Love at midnight

This story is about a girl named Amanda who finds love even in the worst time. This sounds really stupid but it is better then it appears.


1. The story

Hello. My name is Amanda. I am 19 years old. I have a brother named Matthew. He is 16, my life and my only family. Three years ago my parents were having a family reunion and my brother and I were out getting more crisps when someone came up to our house and burned it down. It was horrific. When Matthew, or as I like to call him Matt, and I got back to our house we could hear our mother screaming. I never cried as much as I did that night. I'm glad my brother was there to comfort me. He only 13 and me only 16 we set off and lived in the woods for two years. We stole a hammer, axe and some nails from out neighbours' house. We built a small cabin out of wood and logs and over time found two mattresses. For food we hunt animals. We both don't have jobs. We actually haven't left the area that we hunt in ever since we found out we could live off of the wild. That is until we had a nock at our door.
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