One Direction Jr.

Life is hectic in the house of One Direction.
The boys now have their own kids but they are still young. They still do concerts. Harry and Louis' kids are the oldest at age 10. The other kids aren't even in Kindergarten. Because Eleanor and Louis thought they were ready. Harry and Lexi couldn't wait to start a family and at 18 just imagine the pressure they thought after Lexi was pregnant for real.
Liam, Niall and Zayn waited. That puts their kids at ages 3 and four.
After publicity was too much for Lexi, She left Harry when Elliot was still young. Danielle and Liam broke up. Danielle sometimes takes their daughter on the weekends. Niall's Girlfriend was his best friend that came to visit from Ireland, Jamie was her name. Having to return to Ireland after the birth of her and Niall's baby due to her angry and disappointed parents. Zayn and Perrie are still going strong raising their twins. Eleanor and Louis are at rocky roads....
Take a look at the life of One Direction Jr.


5. Trouble

(Tommy's POV)

"That concert was crazy" I say as me and Elliot walk down the halls he chuckles and agrees
"Faggot" some guys say nudging my shoulder and keeps walking
"Whats did you say?" Elliot says
"I said he was a Faggot" he said dropping his back pack Elliot does the same
"Elliot come on" I said trying to get him away
"No, Tommy I'm tired of the bullshit" Elliot says I fight broke out quickly escalating Elliot was a good fighter. He got the kid down to the ground punching him as he blocked.
The only thing Tommy had wrong with his face was a bloody lip and a swelling eye. But this kid, he had all of the above. Bloody nose swelling eye bloody lips
A whistle blew
"Elliot lets go" I said as the principal tried to break through the circle of students
Elliot didnt listen he looked up at me which caused him to be reversed he got punched in the face, of this fight was about me I couldn't just let Elliot take the blame. I dropped my bag and tackled the guy off of Elliot. Tacking him to the ground
"Enough!" The principal said blowing his whistle the guy punched my lip and pushed me back Elliot got back in him.
"Elliot Styles! Burt Winston! Tommy Tomlinson! My office Now!"
I didn't know what to do Elliot smirked at Burt and grabbed his back pack I did the same minus the smirk and followed Elliot out of the circle towards the principals office Burt followed us. Blood leaving his face in several different places.
Then the thought crossed over me
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