Save me

Please save me...


4. Chapter 4

*Jezebel (Jezie) POV* 

It wasn't until I was walking home from school that I realised that Harry had no idea where I lived. Shitballs! He's has left me all the work to do, a nice way to spend my night, it was going to take extra long without help. I was walking down my street when I heard a commotion down one of the side streets and this being London I didn't stop. I was just past the opening when someone came flying out into me knocking me to the ground, sending my bag and books flying in all directions. "Watch where your going" A growled picking myself up off the ground coming face to face with none other than Harry. "Well look who it is" I said "You we're going to let me do all the work weren't you! Your such a selfish person you know that!" I ranted as I picked up my books and stuffing them in my bag messily. When i was finished I turned around to see Harry swaying on his feet it was only then did I see the cut just about his eye brow and a bruise forming under his left eye. "What the hell happened to you?" I asked, some strange feeling bubbling up inside me. Who had hurt him? Who ever it was I was going to hurt them back! A that was a big statement since I only came up to Harry's chin. Harry swayed again and would of face planted if I had not caught him under the arm. I staggered under his weight but was able to pull him along to my apartment building. I entered my pin and kicked the door open, dragging Harry into the safety of the building. My door was only two doors away but it felt like forever to get there with Harry leaning on me. I fumbled with my key a little, I couldn't make out which one it was with my hair in front of my eyes. I tried blowing it out of the way but it only solved the problem for a few seconds before it fell back into my eyes. I nearly jumped out of my skin when Harry's fingers brushed my fringe out of my eyes. His fingers lingering to hold it out of the way. I finally found the key and we staggered inside. "Jezie Is that you?" My grandma asked from in the lounge. "Yes, grandma it's me, Is it okay if me and a friend do our science project here?" I asked already heading towards my room. "Yes, just don't be too loud gramps is sleeping" My grandma said as we toppled into my room. I could no longer hold Harry's weight and he dropped like a rock, taking me with him. They only thing that went well in this situation was that I kicked the door shut on my way down so my grandma couldn't see us on the floor together. I rolled Harry on to his back and nearly cried out in shock when a big patch of red on his white t'shirt came into view. "Shit" I whispered lifting the t-shirt up reviling a nasty looking stab wound. Harry moaned when I placed the t-shirt back down on the wound, I peered up at his face his mouth was set in a hard line, I could see his jaw muscles from here in the seamy light of my room. His eyes met mine and I instantly glanced away. "I'm going have to clean this up, you wait here...oh...umm-take your t-shirt off I-ah need to see your wound properly" I stuttered my cheeks turning bright red. I rushed into the bathroom and grabbed the first aid kit and dashed back into my room to find Harry standing looking at the objects on my chester draws. I lead him away from them and sat him down on my bed. I couldn't help but watch as Harry shrugged off his jacket and gripped the edge of his t-shirt. Our eyes meet slightly before he pulled the t-shirt off. A gasp of shock left my mouth as his smooth ripped chest came into view but that wasn't what shocked me it was the tattoos that covered parts of his chest. My eyes traced the until I came to one I was familiar with. It was a cross with a dove flying over it with two arrows sticking out of its back. I have only seen this symbol twice and that was when my mum was changing her top when I was little and that symbol had been tattooed over her heart and on my dads grave stone. Only this time the symbol was poking out from beneath Harry's jeans. I realised I was staring and blushing crazily I focused my gaze on the knife wound. I grabbed some antiseptic wipes from the first aid kit and started cleaning the wound. Thankfully it wasn't very deep or wide, it looked like it had come from a pocket knife. "There was a lot of blood for a such a small wound" I said trying to defuse the tension in the room. Harry just huffed in agreement or what I though was agreement.  When it was clean I put some antiseptic cream on it and covered it with a huge piece of material and then bound it with wrap around his waist. "That's the best I can do" I said putting away the antiseptic cream, antiseptic wipes, tape and scissors away. "Let me get you a top" I said, leaving him alone in my room probably wasn't the best idea but it had to be done. I put away the first aid kit and sneaked into my grandparents room, they kept some of dad's old clothes in the closet. My grandpa snored quietly in the bed as I sneaked over to the closet. Silently I opened the door and rummaged around in the bags at the bottom and came up with an old plain white t-shirt. And again when I walked into my room I found Harry looking at the stuff on top of my chester draws at least he wasn't looking in them at my undies and bars. "Here" I said holding out the t-shirt at his bare back. Harry slowly turned around and took it from me. He kept his eyes locked on mine as he pulled the shirt over his head covering his tattoos. "Thank you" He said, almost vulnerable and looking very uncomfortable with the words. I just nodded unsure what to say. "You can't tell anyone about this or what you saw okay" He said his voice suddenly hard all vulnerability gone. "Who would I tell" I replied, it was common knowledge that I had no friends. He looked a little taken back by the words. "You owe me" I stated and Harry nodded, biting on his lip in frustration. He shock his hair and and ran a nervous hand through it to put it back in place. "What do you want?" He asked shoving his hands in his jeans pockets. "What does that tattoo mean?" He knew instantly which one I was talking about but still had to ask "Which one?." "You know, the cross with the-" But before I could finish my sentence he covered my mouth with his large hand. "How do you know of the tattoo" He asked "What do you mean?" I said suddenly defensive. "You could of said anyone of my tattoos but why choose that one?" I shrugged my shoulders I wasn't going to tell him. I could see the angry boil up inside him just before he grabbed my shoulders and slammed me up against the wall his face inches away from mine. "Where have you seen it before?" He growled shaking my shoulders but I clamped my mouth shut and shook my head in defiance. A shaky breath escaped from between his lips. "You need to tell me where you've seen this tattoo or you get nothing" He said, I thought about it for a while before deciding my curiosity was to strong. "My mother had it tattooed across her heart and-and it was craved on my dads gravestone" I explained finding it easier to say  than I had previously thought. "Was the cross filled in?" He asked, it was a weird question. "Yeah I think so, I only saw it once but the one on my dads gravestone is craved out" I said seemingly confirming something for Harry. "Okay, I don't think I'll get into to much shit telling you this-" He said, sighing. He took a step back and I released a breath I didn't know I was holding. Turning his back on me, he ran his hand through his hair again. "It's a gang symbol-" "A GANG SYMBOL??!"I shouted interrupting Harry, Harry turned on the spot and his hand darted out and covered my mouth. "Be quiet will you" He snarled and a shiver ran through my body, his eyes bore into my eyes like he was boring into my soul. I nodded beneath is hand and he slowly removes it from my mouth. "No, sort of, its a tattoo that a group I belongs to and it seems so did your parents" He said, I couldn't believe that my parents had been in a gang! The only thing I could remember of my parents was my mum and my dad with me in the back garden, dancing while I sat watching them twirl in the sunlight, I must of been around four. I just couldn't see them in a gang but then I never really knew them. "What gang?" I asked maybe it was stupid to take Harry's word on it but why would he make it up. "It's not really a gang, it's more like a group it started a few years ago with my great granddad when he was in school with his friends, they all got tattoos and made up stupid rules like its past down from family members" Harry explained, it was too much for me, I clasped on my bed, my head in my hands. "What do you do in this 'Group'?" I asked dreading the answer, please don't let them be murders. "What do you mean?" Harry asked, he knew exactly what I meant. "What do you do when your with this 'group' of yours? And don't lie to me" I threatened but I didn't feel very threatening when Harry tall figure was looming over me. "Stuff, I can't really tell you your not apart of it, I'll be breaking the rules" Harry said shaking his head. "And since when had that ever stopped you?" I asked, I knew tempting him was a bad thing with his anger. "Fine." He spat out angrily as he ran his hand through his hair nervously. "Most of us are very young, the oldest right now is around 25, when your 30 your retire, the young run it and the old just watch from the side lines, I can't really explain it to you, It would be better to show you but I can't show you because you aren't apart of it" Harry muttered more to himself than her. "But I am, well my parents were so why not me, did you say it got passed down?" I said, Harry looked at me impressed. "Yeah, I guess you are, hang on a sec" Harry pulled out his iphone his fingers flying across the keyboard. "Tomorrow everyones going to meet at the Green Dragon, I'll pick you up here at seven" Harry said his eyes still locked on the screen of his phone that he didn't see me open my mouth and close it six times. And just like that me and Harry had plans for the next day. "I have to go" Harry said and all I could do was nodded, my mouth was to dry to speak. Tomorrow I was hanging out with Harry and his gang that was my mums and dads gang. "I'll see myself out then" Harry mumbled but I wasn't paying any attention to him. So lost in my own thoughts that it wasn't until Harry had gone that he had left me to do the science homework by myself. "Shit..." //

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