Save me

Please save me...


2. Chapter 2

*Jezebel (Jezie) POV* 

I walked into Chemistry just as the bell rang, everybody was already in the seats they had chosen for the year. The tabled held two people and the only chairs left were next to Sam they smelly, sneezing loser who was they only one in the school who was lower on the high school food chain than me. And the other was next to Harry. I started my way over to Smelly Sam's table but before I reached it, Michael who was late like me push past me to sit down next to Sam. Michael smiled sorrily at me, he was a nerd and I knew that if he had sat next to Harry he would of been ripped to pieces, I was still mad at him.  I turned on my heel and headed over to Harry's table, raging anger bubbled inside me, burning up my insides. I meet Harry's eyes across the room, he glared at me before turning away to look out the window, a scowl slashed across his face. What's got him in such a mood? It can't of been the clash in the hallway, could it? //






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