One Direction Jr.

Life is hectic in the house of One Direction.
The boys now have their own kids but they are still young. They still do concerts. Harry and Louis' kids are the oldest at age 10. The other kids aren't even in Kindergarten. Because Eleanor and Louis thought they were ready. Harry and Lexi couldn't wait to start a family and at 18 just imagine the pressure they thought after Lexi was pregnant for real.
Liam, Niall and Zayn waited. That puts their kids at ages 3 and four.
After publicity was too much for Lexi, She left Harry when Elliot was still young. Danielle and Liam broke up. Danielle sometimes takes their daughter on the weekends. Niall's Girlfriend was his best friend that came to visit from Ireland, Jamie was her name. Having to return to Ireland after the birth of her and Niall's baby due to her angry and disappointed parents. Zayn and Perrie are still going strong raising their twins. Eleanor and Louis are at rocky roads....
Take a look at the life of One Direction Jr.


8. What Would Your Mother Say?

(Harry's POV)

Elliot was supposed to be home from the hospital a half an hour ago! I stood up and rushed to the front door when I heard it open and saw Elliot using Niall's arm to help him walk.

"Oh my boy, Are you alright?" I asked walking up to him I lightly placed my hands on his cheeks he sighed

"I'm fine dad." He said I sighed

"What would your mother say if she saw you like this..?" I asked

"I don't know because all I remember about her was you talking about her saying she left me. So judging that situation she wouldn't give two shits about me." Elliot says he backs away from my hands. I sighed

"Elliot she didn't just leave you. She left me too." I said

"Whatever." He said and walked up the stairs using the railing for support. I sighed and put my hands through my hair.

"Your trying your best Harry" Niall said patting my back

"That wasn't ever enough Niall... It's not enough for Elliot and it wasn't enough for Lexi." I said and grabbed my keys and opened the front door slamming it behind me.


(Louis' POV)

"Go check on Elliot ok?" I said to Tommy who nodded and went up the stairs

"Thanks for the help Niall" I said my phone started to ring I took it out of my pocket, It was Eleanor

"Hey El" I said as I answered

"Louis.. I've had enough." She said I heard her name being called and other chatter in the backround

"What is that?" I asked

"Paps! Their relentless I'm coming home." She said I bit my lip my heart dropped

"Um, Ok" I said she hung up.

By the time I heard the door open Zayn, Liam and Niall took their kids to the park. Harry still hasn't come home. I heard Eleanor's heels clicking as she came down the hall. She entered the kitchen and saw me.

"This is too much Louis" She said

"What's too much?" I asked

"You know what I'm talking about.. The paps, Your fans! It's been going on since Tommy was born." She said

"We can make this work I'm settling things with Management.. We're moving out of London." I said

"There's more Paps around the world Louis wherever we move there will be more." She said

"Just give me time I can make-" Eleanor cuts me off

"No Louis! I've waited 10 Years for this! It's not getting any better! I can't take anymore of this shit!" She yelled

"El stop yelling Tommy and Elliot are upstairs" I said

"Why don't we just call Tommy down? He needs to know everything How much of this world do you think you can censor from him?! He's 10 years old and hardly has any friends because he's in a private school with only 150 kids all of them bully him except Elliot! He doesn't have a good life here Louis. How do you expect our child to blossom if the only thing he's focusing on is hiding behind Elliot!" She yelled

"How dare you!" I shouted

"How dare I?" she asked

"I'm trying my best here Eleanor you're hardly even here now you just expect to show up and start running for Mom of the year? Bullshit. Tommy has done JUST fine without your help so far so I suggest you either help us or get the hell out of our lives because I'm done with this seeing each other once every 3 months and fighting. We're through and don't even try to fight for custody because EVERYONE knows Tommy is better off with me." I said

"Yes. I am! It's the best thing for Tommy he doesn't need a mother who is constantly checking out." I said

"Whatever. Enjoy your life Louis. You know if you didn't fall in love with your best friend I wouldn't have even been here!" She yelled my heart sank I really hoped Elliot and Tommy didn't hear that.

"Pack your shit Eleanor! Get the fuck out!" I shouted she glared at me

"Keep it. I'll cash in my last check!" She said I was taken back

"Please! and while your at it send the bill for your last girls weekend and shopping week to me like always you gold digging whore!" I shouted after her as she slammed the door I sank down on the love seat in the front foyer. I put my head in my hands as I felt the tears falling.

(Elliot's POV)

"What was that?" I asked Tommy looked at me

"I think my parents just broke up" He said

"That's happened before don't worry Tom, She always comes back" I said

"I think this one was the real one..." Tommy says I looked at him giving him a sympathetic look.

"I don't know how to give you advice because I was too young to remember when my Mom left but I can tell it really crushed my dad." I said

"Then why would you say that to him?" Tommy asked

"Say what?" I asked

"About your mom leaving and not giving a shit" Tommy said

"I don't know I was just really angry." I said

"Now your father is upset." Tommy said

"He'll be alright" I said

"How do you know?"

"I don't."


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