talking." When I was 16 my parents were having a family reunion and my family got burned to death while Matt and I were out getting crisps." A silent tear slips. I stand up and hug her. She instantly goes rugged then accepts my offer." I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have asked." I say. " it's okay" Matt says its been 2 years since then. We usually don't talk about it because Amanda thinks that it is her fault... But it wasn't it was mine." He continues. " No, Matt it WAS my fault." She said wiping her eyes and letting go of my embrace. " Amanda I don't think it was your fault." I say wishing I didn't. " Thank you Harry but it was I insisted that I go and get crisps. My mom said no at first then I told her that.. I-I can't." She said burring her face in her hands. Matt is instant ally by her side comforting her. "I think it's time I get going." i say. "No it's okay if you stay we were just making dinner. We caught deer today." Matt said. That's how they get food? They hunt ?" No. How about I take you to my place to get cleaned up and some new clothes and we can have dinner there." I say smiling at my generosity. "No Harry we couldn't so that. I wouldn't want someone I just met buying me- I mean us stuff. Anyways we haven't left her in the whole time we've lived here and I don't think you know the way back" Amanda says. " I actually do" I say blushing slightly " I've been here a few times. Not inside the house of coarse outside. One time I was going on a walk and this place wasn't here then I came the next day and it was here." They looked at me like I was some sort of magical being. " we'll I guess it's set let me just grab some stuff" Amanda said while smiling and I thought this was a good beginning.

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