Save me

Please save me...


3. Chapter 3

*Jezebel (Jezie) POV* 

The scrap of the chair echoed around the classroom, I could feel every bodies eyes on me as I sat down next to Harry. I could feel his eyes on me as I took out my Chemistry text book and note book. I tried to keep as much distance between me and Harry but it was impossible when sharing a desk. The teacher, being a teacher gave us a assessment to complete by tomorrow with partner and to top it off she partnered me and Harry together. " maybe you should like come over after school and we can do it together..." I trailed off, i seriously didn't want to him to come over or even know where I live. "I'm busy tonight" Harry mumbled, it was obvious that he just didn't want to do the work. "Well you don't come I don't do it and we both fail" I said looking up at him, his green eyes stared in to mine, i had the sudden urge to shy away but I held my ground. "Are you blackmailing me? It won't work, i don't give a crap about Chemistry" He whispered slamming his hand down on the table, trying to scare me. "And I don't give a crap about this act about not caring and stop trying to scare me, it's not working" I said even thought I was completely freaking out inside, he scared this shit out of me. "Are you trying to make me angry?" He growled "Trying?" I asked she knew Harry found it funny by how he scowled at me again. "I'll be over at five" He said just as the bell rang. I took my time packing up my bag and moving on to my next class. //








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