Save me

Please save me...


1. Chapter 1

*Jezebel (Jezie) POV*

I walked down the corridor, my music blasting in my ears blocking out the noise of teenagers around me. As i turned the corner someone came crashing into me sending me flying. I watched as my books went tumbling to the floor. I picked my butt off the floor, pulling my headphones out of my ears as i did. "Watch we're your going" The guy growled trying to scare me. "I will when you do" I replied picking my books up off the floor, we were already drawing a crowd. I finally turned to face the guy who had run into me, after picking up all my books; making sure that he knew that he wasn't important to me. A little too late did i realise that it was it was Harry, the dangerous bad boy, the one who alway had a bruises and cuts, the one who would hurt anyone to get his way. Why did I have to to speak? For a moment he just looked at me before he pushed past me, shoving against my shoulder, sending me flying against the lockers. The wind was knocked out of me and a strangle Offff sound slipped past my lips. The crowd mumbled a few words before heading off to their classes. Not one of them spoke a word to me, don't worry I was used to it. //

















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